Monday, September 12, 2016

This Mission is Changing 新しい規則- 日本語 (Japanese)

Date: 9/12/2016
Place: Shizuoka
Companion: Elder Wilson

日付: 2016年9月12日
赴任地: 静岡県静岡市
同僚: ウィルソン長老

The sisters lent us their bikes because ours was wrecked. 

Man this week went so fast and was so long at the same time. I don't
even know where to start! Ok so we had another couple of exchanges. We
wanted to get all of our exchanges done with our district leaders
early in the transfer so they can train and follow up on all the other
missionaries throughout the transfer. 


We exchanged with Fujieda on
Monday night. Elder Hilamatsu came with me and went with Brother Miwa
(the older) to go hunt down some less actives. We didn't get locked
out of the apartment this time so that was good :). 


Koukan (exchange) life. Ending the koukan. 

Then we switched on Wednesday and I went to Fukuroi with Elder Spadafora. It was fun!
We went looking for some former investigators and ended up finding a
handful of Brazilians instead! I finally got to actually use my Portuguese! 

Haha it's still not good but at least I know enough to get us a next appointment. 

そして水曜日、今度は私が袋井へ行って、スパダフォラ長老と伝道しました。楽しかったです。昔の求道者を探しに行ったんですが、それよりか、福音を聞いてくれそうなブラジル人を数人見つけることができました。やっとポルトガル語を使えて良かったです!ハハハ まだまだ全然うまくもなんともないんですが、次のアポを取るくらいはなんとかできました。

Then we finished the exchanged and I finally came home to Shizuoka with Elder Wilson and we went home and literally
collapsed. We hadn't eaten any substantial food or had a normal
sleeping schedule for a long time because we did three exchanges in
under a week. Elder Wilson took the hit pretty hard and just lay
motionless there on the ground for a few hours. Both of us could
barely walk! I just used some random stuff around the apartment and
made some curry and we finally had a normal meal with normal rice and
just took a moment to recover and be normal for a second. 


Then we pretty much spent the next two days on the phone and planning. 
We had a mission wide phone conference with the APs and all of the zone
leaders. We discussed a lot of things and wow, this mission is
changing so fast! I'm so excited! We have been just destroying the
phone and organizing everyone that has ever talked to a missionary in
Shizuoka. It's been super effective! 

On Saturday we threw a birthday
party for Elder Wilson! Thanks to our fantabulous shimai, it worked
out great! It was a total surprise to him and we had three
investigators, a part member and a handful of members and even an
english class student there! We played guitar, played games and ate
good food. Tsujimoto Shimai even made a fancy birthday cake and Kiyomi
Shimai brought a box of cookies from COSTCO! It was awesome!



Elder Wilson's birthday party ウィルソン長老のバースデーパーティー

On Sunday, we had a complete random bunch of miracles! As we were
walking to church, Suzuki San just called out to us from his window
(half naked as always) and invited us in for a cup of tea. We told him
that we couldn't because we were on our way to church and invited him
along. 10am rolls around and HE JUST SHOWED UP! Also Raita, whom we
didn't even invited, came along with Okumura and Iwano Shimai's son.
It's raining miracles! So there was a pile of people at church and we
were outnumbered. The shimai couldn't help us because they also had
some folks at church! I want to get these guys to just go sit with
members if possible.

We have a great week lined up! We actually had time to do weekly
planning yesterday so this week is going to be AWESOME!
Elder Wilson and I have been having so much fun!



Elder Wilson's birthday haul from the Ward ウィルソン長老、ワードからの誕生日のプレゼント

OK RANDOM UPDATE! The Japan Nagoya Mission will be becoming a Japanese
speaking mission next transfer! The Honbu released a new rule,
effective next transfer 9am to 9pmJapanese only will become a thing.
YES!! I'm so excited for this! This is going to help my japanese so
much! Elder Wilson has already been helping me a lot with kanji. It's
been great!


Random miracle of the week; We were going to go to the gym with Bishop
(because he's a body builder. LEGIT) but then we found out that Elder
Wilson's bike decided to punk itself in the middle of the night so his
tire was flat. This is the third time in three weeks! Anyway so we
canceled on the bishop and walked in our gym clothes to the store to
get a punk kit. On our way there, I remembered something that Elder
Williams said in DTM. He said to just cut the fluff in OYMs and just
be bold and invite people to just hear the Gospel right off the bat.
So we stopped this guy on a bike and asked him if he had ever thought
about God. He said, "no." So then we said, "We've got a book that
talks about God. Here you go." And he actually took it! And then we
just asked for his number and he gave it to us! That one surprised me
a lot. Normally we kinda beat around the bush and try to get them to
like us before we introduce the Gospel. But not with this guy. We just
Gospel smashed him in the face and he actually took it!


Anyways. Be bold! Be faithful! Believe and it will be so! It's sounds
cliche but that's really about all there is to it. The funny thing
about the Gospel is that God literally gives you everything you want.
He will give you investigators, success and Spiritual Power if you
want it. But only if you want it more than anything else and are
willing to do anything for it. Don't just keep the rules but WANT to
keep them because they work! Don't just talk to people on the street
because that's what you're supposed to do. DO IT BECAUSE YOU WANT TO!
God will let you play a part in His work and His glory only if you
want it more than anything else. If you don't sincerely want it, pray
to want it. That's all it takes.


Lately we are shifting our focus from work to results. My entire
mission I've focused on working really hard, not getting stuff done.
If we can cut down this tree with a chain saw, LET'S USE THE CHAIN
SAW. If there's a member that can drive us to this investigator's
house, USE HIM. It's not about working, it's about getting results. We
have two random tachiai lessons set up this week and we are trying
hard to change the way we think about things. Working here is weird
because we spend so little time actually working but when we get any
time at all to go out and do stuff, STUFF HAPPENS!

Ok this email is long enough. Sorry guys.

Love Y'all!

Elder Johnson - The second hardest working missionary you know





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