Monday, December 21, 2015

The Last American Elder - Merry Christmas!! 最後のアメリカ人長老ーメリ ー クリスマス!

Date: 12/21/2015
Place: Matsumoto
Companion: Elder Horio
同僚: 堀尾長老
December 9 (Wednesday) 
Today is one of those days where you flop into the apartment, dead
tired and completely out of batteries, but still feel super
accomplished. Today we met with two investigators! Our first one was
Tsuna san. He is Chinese and super super cool! He was one of those
people that you meet on the street and they say that they want to
learn more but will be busy for the next month or two and can't meet
for a long time. Usually those don't go anywhere. But he ended up
actually meeting with us and turned out to be awesome! We taught him
for the first time yesterday and he wanted to meet again soon so we
just met him again today! It was awesome! We are teaching him the
Gospel and also English. I think we took the lesson a little too fast
today and firehosed him just a little, but he is still interested in
learning more. I think he's more interested in it just for the
educational value (He likes studying religions), but hopefully we can
show him that the Gospel has so much more to offer him.
And then tonight we met Miyajima! We are trying a different approach
with him that is actually working out super awesome. We started out
just being his friend, no gospel talk. We have met with him just a
couple times and just hung out and become really good friends. Today
we met with him again and he started to talk about some of his beliefs
and how he thought that we were really cool for not trying to shove
the Gospel down his face. He said that if he ever joined a religion,
he would definitely be a fanatic about whatever church he joined 
12月9日 (水曜日)
Cold morning. Came out and my helmet was frosty. 寒い朝。アパートから出てきたら、ヘルメットに霜が降りていました。

December 11 (Friday) 
First of all, didn't have time to finish my last entry. I apologize
haha. Second of all, IT'S MY LITTLE SISTER'S BIRTHDAY!! Ok and third,
So this time around things went a little differently than usual, in
that we did transfer calls on Friday night instead of Saturday
morning. Elder Hansen is finishing training Elder Delis in FUJI!!!!
That's where Elder Hansen's Dad served too so I'm way super stoked for
him!!! Elder Andrade is staying in Matsumoto and Elder Tanner, sadly,
has finished his two years and will be returning home to his family in
America on Monday. I'm so excited for him though!
And I'm way stoked for my companion! He's going to be a transfer 4
trainer! That's way impressive and I'm really happy for him! I'M
STAYING IN MATSUMOTO!! And my companion will be Elder Horio!! I don't
know much about him other then that he is Japanese, really smart and
that he will be a Zone Leader here. Elder Andrade of course is staying
Zone Leader and his companion will also be Japanese, Elder Nakatsuka!
So our apartment will now be me, Elder Horio, Andrade and Nakatsuka!
So they are splitting the Zone Leaders between two companionships! SO
I'm sad to be losing Elder Hansen! It's been a good six weeks.

I'm gonna be exactly 4 months in Japan tomorrow! 
12月11日 (金曜日)

Merry Christmas from the branch members

Train ride to Nagoya 電車で名古屋まで

Three Johnsons come together. There are three elder Johnsons in this mission. There is J1, me (J3) and then J2 on the right. Oh yeah
 December 21 
Transfer 4
Companion: Elder Horio 
I LOVE ELDER HORIO!! Ok so our apartment just became very asian, since
they brought in two Japanese elders. I just realized that I'm the only
american elder in Matsumoto. I LOVE IT. I'm in an apartment with my
beloved Brazilian and two crazy Japanese Elders! Everyone speaks
perfect english but we have stuck to mostly Japanese. It's helping my
Japanese a lot!
Ok so new faces to introduce: Elder Horio, Elder Nakatsuka and Sister Stewart.
We lost Elder Tanner, Elder Hansen and Sister Brewer. 
 We had the Branch Christmas concert the other day! It was so so so
amazing! Our amazing conductor did a fantastic job! I was absolutely
blown away by how big the whole production was and how many people
showed up! We had 250 in attendence! Considering that this is a branch
of about 80ish members, that's super good! We also had a guest artist
violinist and a ballet performance during our Disney part of the
performance. Wow. It was really good and the end was very spiritual.
We had quite a few investigators show up as well! 
I don't actually remember what else has happened this last week. As
soon as our new companions showed up, everything has just been a crazy
blur of lots of Japanese stuff, lessons, less active appointments and
I'm the only American in our apartment!!
And my new companion is amazing!
This is going to be such a great transfer! 

 I love you guys!
Have a great week 
 Elder Johnson 

 Enviado do meu iPad
転勤4 同僚:堀尾長老
Choir concert and ballet! 合唱団のコンサートとバレイ

Elder Andrade and me. Love this guy! アンドラージ長老と私。この人、大好きです!

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