Monday, September 28, 2015

Miracle Sunday!! 奇跡の日曜日‼️

Date: 9/28/2015
Place: Nonami
Companion: Elder Mahoney

日付: 2015年9月28日
赴任地: 野並
同僚: マホニー長老

Filipino birthday party! フィリピンの人達のお誕生日会!

Sept 23, 2015
Oh my craziness life has been so busy I haven't even had time to write!! So the sunrise was alright but kinda hazy so we never actually saw the sun.... But I got some good pictures! And then yesterday we had transfers! So we went to Nagoya Eki to pick up Elder Eadie who is SUPER cool and then took him back to Nonami, dropped off his stuff, then rushed over to Meito for Trainor's Training. Elder Mahoney and I got to speak at that, then we took a bunch of Elders back to Nonami. We ate out at Upahar, our favorite Indian Curry restaurant, then split up and went to a couple appointments. Yeah we were busy enough that we had two appointments scheduled for the same time, and since we had five elders it ended up working out! So I went with Elder Day down to the bottom of our area by train and OYMed a ton! We met with a very nice member who gave us food to take home. Elder Day is an extremely good missionary and is amazing at OYM. I learned a lot from him. Then we went back to our apartment and met up with our other guys! So we had Elder Watkins, Day and Eadie stay the night with us and it was fun! Elder Watkins is so funny! He even brought a makeshift Power Ranger pillowcase for the night. Oh and also I was a little bit sick yesterday and it got a bit worse today, which was kinda rough but I think I'm coming out of it. Today we went and visited the Sato family and they are super super nice! Bro Sato took us out to eat at an amazing Indo Curry, then we went to visit a less active. Turns out they had moved away :(. Then we went to teach English Class with Elder Eadie and his new bean, Elder Whited! I met Elder Whited in the MTC and he is part of a very energetic, close circle of friends who call them selves, "The Nag Bros, or the Nagoya Boys." Super fun guys! Elder Whited is way nice. I'm super excited to have him with us! Tonight we had more people show up to English Class then I've ever seen! It was super cool! Also one of our favorite English students gave us DONUTS!! And they were good. 

9月23日 (水曜日)

Other missionaries about the get their bean chans! Wish I had time to name them all.

Sept 24 
To be honest today was pretty hard. I was kinda down. But I read a scripture somewhere in Doctrine and Covenants that explained how to have peace (It pretty much just said pray always and trust the Lord) so I prayed really hard all morning and afternoon and by evening I felt great!

9月24日 (木曜日)

Sept 27
Holy cow where does the time go!? I barely even noticed that I just missed three days of writing haha. First of all, we played basketball with our Filipino friends and there was this Japanese kid practicing there so we invited him into our game and had a great time! He's a really nice guy and our Filipinos are awesome! Haha all four of us missionaries are from Australia and the US and most of us are pretty tall by Japanese standards so they thought we would be really good and dunk the ball and stuff....haha yeah we totally disappointed them! They were so good and none of us missionaries really got into basketball before our missions so we got killed haha :). But we made really good friends and had a great time! 
Today was Eadie and Whited Choro's first Sunday in the branch! We were just sitting down for sacrament meeting when out of the blue, ONE OF OUR INVESTIGATORS RANDOMLY DROPS IN AND SITS DOWN!! It was such a miracle! He's a photographer and so his schedule is really all over the place so we have a hard time making appointments with him. We have taught him a time or two and he has come to church in the past. We hadn't even invited him to church in a long time but he just came!! We were so excited to have him with us! I hung out with him afterwards for just a little bit and we talked about photography stuff. He's such a great guy!

9月27日 (日曜日)
  フィリピン人の友達とバスケをしました。日本人の子が練習していたので、一緒にやらないかと誘ってみんなで楽しくプレーしました。この子もまた凄くいい子なんだけど、フィリピン人達も最高だよ!彼らは私達宣教師4人はオーストラリアやアメリカ出身という事で、日本人と比べると背がみんな高いという事もあって、ダンクとかも出来たりしてかなり上手いんじゃないかと思ってたみたいです。ハハハ それは大間違〜い!彼らは凄く上手で、私達宣教師組の1人とて伝道前にバスケをしてなかったので、私達は大惨敗でした。(笑) でもみんな仲良くなれて、楽しかったよ!

Yummy sushi 美味しい寿司

Then tonight we went to a going-away party for Yamashido kyodai, a YSA in our branch. He is going back to northern Japan for a month or so and then coming back here but the Kishida's wanted to throw him a party anyway! Haha I love the Kishidas! They are a recently married, young couple in our branch and they're really cool. They threw a super fun party at their apartment where we did comedy routines, ate really really good oden, played games and just had a great time in general! I think social events like this are where I get my best Japanese practice. Then we taught a lesson on Charity. It went pretty well I think! I seriously had so much fun and I don't know if I've ever laughed harder in my life! Yoza Kyodai is so funny! 

  今晩は、支部の会員の山城兄弟の送別会に行ってきました。東北地方へ一ヶ月ほど帰り、またすぐ戻ってくるそうなんですが、岸田家族がそれでも送別会をやるという事で、、、。(笑) 岸田家は最近結婚されたばかりの新婚さんで、凄くいい人達で最高です!パーティーはコメディーあり、美味しいおでんあり、ゲームありで楽しかったです。こういうパーティーなんかが、一番日本語の練習に最適です。慈愛についてレッスンをしたんですが、結構上手くいったと思います。こんなに笑ったのは久しぶりでした。与沢兄弟はめっちゃ面白いです。

Our YSAs! Plus branch president with an owl on his head

I JUST FOUND OUT THAT OUR FILIPINO FRIENDS ATTENDED CHURCH IN MEITO!!! We thought they were going to be busy playing basketball but instead they went to church!!! YES!!! Angel sat in on a lesson where the Meito Shimai got a yakusokusha! Also Rose Shimai came to church in Nonami!! SUPER COOL!! Man it's been a day full of miracles!! We had a bunch of people go to church today! It was a great day

OH!! And the other day I got letters!! And not just a letter or two, I GOT A PACKET of letters plus another envelope of letters! I'm so so happy! YES! Ok gotta go 

Ok life is seriously amazing out here! I love being a missionary. I get to help people and teach them about God and help them become happier! I get to make so many friends and feel the spirit all the time! 

Love y'all 

Elder Johnson 




Mamachari Choro ママチャリ長老

Me right now (with Elder Eadie) 今の私 (後ろはイディー長老)

Monday, September 21, 2015


Date: Sept. 21, 2015
Place: Aichi Pref. Nagoya City Tenpaku Ward, Nonami
Companion: Elder Mahoney


Sept 16, 2015

My comp can sneeze and beatbox at the same time. Yep. Found that out today. It's super impressive haha. Anyways we made cookies, vegemite scrolls and Lamingtons today to take to what was supposed to be a big party at eikaiwa where everyone invited friends and brought food. Well Brother Inagi, our awesome ward member friend, brought some awesome treats but other then that we just had our normal group and no one brought anything to share haha. Good thing we made a lot! It was great and we had fun. We always discuss the most random things in eikaiwa. Today we talked about food, ranted on the US measuring system, made fun of Canadians, Australians and Americans and then talked more about food. I love our English students :)


私の同僚はくしゃみをしながらもビートボックスが出来ます。今日、それが判明しました。はい。すごいですよ。笑 今日は英会話で生徒さんたちが友達を呼び合ってお菓子も各自持ちよせして大きなパーティーをしようという予定が入っていたので、クッキーやらベジマイトスクロールやレミントンケーキを焼きました。稲城兄弟が美味しいおやつを持って来てくれた以外は結局誰もおかしを持ってこず、メンバーもいつもの顔ぶれでした。笑 沢山作っておいて助かりました!パーティーはすごく楽しかったよ。いつも英会話では、めちゃくちゃ適当なことをみんなで一緒になって話すんですよ。今日の話題はというと、アメリカの測定システムが分かりにくいという愚痴、カナダ人、オーストラリア人、アメリカ人はここが変だという話、あと食べ物の事。ここの英会話に来てくれてる生徒さん達が大好きです。:)

We try cooking. My cookies don't work and turn into cookie leather. We were trying to take all this cake and stuff to the Eikaiwa (*English class) but my stuff didn't turn out.  Good thing Mahoney Choro's did haha 


Sept 17 2015
SUCH THE FOOOOODS! So today we were supposed to have a kokan with the zone leaders but they both got sick and went to the hospital :(. Please pray for them. Anyways so our wonderful Itakura Kyodai took us out to lunch at a very nice tonkatsu shop and then we drove about visiting people. We visited Tanaka Kyodai, a less active, and shared President Eyring's Mormon Message, Mountain's to Climb (登るべき山). It  brings the Spirit every time and is an incredible tool for testifying so we use it a lot. The feeling of the Spirit in the room was amazing and we both bore our testimonies, then Itakura Brother invited him to rejoin us at church. It was great! I hope he comes someday. I know he enjoys our visits at least. Also we ate takoyaki at his house and drank really good mango juice. Then Itakura Brother drove us over to Rose Shimai's house and we gave her a blessing. She has been very sick lately and has not been able to come to church for a while. She fed us Filipeno food! Also she is very interested in hosting lessons with our Filipeno investigators at her house! She is one of the nicest people on the planet. We have such a great relationship with her and we love her very much. She also gave us a bag of food to take home haha. Then we went to Kid's english class at Kondo Shimai's house and had some new kids come! After class Kondo Shimai and Sasai Kyodai took us out to Shabu Shabu! We were already so full because we had just eaten a huge lunch of tonkatsu, then takoyaki, then Filipeno pasta and we felt like we were gonna die if we ate any more. So then we went to all you can eat shabu shabu and sushi and I ate a ton of delicious shabu shabu and probably a dozen rolls of the best sushi I've ever had! And then we had icecream. Mahoney Choro and I were so full we could barely move!
So we spent the whole day with members, teaching and visiting non-members and less actives, feeling the Spirit and eating tons of great food all the while! Seriously today was amazing :)


Hey guess what?I saw Grumpy Cat this week! Or at least it looked like grumpy cat. 
It looked a lot more like grumpy cat in real life than it does in the picture but oh well. 

Sept 20
Holy craziness I haven't even had time to write stuff! So currently about all I can remember is yesterday because it was awesome! We started off by going all the way down to the Garcia's house for a meal/lesson. Brother Garcia is Brazilian and speaks only Portuguese, Sister Garcia is Peruvian and speaks Spanish, Portuguese, pretty good Japanese and few phrases in English and then their daughter Andrea speaks Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish and a few phrases in English. That's a lot of languages in one house! So we went there and they fed us amazing Peruvian and Brazilian food and we came prepared with all of our lesson materials in Spanish (Probably should have done Portuguese though) and we just hung out and had a great time! They are one of the funnest families ever! Brother and Sister Garcia I think receive the Cutest Couple award. Haha they are always playfully arguing about one thing or another and Sister Garcia slapped him across the face for something he said at least a couple times while we were there and we all died laughing. Seriously though, super fun, high-energy family and they are very passionate about missionary work. Hopefully we can find a way to work together to find people. 
Then we went and taught Ito Kyodai! As usual he filled us in on world news and gave us something to drink. We is a very special less active. We taught him the Restoration again and showed him the video. He loved it!
Then we went to Robert's apartment. Bernie came as a tachiai and ANGEL CAME TOO!!! So we taught the Plan of Salvation for Angel plus a few elements from Lesson 5 for Robert. We all talked about our families and how much we love and miss them and Robert even shared some of his family's favorite Christmas traditions. But due to some things happening, those family gatherings have just not been the same. We taught him that because of the Plan of Salvation, he can once again be with his deceased loved ones and have those joyous family gatherings again. We also taught him about Temples and how he can do work for his mother in the Temple so that he can be with her again. This seemed to bring him great hope. 
Angel received the message very well also and we taught him about baptism and challenged him to be baptized. He said he doesn't want to make a decision just yet but wants to learn more first. I'm really glad he is taking it so seriously! 
Bernie (Our member tachiai) is a huge help in all of these lessons. Sometimes they have questions that we explain in English but it doesn't make sense. Then he spits it out in Tagalog and everything is ok again! 
Our Filipino friends LOVE basketball. So we might get to go play some ball Thursday night! Haha they think we will be good because we are tall but neither Mahoney Choro nor I know the first thing about basketball! But hopefully everything will work out and we will be able to teach some of their friends. 
We have become such close friends with Robert, Bernie and Angel now it's amazing! We took a bunch of picture together :)

  うわぁ、忙しくて全然書いてませんでした!現時点でこの間何があったか思い起こせる事と言えば、昨日の事だけです。凄い日だったからね!昨日はしょっぱなからはるばるとガルシア家に食事とレッスンのアポがあったので行きました。ガルシア兄弟はブラジル人でポルトガル語しか話せません。ガルシア姉妹はペルー出身で、スペイン語、ポルトガル語、日本語が話せ、英語も片言話せます。娘さんのアンドレアは日本語、ポルトガル語、スペイン語を流暢に話し、英語も片言話せます。一つの家庭にこれだけ言語が飛び交っているっていうのは凄いですね。凄く美味しいペルー、ブラジル料理を頂き、スペイン語でレッスンを準備して来たものを見せて、(本当はポルトガル語にすべきでしたね)楽しくおしゃべりしました。凄く楽しい家族で、ガルシア兄弟姉妹は「可愛いカップル賞」をあげたいくらいです。笑 2人はいつも茶目っ気一杯にじゃれ合っていて、私達の訪問中にもガルシア姉妹は兄弟におちょくられるとふざけてビンタをかまして、みんなで大ウケしました。テンションが高くて、凄く面白い家族で、伝道に関してもとても熱心です。一緒に求道者を探せるようにと願っています。
  フィリピン人の友達はみんなバスケが大好きで、今度の木曜日に一緒にやるかもしれません。マホニー長老と私は背が高いのできっと凄く上手だろうと思っているみたいですが、私達は実のところバスケに関しては全く何も知りません。笑 この3人とはとても仲良くなり、一杯写真も撮っちゃいました。

GUYS IM A WHOLE TRANSFER OLDDDD!!! I've been in Japan for 6 weeks now! Mission time is so weird! There are days were I will suddenly look up and realize that a week has gone by since I last went to English class or did Weekly Planning or ate at Indo Curry and then I'll freak out and wonder where all the time has gone! I seriously feel like I got off the plane and met my trainer maybe two weeks ago. I feel like I last saw my family just a week before that! AAAAAAH MISSION TIME IS CRAZY!! Anyways so I didn't get transferred and I'm still with my amazing trainer and HE JUST WENT DISTRICT LEADER! ALSO WE'RE GETTING TWO MORE ELDERS IN NONAMI ON TUESDAY!!!! Elder Idi and a bean chan (The MTC is sending us a whopping 21 missionaries this transfer!). So lots of people are training. In fact I think nearly every sister missionary in the mission is training. BUT WE GET MORE MISSIONARIES IN NONAMIIII!!!! It's gonna be so fun and we're gonna work so hard and be in more places at a time and help so many people and do so much good and probably eat all of our members' food!!
Seriously though this week we are so booked that we don't really have any time to go far away and proselyte like we have been wanting to. This week we will be working with members like crazy, visiting a less active nearly every day and working with our Filipenos quite a bit as well! Haha last week was so busy we didn't even get to do weekly planning until today (usually it's Thursday)! Life as a missionary is the bomb. 

Also we're gonna wake up at 5am tomorrow to watch the sunrise from the top of our apartment building. Also we have an appointment in the middle of the day so our P Day has been reduced to about 4 hours long haha! 

日本に来てからもう6週間も経ってしまいました!(転勤は毎6週おきにあります) 伝道の時期って月日が経つのがめちゃくちゃ早くて、変な感じですね。ふと立ち止まって気付くと、先週の英会話クラスのあれからもう一週間、この前やった一週間の計画ミーティングからすでに一週間、最後にインドカレーに行ってから一週間とたち、「時間はどこへ行っちゃったんだろう!?」と焦ってしまいます。実の話、飛行機から降りてトレーナー(マホニー長老の事)に初めて会ったのが2週間位前で、その1週間くらい前に家族と最後のさよならをしたような感覚です。あ〜〜すっごく不思議な感じ!それはともかく、今回は転勤はなしという事で、また素晴らしいトレーナーと一緒で、今回彼はディストリクト リーダーになりました!(野並の付近で働いている宣教師達のリーダー) 火曜日にはもう2人宣教師が野並に来るんですよ!!イディ長老と宣教師訓練センターからくる新米宣教師です。(今回センターから21人の新米宣教師が来るんだそうです) という事で沢山の宣教師が新米宣教師のトレーニングにまわるようです。野並に宣教師が増える〜〜!きっとすっごく楽しくて、一生懸命効率よく一杯働いて、いろいろ地域の人々にも貢献して、きっと教会員の食料も全部食べちゃいますよー!
  真面目な話、今週は予定がぎっしり詰まっていて、遠出をして伝道をしようと言ってたんですが、そんな時間も全く無くなってしまいました。今週は教会員の方達と一緒に、毎日のようにお休み会員の方達を訪問したり、フィリピン人の友達とも約束しています。本当は一週間の計画ミーティングを木曜日に毎週やるはずなんですが、忙し過ぎて、今日やっとやりました。笑 宣教師の生活って最高です!

ALSO ELDER MAHONEY INTRODUCED ME TO LIGHTSABER CHOPSTICKSSS!!!! They are my most prized posession now. They even light up!

I love you all and hope all is well with you!
I bear my testimony that Jesus Christ can help anyone, anywhere with any problem. I have seen him change lives. I see it everyday. 
The Church is true

Elder Kai Johnson 



Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Hit by a typhoon and We eat more CURRY!!!!

Date: Sept. 14, 2015
Place: Aichi Pref. Nagoya City Tenpaku Ward, Nonami
Companion: Elder Mahoney


Sept 7 
It's the day I get to hear from all the peoples!!
I love it when you guys send me emails and pictures!!
Haha thanks for everything

So today for Pday we went to Aeon Mall and ate food and got our shopping done. While we were there this random grandma came and addressed us in English. We talked to her for a bit and she was super nice! She gave us some hard candy and we invited her to English Class. Hopefully she will come! We now refer to her as Candy Lady. 
Then we had about an hour to talk to people around Nonami Eki. It's the closest place to OYM (Open Your Mouth) but has been heavily dendoed by previous missionaries since it is the only station close to the apartment. I received an email from my Mom earlier this week about another elder in our mission who had prayed in faith that they could have an investigator that day. They worked hard and OYMed like crazy and got five investigators in a day! I was really inspired and I told Elder Mahoney about it and he got all excited too so before we went out we paused to pray specifically that we could find someone tonight before our other appointments. So we parked our bikes near the Eki and started talking to people. Nobody wanted to talk to us though. Everyone was busy and wouldn't give us the time of day. I was starting to wonder if we had done something wrong. But then there was this older lady sitting by the eki just watching us talk to people the whole time. Eventually when we were about ready to give up and go to our next appointment, she called us over and started to talk to us! She spoke pretty good English and was really excited to have the chance to talk to a Gaijin in English. She was way nice and we became friends! We gave her an English class flyer and she sounded very interested in coming so she could practice her English. I believe that she can become the investigator that we prayed for. Whether or not that happens will depend on her faith as well as ours but the fact that we found someone interested in us  is a miracle in itself. I am truly humbled and grateful for this experience. God answers prayers people. It's awesome.

Then we visited the Ichihashis!! I love them so much! They are an older couple in our branch and are the nicest people on the planet. They fed us good food and we talked about their awesome, American Blendtec blender. They made us a really really good green smoothie (I'VE BEEN CRAVING GREEN SMOOTHIE) and then we taught them a lesson and showed a mormon message on our ipads. The Spirit was strong and it was awesome! We might even get to do some service with them next week it sounds like!

Also theres a typhoon coming!! YAAY!! I've always wanted to see one. It will probably hit us Wednesday which is perfect because we'll be in meetings so I'll get to see a typhoon but it probably won't cut into dendo time too much.

Also today during Pday I restrung Inagi Kyodai's violin and learned how to play My Lighthouse by Rend Collective (good Christian vibes) and it was super fun. Mahoney Choro and I jammed out and probably annoyed the neighbors. It was a good day!

 今日の休みの時間中に(休みの日は一日中やすみというわけではなく、午前10時から午後の6時まで休みとされます。)稲城兄弟のバイオリンの弦をはりなおして、レンド コレクションというクリスチャンバンドの灯台という曲を学びました。モハニー長老とのりにのって弾いていたので、近所迷惑になったかもね。今日はいい一日でした。

Sept 9
Ok it's  been a crazy couple of days!!
So yesterday we had Trainors training in Meito so we had a little bit of time on the train to train OYM! And then we went to the Meito Chapel and got trained (it was awesome). Then train OYMed all the way back. Elder Kariya came and stayed the night with us! With his companion, Elder Lehman who is also super cool. Then the Fujieda Elders came and crashed with us too because there was a big mission tour happening the next day. WE HAD 8 MISSIONARIES IN OUR APARTMENT. I didn't end up with a blanket and the AC was on full blast so I didn't sleep hardly at all haha. So I got up and made breakfast for everyone on an hour or two of sleep and then we all went to Meito in a typhoon! But it wasn't nearly as intense as I had hoped. Once in Meito we had a devotional with Elder Whiting, the Asia North Area President. It was one of the most incredible devotionals of my entire life. It completely changed my outlook on missionary work. Also the night before we ate at our favorite Indian curry restaurant with all eight elders and had a blast. Our Nepali friends extra extra love us now! I started talking to them about going to see Meet the Mormons together and they really want to! We just need to find a time that works for them that isn't 3AM. Wow I feel great and I'm running on almost no sleep and I haven't had time to eat much and English class was awesome and we had a great religious discussion with a slightly drunk guy on our way home and I've been feeling th e Spirit almost nonstop all day and I'm just really happy. Being a missionary is seriously the life. Also Fujieda guys were so fun!!

昨日は名東でトレーニングのミーティングがあったので、電車での道中OYM(口を開いて、色々な人達にはなしかけしかけること)をしました。名東の教会で行われたミーティングの後、(ミーティングは凄く良かったです)帰りの電車でもOYMをしながら帰りました。宣教師訓練センターで同僚だった刈谷長老と同僚のリーマン長老(またこの人も凄くいい人)がきて、一泊泊まっていきました。次の日にミッションツアーというイベントがあったので、静岡県の藤枝で伝道している長老達も泊まりに来ました。アパートに長老達8人ですよ!一晩中クーラーはつけっ放しだし布団もなしだったので、よく眠れませんでした。笑  結局1-2時間くらいしか眠れませんでしたが、朝起きてみんなに朝ごはんを作ってあげました。名東には台風の中行きましたが、期待していたほど全然ひどくありませんでした。
 その前の晩、8人の長老達とインドカレーのお店へ行き、凄く楽しかったです。そこのネパール人の店員さんとも友達になっていたく気に入ってもらえたしね。「Meet the Mormon」という色んなモルモンの人を紹介するビデオを一緒に見ないかと誘ったら、きたがってくれたんですが問題は朝の3時以外でみんなのスケジュールが合う時間を見つけるということです。ほとんど寝てないし、食べてないのに何故かすっごく元気です!英会話のクラスは良かったし、ちょっと酔っ払ってる人との宗教についての会話も良かったし、今日は一日中御霊に満たされて、とっても幸せな気持ちです。宣教師っていうのは良いものですね。藤枝から来た長老達は本当におもしろいです!

Starting on the front left: Elders Miranda, Shuh, Mahoney, Despain
then from the back right to the front: Elders Lehman, Kariya, Me, Williams

At Indo curry! So these guys are all from Fujiera except for Kariya and Lehman who
are from Toyota.
右奥から: リーマン長老、刈谷長老、私、ウィリアムス長老

Me, Other Elder Johnson and Elder Mueller!

Sept 11 
For some reason they don't memorialize 9/11 here... Anyway big things happened today! Our focus was to find in faith today. We had a big goal of 8 investigators found today. We talked to people like crazy and rode trains all over the place and hit the streets in front of a couple of big malls trying to find anyone who would listen. I'm finding that train dendo is one of my favorites because you're pretty much stuck in a box with that person for a while and they can't blow you off and walk away! Most of my best OYM experiences come from train dendo. Anyway so we talked to a ton of people and I had a goal of giving out 4 Book of Mormi today (Plural for Book of Mormon - Shoutout to Austin Rasmusson) and somehow actually fit four of them in my shoulder bag. We gave out two today! I was super happy about that. We also got a PI today! He's studying music in college and has a band that he plays with and he wants to come to the Jam Sessions! 
Then we went to go visit a bunch of less actives but they had moved away or their address was weird and we couldn't find their house. And so we OYMed some people on the street on our way home. THEN WE MADE MORE CURRY!!! YAAAAA!! So today was one of the first days were I came home so beat and tired but felt so so successful! We didn't find any investigators today so we are 0/8. I guess I just gotta work on the finding with faith part of things. But today was one of the most successful days I've had so far and we worked really really hard so I feel great! I know with more hard work, faith will come and then miracles will come and then Nonami will become a baptizing area. We're gonna hit it hard again tomorrow! But right now I'm gonna go collapse. 
Oh and the sky was clear tonight and I SAW 23 STARS!! (A couple of them might have been airplanes) I really miss the sky. The Big Dipper looks a little different here. Also I miss fresh air and nature and open space but I mostly just miss the sky.

  あっ、今晩は空が晴れてて星が23個見えました!(そのうちの2〜3個は飛行機だったかも) 空が恋しいです。大熊座はここで見るとちょっと違って見えます。新鮮な空気と自然と大きなスペースが恋しくなりますが、一番恋しいのは空かな。

My bag fits four Book of Mormi!! I was able to place two of them. 

Here in the digital age of missionary work, THIS IS HOW WE DO WEEKLY PLANNING. YEAAHH!!

Sept 13
We haven't seen him at our lessons with Robert in a while but today Robert brought him to church!! Today was Robert's third time. So we translated for them during sacrament and held a special Sunday School for them and taught about Prophets. They are such awesome guys! 
Then we went out and visited some less actives and a former investigator and we actually somehow got to meet most of them! It was awesome. Our former investigator we will hopefully be able to pick back up! 
Today Elder Mahoney invented a food we call Gyomu's Surprise or Mush. IT TASTES SO GOOD. It's the only way to make Gyomu's frozen potatoes taste good so when we are running low on money we will probably be eating that more often. Or just eating it whenever cause it's good. 
Also I just found out that Paul Cardall does a version of Book of Mormon Stories that's EPIC. We listen to it kindof a lot haha. I love it. 
And then we will be visiting a bunch of folks after P Day.
Also yesterday we cleaned at an old folks' care center. It was great!

Anyways I love you all and hope you all have a great week!
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Elder Johnson 




First time at Mr Donuts. Did I get the right one, Mom? 

elevator selfie エレベーターで自撮り

Monday, September 7, 2015


Date: September 7, 2015
Area: Nonami, Aichi
Companion: Elder Mahoney
日付: 2015年9月7日
赴任地: 愛知県名古屋市天白区野並
同僚: マホニー長老

September 1, 2015 (Tuesday) 2015年9月1日 (火曜日)
We went to a YSA fireside thing today! So they pretty much told us that working with YSA's is the most effective way to do missionary work currently. It was all in Japanese and I ACTUALLY UNDERSTOOD LIKE 85%! Also it was in Nagoya near Nagoya eki (*station)(the largest eki in Japan apparently)! So we got some pictures (with the cool, twisty MODE academy in the back!) and also went to the 42 floor of this really tall tower! Also we met a ton of missionaries from the area and it was AWESOME! Elder Burns is pretty awesome. I'll send some pics and you'll understand why. Also I met Akahori Choro(*elder)! His sister was in my Douki(*MTC group)! She went to Fukuoka. 
Then we went home and worked on Area Book Planner input while the sky dumped water. THEN WE MADE ANOTHER TWENTY SERVINGS OF CURRRYYYYY!!!!! :D

Elder Burns - blue tie guy, that's him 青いネクタイの人がバーンズ長老

Kitaka and Thompson shimai (*sister) Then Mahoney/Keitai  Choro (*Elder Cellphone) and me
oh and the MODE tower and my head is blocking the twisty spiral thingy in front of the Eki(*station)
SUPER FUN PEOPLES YAY! also Thompson Shimai was in my Douki (*MTC group)
Riding to the 42nd floor! 42階まで上がってるところ!

Oh I didn't write yesterday! We went to a really cool bamboo forest and got eaten by mosquitoes! Seriously very cool place but we didn't have any bug spray so we pretty much had to flee for our lives. Next time we will come prepared and spend more time there! Also we randomly dropped in on a former investigator and he just happened to be there! He was super nice and really fun! We talked about fishing and cameras (he's a photographer!). 
Also yesterday, since it was pday, I got to play Inagi Kyodai's (*Brother) violin for about 30 mins. It felt so good to get to play an instrument! Seriously made my week. 
Me enjoying nature 自然を満喫してるところ

September 2-2015 (Wednesday)
Saw the sky today for a second today. RAAAAIIIINN 

Sept 4 (Friday)
Kokans(*exchange) with elder Andrade!! So much fun!! (Pronounced Andraj) Elder Andrade is from São Paulo and is a crazy good missionary. We had such an incredibly busy day and met so many people. We had a lesson with a recently baptized member (Yoshida Kyodai)(*Brother Yoshida) and then we waited at the church for a little because we were supposed to play ping pong and have a lesson with someone but he didn't show up this time (bad weather). So we played ping pong while waiting for him (Andrade Choro is super good!). Then Bro Yoshida went out and dendoed with us for a few hours and we talked to quite a few people out on the streets. We made a few appointments just talking to people on the streets! We had this one incredible experience where Andrade Choro and I talked to this guy on the sidewalk. We got to know him and told him who we were and what we had to offer. He accepted a Book of Mormon! We weren't able to set a next teaching event with him because he doesn't have any days off for an entire month but we did pray with him right there on the sidewalk. The Spirit was incredible! I felt it, Elder Andrade felt it and we hope that our new friend felt it as well. It was such an amazing experience. He was so interested in the Gospel too. God was definitely preparing him so he could understand. Then we went to a Brazilian investigators place. Elder Andrade spoke with them in Portuguese and helped them resolve some issues and I kind of sat back for a minute. Then I got swarmed by their little children (Brazilian kids are ADORABLE) and played with them the entire time! They actually spoke perfect Japanese so we were able to communicate just fine and have a lot of fun. Haha they didn't want us to leave! 
On the way home from kokans(*exchange) we talked to a ton of people on the train. Then I realized that I forgot my backpack in Meito so we rode back to get it and talked to people all the way there and back! All in all we ended up taking to about 12 people and probably half of them accepted stuff we gave them! 

9月4日 (金曜日)
アンドラージ長老と交換。(宣教師達がたまに近くの地域で働いている他の宣教師達のコンビと同僚を交換して働くこと) すっごく楽しかった! アンドラージ長老はブラジルのサオパウロ出身で、めちゃめちゃイイ宣教師です。沢山の人に会って、本当に忙しい一日でした。最近改宗した教会員(吉田兄弟)とのレッスンの後、別の人と卓球をして、レッスンもする予定だったんだけど、悪天気のためキャンセル。待ってる間、ちょっと卓球(アンドラージ長老は卓球がすごく上手!)。その後吉田兄弟も連れて数時間伝道したんだけれど、結構沢山の人達と道端で話が出来て、アポも幾つか取れました。アンドラージ長老と私がある人と道端で話していた時に、凄くいい経験をしました!今月一杯は休みはないということで、アポこそは取れませんでしたが、モルモン書を受け取ってくれ、一緒にお祈りした時に、ものすごく強く御霊を感じました。私は確実に御霊を感じました。アンドラージ長老も感じたと言っていました。この新しい友達も感じてくれたらいいなと思いました。とても素晴らしい経験でした。彼は福音にとても関心を示してくれて、神様がこの人が福音を受け入れられる様に準備してくださっているんだなぁと感じました。その後はブラジル人の求道者のところへ。。。アンドラージ長老がポルトガル語で求道者のひとたちと話しをしている間、(私はポルトガル語がしゃべれないので)座っていると、いきなり子供たちがたかってきたので(ブラジル人の子供たちはめちゃくちゃ可愛い!)ずっと一緒に遊んでいました。子供たちはすごく上手な日本語をしゃべるので、意思疎通には全然不便がなく、最後には「帰らないでー。」といわれるほどになついてしまいました。笑
Yoshida Andrade and Me!! 吉田さん、アンドラージ長老と私

It was elder Andrades birthday! So some members brought him Brazilian chicken

We celebrated Andrades and Miharas birthdays at seminary (Mihara was kokaning(*exchanging) with Mahoney in Nonami so I ate his cake :)

When the lighting is right, sometimes you have to just take a break and use it

DINNER WITH JICHAN AND BACHAN!!! (*Grandpa and Grandma)
I got permission to meet them once this week and then whenever so long as it's on a pday!! We met them at Nonami eki(*station) and it was so good to see them! They took us to a really fancy yakiniku(*Japanese BBQ) restaurant. IT WAS SOOOO GOOD. We had such a fun time hanging out and talking about missionary work and how things have been going! They gave me gifts and even told Elder Mahoney they would come and see him off when he leaves! Haha wow I love my grandparents. NAGOYANS(*Famous Nagoya treats. Our family favorite!) FOR DAYZZZZZ!!

祖父母に今週中に一回、その後はP-DAY(準備の日:毎週月曜日に名古屋伝道部の宣教師たちに与えられる休みの日のこと)であれば、いつでもあってもいいという許可が出ました!高級な焼肉屋さんに連れて行ってもらいました。すっごく美味しかったです。伝道のことや身の上話などして、すっごく楽しかった!お土産までもらって、しまいには同僚のマホニー長老が帰る時には見送りまできてくれるといっていました。笑 そんなじいちゃん、ばあちゃんが大好きです。これからしばらくは毎日なごやんーーー!!
Gyukaku Yakiniku(*name of the restaurant) with grandparents!!
(*Nagoyan - for your viewing pleasure - Keiko :) なごやん:目の保養用に

Sept 9 (Sunday)
Our investigator, Robert, came to church!! In our lesson last night he told us he probably wouldn't go because he was so busy but later in the lesson when we told him it was a commandment, he changed his mind right away! We translated sacrament meeting for him and Bernie (awesome Phillipeno member). Translating is HARD. Then they taught Sunday school in English for them. Then both of them had to leave before priesthood but it was so good to have them there with us for sacrament and Sunday school! Then after church Elder Mahoney and I hung out around the piano with a couple of YSA's and talked about our favorite bands and music and got to know some of our younger branch members better. then we went over to the Branch Presidents house with a bunch of YSAs and some members and had a Gyoza party! That pretty much took the whole day and it was so fun!! I love our young adults!
Also we drank Durian fruit juice, which smells like crap and tastes like gasoline mixed with sugar (it was brought to the party as a consequence for the losing team in a game we played but everyone was curious so we all drank it). Also we went to visit someone and got caught in a rainstorm on the way back and got SUPER SOAKED. It was such a good day!! I love biking in the rain! 

Anyways I love you all and hope all is well at home! Also we may get hit by a typhoon on Friday!! Super excited to see what that's like. 
I CANT BELIEVE I'VE BEEN HERE FOR A MONTH ALREADY!! Wow mission time is really weird. I feel like I've been here for a week. Ok have a great week! 

Elder Johnson ジョンソン長老

Rainstorm! This was just before we walked into our apartment 土砂降り!アパートに入る直前に
Later that night.... WE HAVE NASHI (*Asian pear) FOR DAYS BECAUSE OUR BRANCH MEMBERS ARE AWESOME! We don't even bother cutting them up we have so many
From our apartment on the third floor 3階にあるアパートからの眺め

Toyota Motor Corporation トヨタ自動車自動車株式会社