Monday, June 27, 2016

Sketchy Bike Rides to Kani in the Rain!!

Date: 6/27/2016
Place: Inuyama City, Aichi Pref.
Companion: Elder Gubbay


This pretty much sums up my week in one picture. Yep 今週はずっとこんな感じでした、はい。

Sorry I haven't written in a while!

Ok so starting with last week's highlight, Sister Hansen came to our
Eikaiwa! Elder Hansen is one of my previous companions and his mother
just happened to be in Japan last week so she stopped by to say hi! I
LOVE SISTER HANSEN haha it was so good to see her! She brought us
cereal from America!! Real actual cereal! It was the best.



With Sister Hansen! ハンセン姉妹と!
Yessss!!!! よっしゃぁぁ!!!
With English class students 英会話の生徒さん達と

We also had two new Eikaiwa (English class) students come!
Then on Sunday we had two new investigators in church! We went over to
the Ray's house with one of them afterwards and had dinner and a
lesson. She didn't seem to be terribly interested in the lesson so I'm
still not sure why she came to church and wanted to meet us. She's
probably just attracted to my companion ;).


Last Saturday we got asked to go to Kasugai, which is not even in our
zone, to help staff an Eikaiwa booth at a festival! The Kasugai
missionaries were both performing at a musical show in Meito so we
went with the Ichinomiya sisters and spent the entire day at a
Japanese festival! We gave out a TON of fliers and talked to tons of
people. In fact, people saw our faces so much and started to like us
so much that they started giving us free food right and left! We ate
so much! It was really hot and we had a lot of fun!

On Monday we went to Alice's salon and she gave us haircuts! We love
Alice :). And then on Tuesday we had Zone Training Meeting! It was
The rest of the week after that was pretty much spent biking back and
forth to Kani in the rain. I love biking in the rain!



Thursday, we went to Endo shimais and moved giant rocks and dug up
potatoes in the rain. We had so much fun! My companion is a beast and
can lift giant rocks. He is superman!


Digging potatoes ジャガイモを掘っているところ

Also we had an exchange with Ichinomiya and I got to go dendo and give
service with Elder Allred and the Ichinomiya peeps! It was way fun! We
went to go pick grass and clean up behind this old folks center and
there was a little cement ditch. So we all took off our shoes and
waded up and down the ditch pulling weeds and catching the occasional
frog and even found a legendary giant death beetle. It was legendary.


Service in Ichinomiya 一宮で奉仕活動

On Friday we went with my grandma to Alice's salon again! It was
really great hanging out with my grandma. I love her! She bought us
neckties and they are way cool. We have tried inviting some of my
family members to activities and things but they have been busy.

We met Hermano Ricardo and his family and got to hang out with him for
a little bit, which was way cool. His daughter was visiting that night
from Tokoname (in one of my old areas!). Turns out she was a less
active that we had been looking for forever back in Kariya (we never
got to see her). While we were at the Ricardo's, everything was
happening in Spanish so I was a little lost but she talked to me in
Portuguese which helped a bit :). Haha I really still don't know a ton
about either language but both of them are useful here in Inuyama.

And then today we went to Meiji Mura for our district activity! It was
really really expensive and we didn't know that until we got there!
But it was fun hanging with the group and we had a good time. I love
our district so much!


リカード兄弟と彼の家族と会うことができました。ちょうどその晩、彼の娘さんが、常滑から訪問していました。(常滑は私の犬山に来る前の赴任地でした)よく話を聞いてみると、なんと私が刈谷で伝道していた時に探していた、おやすみ会員だったのです。(常滑は刈谷区域の領域内にあります)リカード兄弟宅では、みんなスペイン語で話していたので、スペイン語が話せない私は、ちょっとわけがわからずだったのですが、彼女がポルトガル語で話してくださったので、少し救われました。ははは ポルトガル語もスペイン語も両方、私はまだよくわからないんですが、犬山で伝道するなら、知っていると役に立つ言語なんですよ。


District Activity! ディストリクトの活動

I can't believe that another transfer is about to end! It's so sad to
see the month of June go. It happened so fast! I'm loving my mission
and I'm growing and learning a lot. This really is the most incredible
experience you could ever sign up for. I'm growing to really really
love the people here and I'm grateful for the opportunity to serve.

I love and miss you all!
Have another fantastic week!

Elder Johnson




Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Vlogging from Komaki

Date: 6/20/2016
Place: Inuyama City, Aichi Pref.
Companion: Elder Gubbay


Ed: He mentioned about sending details on this week's goings on, but he must have run out of time on his P-Day. He just sent this video so I will post it here. :) It is hard to hear a lot of it because of the wind, but he is saying that he is working in Komaki City today and they are having a good time. The area has changed a lot (his grandma and grandpa used to live in that area and he visited them there 11 years ago). He says it is still country side but more new houses and apartment buildings now and there is just a little patch of rice field left.

Shrine right by grandparents' old place.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Pictures from this week! 今週の写真!

Date: 6/13/2016
Place: Inuyama City, Aichi Pref. 
Companion: Elder Gubbay

日付: 2016年6月13日
赴任地: 愛知県犬山市

On our way to buy a bike! 自転車を買いに行ってきます!
Welcome to Inuyama Elder Gubbay! (Ed: the banner in the back says, "welcome to Inuyama")

Pre-bike purchase: walking to Manuel's!

Biking to Kani 自転車で可児まで。
LET'S DENDO!! (Missionary work) さぁて、伝道しよー!
Haha we were wandering around in Komaki and got lost and found Jichan's
Kaisha! (My grandpa's office) So we took a picture


Cool shrine in the middle of the city 

His first super cooper - OH YEAH
初めてのスーパークーパー やリ〜

Tanbo (rice field) in the rain 雨の日の田んぼ

Went out to Alice's Salon with Bachan! (Grandma) I LOVE MY BACHAN!

French activity with Elder Gubbay! グベイ長老とフランス紹介の活動

My favorite experience of the week: we were biking home from Kani at night and I see this light floating in the air. So I freaked out and we stopped at it was a 蛍!! (Ed:Firefly) So I ran around like an idiot in the dark, catching hotaru bugs (fireflies) with my hands! There were only a few but they were SO COOL! I love those things! We were just out in the middle of all the 田んぼ (Ed:rice fields) in the middle of nowhere and the frogs were SO LOUD and it was just a beautiful experience! So I ended up catching five of them and we put them in Elder Gubbay's water bottle and took them home. We let them go the next day


Rockin it to Kani! 可児まで頑張って自転車で!

Ukai (cormorants fishing) 鵜飼い

His first Konbinimeshi! (Ed: convenient store meal)
Hot nikuman (pork bun), korokke (croquettes) and onigiri (rice ball)

Monday, June 6, 2016

The Frenchman フランス人

Date: 6/6/2016
Place: Inuyama City, Aichi Pref. 
Companion: Elder Gubbay

日付: 2016年6月6日
赴任地: 愛知県犬山市
同僚: グベイ長老

The beans and the trainers! 新米宣教師たちと、トレーナー達

Ok sorry I don't have much time to write but this week was AWESOME!

On Monday, WE HAD TACOS at Ray Shimai's! I ate my first taco in almost
a year! And then I had another taco. And then another taco. After about a dozen tacos I decided to stop. 

Tuesday, I spent the whole day on trains. Elder Sheppard got all of his things packed together and left for Fukuroi. 
We said goodbye and I hopped on a train to Ichinomiya and got to stay over with Elder Allred for a couple hours until his new companion, Elder Leiendecker, showed up. I LOVE ELDER ALLRED. 
We met Elder Leiendecker at the station and he seems way cool! 

So then I hopped on a train by myself and went to Meito. BY MYSELF YEAH! It was really weird actually, transferring solo. I thought I would enjoy being alone but it wasn't as awesome as I expected. Hahaha anyway I went to Meito for trainers training and got to meet up with a lot of old friends! Elder Legault and Sister Graviet were there! 




そこから1人で電車に乗って、名東へ向かいました。そうです、自分1人でですよ!でも1人で転勤というのは、慣れないせいか、なんかすごく変な感じがしました。1人っきりになれる、という事をとても楽しみにしてたんですが、案外、期待していた程いいものではありませんでした。ハハハ  それはともかくとして、名東でトレーナーのためのトレーニングを受けました。古い友達にも何人か会えましたよ〜!レゴ長老とグラベット姉妹もいましたよ!

With Elder Legault and Sister Graviett レゴ長老とグラベット姉妹

It was great to see everyone. After training, I got on a train with Elder Spadafora, Masuko and Williams and headed back to Inuyama to camp for the night. Needless to say it was a very restless night of anticipation. 


Sister Carey キャリー姉妹と

Love this kid :) Elder Hunsaker この人、大好き。ハンセーカー長老と。

Elder Mihara! 三原長老!

Then we got on a train again in the morning and went all the way back down to Meito to get our bean chans! We sat in
the chapel and sang Love One Another in Japanese ten thousand times while we waited. At long last the new missionaries came through the doors of the Meito chapel! I was so excited! What happens in this mission when you get to train a new missionary is this: the new missionary's name is called and he comes up to the stand on the right
side. President Ishii then announces his area and trainer (and then you freak out inside and go up on the left side of the podium). And then you meet in the middle and hug! When I hugged my bean, I realized that he was nearly two meters tall! His name is Elder Gubbay and he's AWESOME! 


His first Ramen :)
Don't mind the beer advertisement 


He's French, grew up in Spain, went to college in Italy and worked in Dubai! He speaks French, Spanish, Italian, English and now Japanese. WAT? I am continually so impressed by the awesomeness of this man that I don't know what to do with myself. Honestly there's not a lot of training I can give him! He's teaching me Spanish, he works like a machine, he actually keeps all the mission rules and he's the most humble guy I've ever met. I LOVE ELDER GUBBAY! We have had the funnest week together already! 

On the way home from Meito, I handed him a Book of Mormon and told him I'd buy him icecream if he could hand it out before we reached home. And then we both OYMed (OYM-open your mouth) like crazy all the way home! We talked to everyone! We weren't able to give out the Book of Mormon but we did pass out fliers and pamphlets. 

We have been working like crazy ever since he got here, which is why I don't have time to write much. It's a great problem to have! This is going to be the greatest transfer!

Aight gotta go

Love y'all!

Elder Johnson






MY NEW COMPS A BOSS! 私の同僚は最高です!