Monday, January 25, 2016

Aloha Oe Elder Andrade! アロハ オエ アンドラージ長老!

Date: 1/25/2016
Place: Matsumoto
Companion: Elder Horio

日付: 2016年1月25日
赴任地: 長野県松本市
同僚: 堀尾長老

Snow!!! 雪!!!

Elder Andrade's first snow アンドラージ長老、初めての雪

Best ramen in the world 世界一うまいラーメン

I wrecked Elder Horio's bike while trying to bike in the snow. His bike is old and broken and mine is nice and new so we traded. Then while we were biking down the hill, my front tire suddenly sunk like 6 inches and I crashed! I got all tangled up in the bike and ended up landing on my face in the deep snow. All of the people in cars around me had a good laugh. It was awesome!

Matsumoto District - for the last time

Gondola ride! ゴンドラ!

Into the clouds 雲の中へ

At the top 頂上にて

Real Matsumoto Shave Ice これが本物のマツモトシェーブアイス
Yep. That's me. ハイ、私です。

Goodbye Elder Andrade さようなら、アンドラージ長老

Goodbye Aoki and Preto - I love them so much! アオキさん、プレトさん、さようなら。すっごく大好きでした!

A long time ago there was a missionary called Elder Butters. He was an incredible singer and musician. He wrote this parody of You're Gonna Miss This for Elder Jacob Yamada (who works for #Devinsupertramp now). Also I went to seminary with his little brother Luke Yamada at Lone Peak. Small world. Elder Andrade was there for the original recording of Elder Butters version of the song and it has kind of become part of the mission culture. The song has special meaning to everyone who was there for the recording and has lived on since Elder Butters finished his mission around a year ago. I learned it as best as I could in two days and played it for him on Mochizuki Kyodai's guitar and then performed it at Elder Andrade's farewell party. It's not anywhere near Elder Butters' quality but I tried. Haha I was having a hard time singing because I wanted to cry! I'm gonna miss him a lot.
ちょっと前の話になりますが、バターズ長老というとっても歌が上手な宣教師がここに居たんだそうです。彼が仲が良かった山田長老に、"You're gonna miss this" という有名な歌の替え歌を作ったんだそうです。(実は私はその山田長老の弟のルークと高校でクラスが一緒だった時がありました。世間は小さいですよね!) アンドラージ長老はそのバターズ長老が一番最初に録音した場に居合わせたそうで、この歌はその場にいた宣教師たちの特別な思い出の曲となり、バターズ長老が一年程前に帰還した後も宣教師たちの中でその歌が浸透していったのです。この二日間で急いで覚えて、望月兄弟から借りたギターでアンドラージ長老のお別れ会で弾きました。バターズ長老のレベルとは程遠かったですが、ベストを尽くしたつもりです。ずっと泣きそうだったので、上手く歌えませんでした。ハハハ      アンドラージ長老がいなくなって、凄く寂しくなります。

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