Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Inuyama is AWESOME!!!

Date: 5/9/2016
Place: Inuyama City, Aichi Pref. 
Companion: Elder Sheppherd

日付: 2016年5月9日
同僚: シェパード長老

Wow I haven't written forever! Things have been awesome here. I LOVE
INUYAMA. The members here are amazing, the mountains are beautiful and
the weather has been good. 


With Elder Mihara! 三原長老と

We started off the transfer by looking for
a bike for elder Sheppard. His got stolen a week or so before so we
made a few trips down to Komaki and bike shopped. It took us a while
but we finally found one that he liked!
We have spent most of our time in Inuyama trying to track down
referrals from the Sister missionaries and also trying to contact all
of the recent converts (because they all disappeared somehow.) we have
been able to contact some of them and it has been good! Our main guy
was George. He started taking the lessons from the sisters a little
while ago, and then when the sisters had to leave Inuyama we started
teaching him. He's super cool! We met with him quite a bit until two
weeks ago, then he went home to the Philippines.


Last week we spent most of our time meeting the members and going to
events and such. Also I got to meet my family! My grandparents showed
us their new apartment and then took us out to Shabu Shabu (GOOD SHABU
SHABU) and my aunt and uncle came as well! It was really good to get
to catch up with my aunt and uncle because I haven't seen them in ten
years! We just got to relax and talk for a bit and it was awesome!
Then my grandpa drove Elder Sheppard and I out to where his company
shop is and showed us the machines and stuff. It was super cool. Man I
love my family!


Also I got to meet the Ishida family! They were friends of my mom. We
got to help them plant their rice field and then they fed us barbecue!


Rice planting and plastic skirts ビニールのスカートを履いて、もみまき

BBQ with the Ishidas! 石田家とBBQ

We also got to go with the Ang family to a Filipino festival! It was
really fun and we made friends with a ton of people.

We went and visited the Mizuno family a few days ago and they let me
play their violin! Elder Sheppard played their piano and we got to jam
out to some Ludovico Einaudi music. I haven't been able to jam for so
so long! It was really fun but I've gotten really rusty haha.

アン家族と、フィリピン フェスティバルも行ってきました!たくさん友達ができて、楽しかったです。

水野家族のお宅に、数日前お邪魔したんですが、そこでバイオリンを弾かせてもらって、シェパード長老がピアノ担当で、ルドビコ・エウナウディの曲を一緒に弾きました。久しぶりのジャム セッションで、とっても楽しかったけど、かなりバイオリンの腕が落ちていることに気づきました。ははは

Oh I almost forgot! We had a mission tour by Elder Choi of the Asia
North Area Presidency! It was a very inspirational conference and it
motivated me a lot. Pretty much, he told us to take things we don't
like and to just LIKE IT. His focus was on natto but he really said to
just take anything you DONT LIKE and then LIKE IT. He also had a lot
to say about marriage. Haha as soon as he brought it up, in my mind I
left kinda wanting to get married as soon as I get home haha.

あ、忘れるところでした!北アジア地域の会長会から、チョイ長老がミッションツアーにいらっしゃいました。とても霊的で、私のやる気を奮い立たせてくれるような集会でした。自分の嫌いなものを、好きになるように努力する、というお話でした。彼は、納豆を例にあげて話をしてくださったんですが、なんでもいいので、嫌いなものを好きになる努力をしなさい、ということでした。それから、結婚について、いろいろ話してくださいました。ははは 結婚お話が出るなり、「まだ十回も転勤が残っているのに、その話はやめてー!!」と思ったのですが、最後には伝道が終わるなり、すぐに結婚したくなりました。ははは

Elder Choi conference チョイ長老 カンファレンス

The Ang family brought their cousin to church yesterday and we got to
teach him! He's super cool and the lesson went really well! Brother
Ray (we have an American in our ward!) helped us a lot in the lesson.
We had our first coordination meeting with Hermano Salas! He's so
cool! I love him so much and he has a lot of good ideas for dendo! The
only problem is that I need to be able to speak Spanish in order to
communicate with him. He also understands Portuguese as well, which
helps a lot. Haha whenever I talk to him it just comes out in a
garbled mix of my very very poor Portuguese and the little Spanish I
remember. I don't think I make any sense but I did ask him yesterday
how I can learn Portuguese and he thought for a second and then said
to me, "teach the Gospel in Portuguese." Haha I love Hermano Salas!
His advice is simple and sound.

アン家族が、昨日、いとこを教会に連れて来てくれて、レッスンを教えることができました。とってもいい人で、レッスンもとてもスムースにいきました!!レイ兄弟(このワードにはアメリカ人がいるんですよ!)が、立ち会ってくださって、たくさん助けてくださいました。サラス兄弟と、初めて伝道調整集会もしました。彼はとってもいい人で、大好きです!伝道に関して、いろんないいアイデアも持っているんですが、問題は、彼は、スペイン語しかしゃべれないということです。彼は、ポルトガル語もわかるので、ちょっと救われています。ははは 彼と話をしようとすると、めちゃくちゃ下手なポルトガル語に、かすかに覚えているスペイン語がごちゃまぜになって出てきます。片言で、どうやってポルトガル語を勉強すればいいかを聞くと、ちょっと考えて、「ポルトガル語で福音を教えればいいです。」と答えてくれました。ははは サラス兄弟はさすがですね!彼のアドバイスはシンプルだけど、堅実です。

Yesterday we went about delivering chocolate to moms around the ward.
It was fun!
And then today I got to skype home and talk to my family! That was
definitely the highlight of my week. My family always knows exactly
what to say to lift me up. It just gave me a much needed mental reset
and I laughed a lot! My amazing mother challenged me to actually cook
and eat real food a couple times a week. So now I'm going to be
including pictures of food from here on out (haha I'm gonna feel like
a mommy blogger but oh well, I LOVES FOOD).

I love you guys!
Have a fantastic week

Elder Johnson

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