Monday, November 30, 2015

I attempt to cut my own hair, crash my bike and play violin! 自分でヘアカット、バイク事故にバイオリン!

Date: 11/30/2015
Place: Matsumoto
Companion: Elder Hansen
日付: 2015年11月30日
赴任地: 長野県松本市
November 21 2015 (Saturday) 
Here we are once again at the close of another incredibly hard and
incredibly rewarding week. One of the things I love most about being a
missionary is that wherever you are, whatever you're doing, you are
being guided and strengthened by God. I can remember several times in
just this week alone when we were wondering what it is we should do or
where it is that we should try to serve. We paused to pray together
and ask God to direct us and then we would wait for a couple seconds
in silence. Then we would both look at each other and say what we felt
the Spirit of God whispering to us. Oftentimes what we felt would
build on each other or point us in the same direction. Then we would
go and act on the feelings that God put into our hearts and we would
always have some kind of interesting experience or see some kind of
progress. I know it sounds crazy, but I know without a shadow of a
doubt that God hears your prayers and answers them. If you know you
are doing what's right and you are just trying to follow what God
asks, He will not let you wander alone in the dark. You may not get
the answer you expect or you may not get it right away, revelation
from God comes in a variety of ways, BUT YOU WILL GET AN ANSWER. I
promise. It's happened to me so many times in just this past week. God
has answered my prayers and I know He will answer yours if you ask in
all sincerity. 
Yamaguchi san! (Mr. Yamaguchi) 山口さんと!
After vacuum surgery 掃除機の手術後
November 25, 2015 (Wednesday)
Man where does the time go?!
Ok so today we were in charge of teaching English Class! It was all
Thanksgiving themed and it was way fun! We bought tons of junk food
and the sisters baked some amazing goods and our wonderful Ward
Mission Leader brought a big pot of soup and some rolls! So today's
english class was way fun! There is this one guy who comes and his
name is Keigo. He is seriously one of my favorite humans on the
planet. Every time he comes, English class becomes a party! He is so
energetic and fun and we get along swimmingly well! Now I feel like
garbage from eating so much candy and cookies and stuff.
Today I tried my first self done haircut! My companion talked me into
it so that I could save money haha. I did it, with the help of Elder
Andrade, who is a pro! I only have one bald spot! I'm so happy! I
saved ten bucks and only got one bald spot out of the deal! I think I
will cut it on my own from now on. Meanwhile, I need to figure out
what I should name my bald spot before he grows back. Email me your
suggestions :).
Ok so there's tons of cool news to catch up on! One of the most
exciting things to report is that I GOTS A VIOLIN!! And by that I
mean, a wonderful member is letting me borrow it for a bit! It's a
pretty nice violin actually and in very good shape. It sounds good and
is so so fun to play! I'm so happy and blessed to have a violin! I
thought I was lucky to have a violin in my first area so I am very
grateful and feel very blessed to have a violin in TWO AREAS in a row!
I am practicing whenever I can because Elder Hansen and I are playing
a musical number at the upcoming Zone Christmas meeting. Which reminds
me, ELDER HANSEN IS REALLY GOOD AT THE PIANO! It's a blessing to have
an awesome, musical companion and to also have a musical instrument of
my own to be able to play. I'M SO FREAKIN HAPPY RIGHT NOW! 
お金の節約になるからと同僚に勧められて、今日初めて髪の毛を自分で散髪してみました!(笑) アンドラージ長老は散髪のプロなので、彼に手伝ってもらいながらやったので失敗は一箇所だけですみました!これで$10浮いたし、ハゲは一箇所だけで済んで万々歳です!やった〜〜!これからは自分で散髪しようと思っています。記念すべきハゲを命名しなけれいけないので、もしいい名前があったらメールで教えて下さいね。
Musical member! ミュージシャンな教会員

Ok other cool piece of news. WE FOUND MATSUI SHIMAI! She lives clear
out in the middle of nowhere in Azumino. She is about a 30ish minute
train ride and then another 30 or so minute bike ride away. She is
clear out in the middle of the apple farms. And we were so lucky that
when we FINALLY found her house (I got us lost again and then Elder
Hansen got us to her house), she was actually home! And she was way
way nice! I was good friends with one of her good friends, Ichihashi
Shimai, back in Nonami so it was way good to get to finally meet
Matsui Shimai. We wanted to bring her a gift of some kind so we bought
some really tasty looking apples at a conbini and brought them to her.
When we gave them to her, she laughed and took us out behind her house
to her garage where she had boxes upon boxes of the best apples in the
world. Now there is something you need to understand about Japanese
apples. First of all they are quite a bit bigger than normal American
apples. Usually they are about softball size but they can be bigger.
They are beautifully crunchy and crisp and are so much tastier than
any American apple I have ever had. I don't think I will ever eat
another apple again when I return to America haha. Anyway so we go
back there and she gives us a huge bag of the best apples on planet
earth in return for our little bag of conbini apples! Haha I almost
died! We became good friends and she wants us to come back sometime! 
他のいいお知らせといえば、松井姉妹ととうとう会う事がました!彼女は安曇野の外れのりんご園に住んでいて、ここから電車で約30分、そこからまた自転車で30分以上かかります。また道に迷ってしまったんですが、ハンセン長老のお陰でようやく家が見つかり、運良く姉妹が在宅中でした!すごく親切にしてもらいました。松井姉妹は私が野並にいた時に友達になった市橋姉妹ととても親しくされていて、ようやく会えてよかったです。松井姉妹のお家に伺うにあたって何か手土産をと思い、近くのコンビニでとても美味しそうなリンゴを見かけたので買って持って行って渡したんですが、姉妹はそれを見るとクスクス笑って裏にあるガレージに連れて行ってくれました。そこにはこの世で一番美味しいリンゴが入った箱が何箱も山積みになっていました。ここで皆さんに日本のリンゴについてちょっと説明しますね。ここのリンゴはアメリカのと比べるとかなり大きくて、ソフトボールくらいあるんですが、もっと大きいのもあるんですよ。シャキッとして歯ごたえがあって、今までアメリカで食べたのよりすっごく美味しいです。もうアメリカに帰ったらリンゴが食べられなくなるかも。ハハハ 結局私達が持ってきたコンビニのリンゴと引き換えに、この世で一番美味しいリンゴを沢山頂いてしまいました!姉妹とも仲良しになれて、またそのうちにまた来てねと言ってもらえました。
Beautifully perfectly pruned apple trees 素晴らしく美しく手入れされたりんご園
 November 26 
I'm on splits with Elder Porter. I FREAKIN LOVE THIS GUY!! He works harder than anyone I've ever met. He's from Idaho. Go figure haha.
Anyway we are in a 4 missionary apartment with Elder Yamada and Elder
Greydon. I FREAKIN LOVE THOSE GUYS TOO! So today we had a really fun
experience at Starbucks! We went there to go meet an investigator, and
while we were waiting we decided to try smoker dendo! Smoker dendo is
when you try to talk to people while they are standing around and
smoking near the trash bins. Usually they are really mean but we had a
little time with nothing to do while waited so we just went for it!
The guy was WAY COOL! He spoke awesome English and he told us he would
come to eikaiwa and also just wanted to hang out and go out for lunch
some time! Yeah baby yeah! Solid potential investigator! And if not,
that's cool because we made a great new friend 
今日はポーター長老と交換です。めちゃくちゃよく働く長老で、大好きになりました!!アイダホ出身なんだそうです。道理で!ハハハ  ここは山田長老とグレイドン長老と一緒の4人アパートです。この人達も大好きです。今日はスターバックスで面白い経験をしたので、その時のことを話しますね。そこで実は求道者の方と待ち合わせをしていたんですが、待っている間、喫煙者伝道をする事に…。喫煙者伝道というのは何かというと、誰かがゴミ箱の近くでタバコを吸っていたらその人に話しかけるというものなんですが、大抵はかなり嫌な事を言われたりするんですが、約束の時間までちょっと時間があったし、他にやる事も無かったのでチャレンジしてみる事に…!この人はすっごくいい人で、ちょっと英語も喋れたので今度英会話にも行くと言ってくれ、またいつかランチでもしましょうということになりました。やった〜〜!求道者になる可能性ありですよ!もしそうじゃなくても、友達がまた1人増えました。
Sunrise in Suwa 諏訪の日の出
 November 29 
Ok way crazy good stuff happening out here! So today the zone leaders
had a baptism! We were pleased to welcome Ando san to the ward! He's
an easy-going, fun, happy guy and we are super excited for him! The
cool part is that his good friend, Hirabayashi Kyodai, got to baptize
him! Go Zone Leaders! Also today, we had two investigators come to
church! Kun and Twan, our amazing Vietnamese friends came just after
the sacrament and we got to teach them a little bit! They are super
nice guys and although there is just a little bit of a language
barrier, we became good friends and they want to meet again! After
church we met with the Igarashi Family and had Family Home Evening
with them. We were going to share a message on "Ponderizing" but turns
out that's what they were already doing! We love them and they are
Yesterday, we went to choir as usual, and met a new guy there! He's
CRAZY! And by that I mean he's awesome! I have met few people who are
so happy and have so much energy! So we became friends and will be
meeting sometime soon!
So pretty much life is awesome right now. Also it's freezing cold out
here. But life is awesome. 
With an investigator 求道者の方と
Matsumoto castle 松本城
 Oh! I forgot to mention, I got into a bike wreck and almost died! The
four of us were riding really close together and I wasn't paying
attention. I was in the very back and not thinking about anything at
all as we rode and then the guy in front stops suddenly. Everyone else
was able to stop but I pulled on my brakes and skidded into my
companion! Then I flipped halfway over my handle bars and drilled my
helmet into his back. We were both ok though and I think we scared
some Japanese drivers really bad haha!
Suwa - a city in the clouds 諏訪 ー 雲の中の街
Home Teaching in style at a ramen shop! ラーメン屋でホームティーチング!
So this is all the food left I had last week. Dad would be proud. 今週残ったのはこれだけ。お父さんに褒められるかも。

Monday, November 23, 2015

Just pictures this week 今週は写真だけ

Date: 11/23/2015
Place: Matsumoto
Companion: Elder Hansen


District guys! ディストリクトのみんなと
Indo curry with English class students 英会話のみんなとインドカレー

Monday, November 16, 2015

Korean Investigator!! 韓国人 求道者!!

Date: 11/16/2015
Place: Matsumoto, Nagano
Companion: Elder Hansen


November 12 
We found an investigatorrrrr!!! YES YES YES I'M PUMPED! It was a
miracle! So at first we were going to go to Azumino with the Zone
Leaders but as we were boarding the train we got a phone call from the
Hospital reminding us that we were supposed to teach kids english
class there later that day. So we had to leave the train station and
go to the hospital instead of Azumino. Later we got a phone call from
the Zone Leaders who were dendoing with Manabu Kyodai and they asked
if we wanted to dendo with him later in the day. So after hospital
english class (which was super fun by the way), we went out and housed
a gaijin danchi with Brother Manabu! We housed into a former Eikaiwa
student. She was super duper friendly and we are meeting with her
again! She was way genki (happy and high spirited) and that made us happy. Then we found our
Korean lady. Oh my goodness. She is very very passionate about her
belief in the Bible and is not a fan of the idea of there being
Another Testament of Jesus Christ (The Book of Mormon). But she told
us that she was looking for a religion to join! We talked about God
and Jesus Christ and read a bunch of verses from all over the Bible
together for over 30 minutes! It was awesome! She ended up really
liking us and we really love her (she gave us some kimchi she made
this morning and it was delicious). But she said that she would like
to read the Book of Mormon if we get her a Korean copy!! So we are
meeting with her tomorrow!!! Prayers answerrrred!! I'm way stoked and
so excited that God trusts us with an investigator. 

Azumino! 安曇野!
November 15 
Whew where did this week go!? I think time is broken out here.
Everything seems to be on fast forward. Today was my first day at
normal church in this area! The members here are way super cool. I met
tons of them today and tried to make lots of friends and then we had
shokujikai (a little  potluck get together the members have after church meeting. Missionaries love those.)! I love shokujikai because FOOOOD!! After that we planned
out our week (we should have done it a couple days ago but haven't had
time) and then we went out and visited a couple potential
investigators. We weren't feeling very good and things didn't work out
so well with them. Sad. And we passed up going to an activity with the
single adults in the area so we could visit these potential
investigators. More sad. And my good friend Seiya that I met at the
Japanese ward before my mission happened to be in town and dropped in
at that activity and I didn't get to see him!! EXTRA SAD. I got to see
him once last week at District Conference but only briefly. He's so
cool! I wish I had gotten a picture with him so you could all see his
beautiful face. Really a nice guy.
Anyway I'm super excited for this week because we have a super awesome
schedule and super organized goals and we are gonna kill it this

Long broom えの長いほうき
Oh yeah I forgot to mention! We went to zone conference this last week
and all the missionaries from the zone came! I had so so much fun and
was incredibly uplifted by the Spirit during the meeting. Afterwards
we all went to Sukiya and destroyed our stomachs with greasy Japanese
food!! I got to hang out with Elder Burns, Elder Yamada and Elder
Greydon. All of them are studs. Haha we had so much fun crashing the
Sukiya together and took a bunch of pictures! Check out the blog for
pics! This week has been a very spiritually educating and uplifting week. I
feel like I have grown through the Spirit quite a lot and I'm starting
to see some difference in my housing and OYMs. My testimony has been
strengthened that God really answers prayers and that he prepares
people to hear the truth. Most people we meet don't want to talk to us
but then there are those few who are interested in the Gospel. There
are those few who are ready to hear the truth. I know a lot more
people would be interested in hearing about how to be happy for
eternity if I was better at being a missionary but I'm trying hard and
I know I'm improving. But I know that even little, transfer three
missionaries like me who don't know what they're doing can still be
effective through the Grace of God. For example He gave us Lee san.
She has actually heard us out and listened to us. She has accepted a
Book of Mormon and told us she would read it. I know that if she does
she will get a confirmation of the Spirit if she is truly seeking for
an answer. All she has to do is want it. I know she may use her agency
and reject us but I know that I have done everything that I possibly
could have to help her. 

I'm so happy! 

Hey guys being a missionary is really fun. 

Love y'all !

Stay awesome and have a fantastic week! 

Elder Johnson

I made good fud and now I'm out of money haha 美味しいごちそうをつくったので、もうお金がすっからかんです。ははは

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Hello from the Japan Alps! 日本アルプスからご挨拶!

Date: 11/9/2015
Area: Matsumoto, Nagano
Companion: Elder Hansen


Douki! (Same MTC group) 宣教師訓練センター時代の同期!
Transfer 3
Nagano ken, Matsumoto shi (長野県,松本市) 
IM IN THE JAPAN ALPS YEAH!! I love everything up here! My companion is
Elder Hansen (we were in the MTC together!) And we are co-senior
companions. He's awesome! He's been sick all week though so we haven't
had the chance to do a whole lot yet. We have a 4人 (4 person)
apartment with the zone leaders! OUR ZONE LEADERS ARE ELDER ANDRADE
AND ELDER TANNERRR!!!! They are fantastic missionaries and way fun to
be around! I feel super super blessed to be where I am right now. My
companion is awesome, I get to room with two of my greatest heroes and
I'm back up in the mountains where I feel like I belong. The air here
is so much cleaner and the people are way nice too. Matsumoto is
called Salt Lake's sister city. I can totally see why! We are in a
valley, the nearest mountains in the east, the main city located
towards the north end of the valley. Down town (way smaller than Salt
lake) is made of a lot of granite that looks similar to Salt Lake's
sidewalks and there is even a creek running right down through the
city! (No City Creek Mall though so far as I have discovered). The
main difference is the lack of Temple Square and Utahns haha. Anyway
today we visited a less active and he gave me a bag of Milo (Elder
Mahoney got me addicted to the stuff so I was way excited!). We went
and visited a potential investigator and I did a terrible job talking
to her haha. So far I have had to do all of the talking because Elder
Hansen lost his voice. That's ok though because that means more
practice for me!
Our apartment is a little smaller than my last but it's nice! We have
a robot toilet that I have named Ultron. Ultron is pretty cool. 
転勤3 長野県松本市
日本アルプスからでーす!ここはいい所ですよー!私の同僚は宣教師訓練センターで一緒だったハンセン長老で、2人の先輩コンビです。彼はいい人ですよ!でも彼は風邪でダウンしてしまって残念ながらあまり一緒に働く機会が今週はありませんでした。ここは4人アパートで、ゾーンリーダー達と一緒です。私達のゾーンリーダーはアンドラージ長老とタナー長老です!彼らは凄くいい宣教師で、一緒にいてとっても楽しい人達ですよ。ここに今回赴任出来たのを、すごい祝福だと感じでいます。新しい同僚は最高だし、自分のヒーロー達と一緒に住めるし、大好きな山がある地に来れました。空気は綺麗だし、ここの街の人は優しいですしね。松本はソルトレイクの姉妹都市とよばれているそうです。というのも私達は盆地に住んでいるのですが、東には山があり、街の中心街は盆地の北のほうにあります。中心街(ソルトレイクよりかなり小さいです)はソルトレイクにある歩道の様に花崗岩が使われており、なんとソルトレイクみたいに中心街の中に小さい川も流れているんですよ!(でも今の所モールは見つかっていません) まあしいて違う所といえば、テンプルスクエアとユタ人がいない事でしょうか。ハハハ 
 それはともかくとして、今日はお休み教会員の方を訪問してミロをどっさり頂きました!(マホニー長老に教えてもらってからというもの、かなりはまってしまったのですっごく嬉しかったです!) その後、求道者になる可能性のある人の所へお邪魔したんですが、私は全然うまく話が出来ず、大失敗。ハハハ  ハンセン長老は声が枯れて出なくなってしまったので、今の所、私が全部話す方を担当しています。とてもいい練習になっています!
Meeting missionaries at the Golden Clock at Nagoya Eki(train station)!
Elder Amezquita, me, Tanner and Mitchell! アメズキタ長老、私、タナー長老とミッチェル長老
He real Elder Johnson - there are currently three elder Johnson in the mission. This one is the eldest so we call him the real elder Johnson or J1. I'm J3. Haha
Saying goodbye to my beloved Aussie trainer. 大好きなオジー(オーストラリア人の事をこう呼びます)トレーナーにさよならを言っている所。
Me and Elder Hansen! ハンセン長老と私!
Train ride up with the guys! 電車の道中でみんなと!
November 8, 2015
Where does the time go? I feel like it should still be August right
now. Yeah August. That sounds more like it. Anyways yesterday we did
some OYMing with Elder Tanner, who is an absolute pro at it, and we
learned a ton on how to talk to random people naturally and smoothly.
It was awesome and I learned so much! Then tonight Elder Hansen and I
went out and did a bunch of OYM and housing on our own. It was really
hard but really good! We talked to all sorts of interesting people and
got some pretty decent PIs (Potential Investigators). It was a good
fun! Elder Burns is the funniest person on the planet. He's also a way
good missionary. They came for District Conference (Stake conference
on a smaller scale) and stayed with us in our little apartment. Elder
Burns and I slept in the kitchen because there was no room. Also I'm
officially sick AGAIN. I haven't fully recovered for an entire
transfer now. I probably should work on that. I'm just confused. I eat
healthy and exercise. I work hard as a missionary. But maybe I don't
sleep enough. Or maybe I should stop drinking so much Milo hahaha.
  バーンズ長老とハンセーカー長老が泊りに来ました!!!ハハ  すっごい楽しかったですよ〜!バーンズ長老は世界一面白い人です。彼は面白いだけじゃなくて、素晴らしい宣教師でもあるんですよ。ディストリクト カンファレンスがあったので、そのためにこの小さなアパートに泊まりに来たんですが、寝る場所がなくてバーンズ長老と私は台所の床の上で寝ました。
  また風邪をひいてしまいました!この一週間結局完治しないままとなりました。ちゃんと治さないとねぇ。食生活もきっちりとして運動もしているし、宣教師としても一生懸命働いているのにどうして治らないのか不思議です。でも寝不足なのかも。あとミロの飲み過ぎかも… ハハハ
Matsumoto 松本
Accidental picture 間違って撮っちゃった写真

Monday, November 2, 2015

TRANSFERS!!!! I'm going to the Japan Alps! 転勤!!!いざ、日本アルプスへ!

Date: 11/2/2015
Place: Nonami
Companion: Elder Mahoney

赴任地: 野並

Oct. 28, 2015
I really enjoyed hearing from everyone on Monday! It's so so good to
get emails from everyone and hear what's going on. You guys have no
idea how much you have helped me. I love you guys! Also I hear that
quite a few of my blog readers are from Russia and Ukraine! That's
So here's a shoutout to my friends in Russia and Ukraine! I love you guys!


Kokans (exchange) with my favorite human, THE FANTASTIC ELDER MIHARA!!! We each ate a ton at Sushiro all you can eat kaitenzushi. 私の大好きな人間、三原長老と交換!食べ放題の回転寿司スシローでバカ食い~。

I CANT BELIEVE IT'S WEDNESDAY ALREADY!!!! Man time flies so fast when
you're on a mission! Yesterday we kokaned (traded companions for a
day) with our zone leaders, Elder Schmeil and Elder Mihara. They are
both great guys and extremely good missionaries. Elder Schmeil is from
Brazil and Elder Mihara is from Hokkaido (Northern Japan). I love both
of them! Anyway I got to go to Meito with Elder Mihara and we had a
grand time. Elder Mihara is one of my favorite humans! We went to
Sushiro (All you can eat sushi) and stuffed ourselves, visited a
couple members and went to Institute class in Nagoya! It was so much
fun! We made some friends on the train, I talked to a bunch of people
at institute (I love our Institute peeps!) and we also had to go to
the clinic to get flu shots. Haha Elder Mihara is a tough guy (Pro
Soccer Goalie) but he does NOT like needles. We were joking around
with the nurses about it as he went into the Doctor's office. Myself
and all of the nurses in the little clinic about died laughing when we
heard him screaming in the Doctor's office. Then I got my shot and we
left. I forgot and did a bunch of pushups that night (They said no
exercise for a bit) so now my arm hurts a little bit. We ended up
staying up way late just talking about awesome Spiritual experiences.
Elder Mihara is one of the greatest men I have ever been privileged to
become acquainted with. He and Elder Andrade have kinda taken me under
their wings and really helped me grow a lot. I am extremely grateful.
Anyway so I was already sick with a cold when I got the flu shot (I've
been sick for the last two and a half weeks I think) and then staying
up late on top of that I think just brought me down so I'm stuck in
the apartment again today. Hopefully I will be better enough to go out
and work soon though.


The Hoshino family (my mom's acquaintances from way back when)

October 31, 2015
This transfer call was insane!! Everyone is going everywhere! So I
woke up this morning and got ready, then I did End of Transfer
Testimony (I've been creating short vlogs on my free time). Elder
Eadie and Whited were over at our apartment and Elder Eadie got the
call first. We all gathered around and watched his face intently while
he talked with the Mission President. Then he started freaking out and
we didn't know why so we were freaking out and the apartment was
thrown into chaos! Finally the phone call ended and we found out what
is happening. Elder Eadie is going straight to Zone Leader and will
joined here in Nonami with his Airforce Academy friend, Elder
Hardcastle! What makes it even cooler is that the two of them had
joked about being companions before their missions! Haha he's ecstatic
and I'm so so happy for him! Elder Whited will finish up his training
with Elder Correa in Takabata (He's excited because he has a giant
Pokemon center in his district). Elder Mahoney is going to Toyama!
He's going to be with Elder Montoya, Elder Eadie's bean. I'M GOING TO
MATSUMOTO!! (Nagano ken) I will be with Elder Hansen (We were in the
MTC together!!) and will be in the same apartment with Elder Tanner
and Elder Andrade. So pretty much I'm being sent to the Japanese Alps
(My dream area) with some of my favorite human beings. LIFE COULD NOT
POSSIBLY BE ANY BETTER!!! Except that it's going to be really really
cold and I still haven't bought a winter coat yet... Haha I'm gonna
die. YES YES YES YES I'm going to miss Elder Mahoney and Nonami
terribly but YES MATSUMOTO YES!! Every missionary's bean area remains
close to their heart and now I see why. I love Nonami so so much I'm
really going to miss the people here. The branch members here are
incredible and I've had so many fantastic experiences here. I love
Nonami. I love Elder Mahoney. But I'm also excited for a change of
scenery. It's just a huge range of emotions that I don't know how to
deal with haha.


Saying goodbye to our Filipinos フィリピン人たちとさよならしているところ

November 2
Quick update! I got to call my grandparents yesterday!!!! It was
fantastic! We wanted to meet one more time before I left but
unfortunately we can't. But they said that they wanted to drive all
the way up to see me!! I can't believe how awesome my grandparents
are! I love them so much. Ok I gotta go

Have a fantastic week y'all!
Love you guys!

Elder Johnson

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