Monday, February 1, 2016

Transfer!! 転勤!

The fact Date: 2/1/2016
Place: Kariya City, Aichi Pref.
Companion: Elder Legault
日付: 2016年2月1日
赴任地: 愛知県刈谷市
同僚: レゴ長老

January 27 (Wed) 
Wow so much has happened! Today is my six month mark. Six months ago I
left for the MTC. I left a day late because I got food poisoning from
some sketchy shaved ice (haha it was good though). Six months ago I
left my family. Six months ago I put on the black name tag. Six months
ago is when my life began. I can't believe how much stuff has happened
in these past six months, nor can I believe how incredibly fast it all
On Sunday, I said goodbye to the branch and then we had a
farewell party for Elder Andrade. I also got to say goodbye to Aoki
and Preto, which was amazing! Then On Monday, we said goodbye to Elder
Andrade. That night I got to talk to my beloved trainer one last time
before he went home to Australia. Man I love Elder Mahoney! We also
had a little party that night and said goodbye to Miyajima San. After
dropping off Elder Andrade, Elder Horio, Nakatsuka and I were like
three little lost sheep wandering around the frozen valley of
Matsumoto. Without him we were just kinda lost and couldn't really
function properly haha. I packed, then on Tuesday we hopped on a train
and I said goodbye to Matsumoto. 
1月27日 (水曜日)
いやぁ〜実に色々ありました。今日で伝道に出てちょうど6ヶ月目です。六ヶ月前、宣教師訓練センターに入りました。食中毒になって、みんなより1日遅れでしたがw  家族とさよならしてから6ヶ月。この黒い名札を付けてから6ヶ月。そして新しい人生がはじまってから6ヶ月たちました。本当にいろいろな事がありました。時間が経つのは本当に早いものです!
日曜日に松本支部の皆さんとさよならをし、その後アンドラージ長老のお別れ会をやりました。アオキさんやプレトさんにもお別れを言いに行けて良かったです。そして月曜日、アンドラージ長老に最後のさよならを言いました。その晩私の大好きだったトレイナーのマホニー長老と、彼がオーストラリアに帰る前にもう一度だけ、最後に電話で話す事ができました。本当にいい人で大好きです!その晩はささやかなお別れ会も宮島さんと一緒にしました。アンドラージ長老がいなくなってしまってからというもの、残された私達3人はこの寒い松本の街をさまよう迷子の子羊のようで、アンドラージ長老なしでは何をしていいのか分からない様な状態でした。ハハハ 私は荷作りをして、火曜日の朝電車に乗り、松本の街にさよならをしました。

The train ride to Nagoya station 名古屋駅行きの道中
Man I love that place but I'm not
gonna lie, going back to Aichi is gonna be a lot warmer! At Nagoya
eki, I got to see SO MANY MISSIONARIES! It was weird though because so
many have gone home. Man it was way fun though! I said goodbye to
Elder Horio and Nakatsuka, my two beloved, crazy nihonjins, and that
was it.
I hopped on a train to Kariya with my new companion, Elder
Legault (it's French, say "Lego"). I'm now transfer 5 (WHAT THE
HECK?!?!) and he's transfer 3 so in missionary terms, I'm his momma.
新しい同僚のレゴ長老と電車に乗り、いざ刈谷へ。私は転勤5宣教師となり、同僚は転勤3なので、宣教師の世界では私は彼のお母さんになる事になります。笑  (注: 宣教師は自分達がどれだけいるかというのを毎6週ごとにある転勤の数によって数え、最初の転勤2回の間は「ビーンちゃん(訓練中の新米宣教師の事)」とよばれるのですが、その新米宣教師を訓練する宣教師を「トレイナー」とよび、そのトレイナーを「ビーンちゃんのお父さん」ともよぶ風潮があり、ビーンちゃんが最初のトレイニングを終えると、次に彼の先輩宣教師となった人が、引き続きトレイニングを継続するのですが、その2番目につく先輩宣教師の事を「お母さん」とよぶらしいのです。)
Elder Legault and I レゴ長老と私
Elder Johnson the second was his trainer so he's gonna be all
Johnsoned out by the end of the transfer! He's really quiet and calm.
Way nice guy though! Likes band and is from Texas. 
The Johnsons- J3, J1, and J2 ザ・ジョンソンズ 左から3号、1号、2号
More, THE JOHNSONS もっとザ・ジョンソンズ
APARTMENT IS BEAUTIFUL. It's on the seventh floor and an entire wall
is just Windows and sliding glass doors so we can just look out over
Aichi県and just see everything for kilometers. It's amazing! The
apartment is really big and really clean. I GET MY OWN ROOM!! I have
my own room to keep all of my stuff in! And we sleep on air
mattresses. Imma die of happiness in this place! We are right next to
a pretty good sized eki so there's plenty of people to talk to. 
view from the apartment アパートからの眺め
I went
to English class for the first time tonight and it was SUPER FUN! It's
gonna be awesome working with these folks! Also I met the Shimai in
our area today and they are super cool! This is going to be an awesome
transfer!! So the missionaries in our area are me, Elder Legault,
Sister Romney and Sister Graviet. And the cool part is, this isn't a
branch it's a WARD!! I'm told there are over a hundred people
attending Sacrament Meeting weekly!! I'm way way stoked to work here! 
今晩、始めて英会話のクラスに行ったんですが、すっごく楽しかったです!このグループ、これから面白くなりそうです!姉妹宣教師とも会ったんですが、とてもいい人達でこれからが楽しみです。ここにいる宣教師は私、レゴ長老、ロムニー姉妹とグラベット姉妹の4人です。そして、聞いて驚かないでくださいね、、、ここは支部ではなくてワードなんですよーー!(ワードは支部より大きな団体) 聞いた話によると、聖餐会にはなんと100人以上も来るんだとか!いや〜ここで働けてすっごい嬉しいです!
 1/29 (Fri) 
Today we got to meet with Tsukiyama kyodai! We were gonna have him
tachiai for a investigator lesson but the investigator got influenza
and couldn't come :(. So we just hung out with Tsukiyama kyodai for a
while and became awesome friends! He is an institute teacher here at
the Kariya Ward. THEY HAVE THEIR OWN INSTITUTE HERE!! They actually
have two institute teachers and two institute classes, as well as the
Nagoya institute classes that people travel to. This is my first time
being assigned to a ward! Apparently they have OVER A HUNDRED ACTIVE
MEMBERS! I'm way stoked to work with these people!!! Today we went
hunting for less actives. The good part is that we found all of them
and all of them happened to be home! That NEVER HAPPENS so we were way
excited about that miracle. The less good part is that the sky dumped
water on us all day and my companion didn't have a rain coat so he
nearly froze to death. As we were riding home we heard this weird
sound and looked to see a car on the road next to us had blown a hole
in a tire and pulled over. We turned around and got to the nearest
crosswalk, where we crossed (the legal way) and went over to help her.
It just so happened that she was an 80 year old grandma named Murakami
San who just noticed that her car sounded funny and didn't know that
she'd blown a tire. So we got out her spare and Elder Legault and I
changed her tire in the dark while the sky continued to dump on us. It
was awesome! She loves us so much now and took us out to dinner
immediately after we finished! While we were there, she also bought us
takeout and told us to take it home and warm it up for breakfast! Haha
she is the nicest person in the world and is super funny too! As we
sat down to eat we asked if we could pray over our food. She was ok
with it so we quickly explained prayer and then prayed over our food.
We ate and talked and exchanged numbers. After she left we promptly
called the district leader because it was past curfew. Haha he said
that we were ok and just to get home as soon as we could. We rushed
home and now everything is hanging to dry in our apartment. Man these
are the best days of my life!! Tomorrow we get up and head strait to
the ward Mochitsuki party! We saw lots of miracles today. We hit every
single less active we wanted to and then we got to do some service and
made a new best friend! Also my suitcases made it from Nagano Ken
today so now I have all of my stuff! Which means that tonight I get to
sleep on my awesome Star Wars pillow and then wake up and not have to
make breakfast because Murakami San happened :). Life is officially
1月29日 (金曜日)
帰りに自転車をこいでいると、おかしな音が聞こえたので振り返ってみると、すぐそこで車がパンクして駐車しているところでした。近くの歩道橋まで行って道を渡り何か手伝えることはないかと様子を見に行ってみました。村上さんという80歳のおばあちゃんで、何か変な音がするなぁと車を停めたところで、タイヤがパンクしているのに気がつかなかった様です。レゴ長老と私は早速スペアを取り出して、暗い雨の中、作業に取り掛かりました。村上さんを助けられて、良かったです!とても気に入ってもらった様で、その後ごはんを食べに連れていってくれました。そのお店で「明日の朝、レンジで温めて食べなさい。」と余分にご飯を買って持たせてくれたんですよ〜!ハハ 凄く親切で、面白い人でした!食べる前に祈ってもいいか聞いたら良いとの事で、お祈りについて素早く説明してからお祈りしました。楽しくおしゃべりしてから電話番号を交換して別れました。門限時間を過ぎていたので、彼女が帰ってから急いでディストリクトリーダーに電話をしました。今回はしょうがないのでこのまま急いで家に真っ直ぐ帰る様にとの事だったので、急いで帰り、ただいま濡れた服がアパートの家中干してあります。今日は本当に全く最高の日でした! 明日は朝からワードの餅つきパーティーに行くんですよ!今日は色々な奇跡が見れました。訪問したお休み会員の方々は全員在宅中だったし、困った人を助けて新しい友達も出来ました!それに今日は私の荷物が長野県からようやく届いたんですよ!という事で、今晩は自分のスターウォーズの枕カバーで寝れて、村上さんのおかげで、明日起きたら朝ごはんはレンジでチンするだけ。やった!
1/30 (Sat) 
Today was the Kariya Mochitsuki party!
It was fun! I mostly just ran around trying to get to know people. The
day I got here I called the Bishop and a few other people in church
leadership and talked to them a little bit. I got to meet a few of
them throughout the week and today I got to meet the Bishop! He's way
cool and I look forward to working with him. In talking to some of the
members here, they have told me that this ward wants to do missionary
work but just needs a little genki-ing up. They need to see some
enthusiasm to help motivate and direct them. They seem to dendo pretty
well already, seeing by the extremely impressive number of less
actives and non members (easily outnumbering the members). They just
need to take the next step. They just need to see some movement in the
work. Or so I'm told. I can't wait to meet all of the members
tomorrow! The last baptism in Kariya was close to a year ago. My hope
is that we can restart the area and add a little fire to it. I haven't
met this ward yet but from what I've gathered, I think all this ward
needs is some fire and to see a little success and then the Kariya
area will explode. This area is golden, just waiting for us. I can't
wait to get started :) 
2/1 (Mon) 
Went to church for the first time in Kariya yesterday. I LOVE THIS
WARD!! It's BIG. We went and visited a Brazillian member after church
and she reminded me of Aoki so much! Haha we love her. She's awesome!

This is my first transfer as Senior Companion. I'm way nervous but way
excited! I'm feeling the responsibility but I'm also feeling the
freedom! I've learned a lot from the missionaries in Matsumoto and I
can't wait to start applying those things here in Kariya. This place
is right next door to my first area and it's pretty much exactly the
same, only bigger! Now that I know how to dendo better, I can't wait
to get started here! Wow this is going to be an awesome transfer! The
biggest thing that I learned from being in the Zone Leader apartment
in Matsumoto is faith. All it takes is faith and a lot of hard work
and you will see crazy amounts of success. Between the four Matsumoto
Elders, we had 9 investigators in Elder Andrade's last sacrament
meeting! Haha well, they had 8 investigators and we had 1. I want to
develop that Elder Andrade level of faith. I think this transfer is
going to help me with that a lot. I'm way excited! 
 Love you all! 
 Elder Johnson
2月1日 (月曜日)
今回は初めて先輩としての赴任でちょっと不安もありますが、とっても楽しみでもあります。先輩としての責任の重さも感じていますが、同時に自由もエンジョイしています。松本にいた宣教師達から本当に沢山学んだので、その学んだ事をここ刈谷で活かしていきたいと思っています。ここは私の一番最初の赴任地のすぐ隣で、街自体はもうちょっと大きいですが、基本的には一緒です。やっと伝道の仕方が分かったので、もっと伝道したくてウズウズです。これから忙しくなりますよ〜!松本でゾーンリーダーから学んだ事は、信仰を持つ事がまず一番大事だという事。信仰を持って死にものぐるいで働けば、成功を見る事が出来るのです。松本に4人の長老達がいたんですが、アンドラジ長老の最後の聖餐会には9人も求道者が来てくださったんですよ!その内の8人はアンドラジ長老達の求道者で、私達は1人でしたけど。ハハハ! アンドラジ長老レベルの信仰を持つのが目標です。今回の赴任でいろいろと試されてちょっとはそれに近くなれるんじゃないかと期待しています。頑張ります!

Birthday party with Brother Miwa! 三輪兄弟のお誕生日会にて

Bonus video (Ed: I forgot to add last week) ボーナスビデオ (先週載せ忘れた分です)

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