Wednesday, September 21, 2016

More interesting things to look at in the zoo in Japan

Date: 9/19/2016
Place: Shizuoka
Companion: Elder Wilson


Hey guys! Sorry j don't have any time to write today because we're
going to the zoo with Nagakura 兄弟! 


The weirdest thing at the zoo? White people. People probably looked at us as much as they looked at the animals!

Random nice people we met 通りすがりの人々たちと

Bro. Nagakura + orangutan 永倉兄弟とオラウータン

So basically a lot of great stuff
has been happening this week! We met with Moe, our Swiss friend, with
Brother Chikano on Tuesday! It was way cool and chikano 兄弟 bore the
strongest testimony I've ever heard in his simple English. He's a
boss! (And he has a superman jawline, which is also awesome). Moe went
back to Switzerland so we are trying to get into contact with church
leaders there. Haha this is weird!  


Nagata family! Love them. 

Then we visited Ikeyama San with Suzuki 兄弟, who is a psychiatrist, 
so we could learn a little bit more about his situation. 
It went over super well and we're super grateful
for Suzuki 兄弟. Lately Ikeyama San hasn't been meeting us or coming to
church so we have been a bit worried. But after this lesson we are
starting to understand his situation just a little bit more. He's such
a nice guy! We had some great finding experiences this week as well! On Saturday
we found a couple new PIs who are way cool.

I WANT TO HOLD A BABY MONKEY SO BAD (my first son will probably look something like this)
A lot of fish 

One of the biggest things that happened this week is all of the phone
calls and communication that has been happening between us and the
APs, and then on to the District Leaders. THIS MISSION IS CHANGING SO
FAST. Especially starting from next transfer, things are going to
change a lot. The bar is being raised and our vision elevated. We are
cleaning out everyone's iPads, cleaning up language and Japanese use,
elevating effectiveness and pushing for consecration. The new
missionaries are going to grow up in a very very different Japan
Nagoya Mission than I've known. We've kinda just stopped speaking
English lately as well. The mission, as a culture, is changing and
it's awesome! All of this is coming from the honbu.
Ok I gotta go!

Love y'all!

Elder Johnson

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