Monday, May 30, 2016


Date: 5/30/2016
Place: Inuyama City
Companion: Elder Sheppard


Monday , May 23 

We had district activity in Ichinomiya! We kinda just hung out at the
church and played a little bit of ping pong while we emailed. 

5月23日 (月曜日)

Culture night in Fukutoku! 福徳でのカルチャーナイトのイベントにて

Tuesday , May 24 

We spent the day with Fabio! I love that guy! We went to see Koyama
Shimai, a lonely old grandma. She was way sweet! Then we went and
visited a less active but she wasn't home. Then we went to Xio
Nishida's house. We kinda wasted a lot of time there and I felt really
bad. Then Fabio took us home. He's kinda like the missionary
babysitter sometimes. I feel really bad about today. We could have
been a lot more effective. I wanna make sure we don't have more days
like today. 


Bruna and her mom! And Fabio ブルーナさんと、彼女のお母さん!そしてファビオさん。

Wednesday, May 25 

The Paulson fufu came and inspected our apartment today! I love the
Paulsons! They were so nice and were really fun! I had forgotten what
real Americans were like so it was fun to get to talk to them about
their first time eating sushi, getting used to bowing all the time and
the perpetual hunt for tortillas (every missionary is in a constant,
dire need of tacos but tortillas pretty much don't exist here). 


Thursday, May 26 

My sweet grandmother called me and said that she had a package for me
from my family in America! She delivered it to me with her own
thoughtful addition to the package, fruit juice and a little honeydew
melon. Out here in the mission, opening packages or mail of any kind
is like Christmas morning. My amazing mother sent me a bag of protein
powder (now I actually have to work out a little harder haha), several
packets of gum (my favorite kind even, she knows me well) and a new
tie! I didn't even know that I was dying for new ties until I received
this one. I LOVE IT. 

Moms are great. To everyone reading this; stop
whatever you're doing right now and go give your mom a hug and tell
her you love her. If she's far away, then send her a message right
now! DO IT NOW. If you're older and she's no longer living then say a
prayer for her. DO SOMETHING AND DO IT NOW. 


The Ang family! And Kevin アン家族とケブン

Monday, May 30 

Transfer calls happened on Saturday!!!! Elder Sheppard is going to
Fukuroi with Elder Chin!
I'm staying here and GETTING A BEAN!! I'm going to train a new
missionary!! Also I went district leader!
I'm way scared

Also last night we met with the Ang family!
I love them so much! They're my favorite 

Sorry I'm outta time!

Love y'all!! 

Elder Johnson




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