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Date: September 7, 2015
Area: Nonami, Aichi
Companion: Elder Mahoney
日付: 2015年9月7日
赴任地: 愛知県名古屋市天白区野並
同僚: マホニー長老

September 1, 2015 (Tuesday) 2015年9月1日 (火曜日)
We went to a YSA fireside thing today! So they pretty much told us that working with YSA's is the most effective way to do missionary work currently. It was all in Japanese and I ACTUALLY UNDERSTOOD LIKE 85%! Also it was in Nagoya near Nagoya eki (*station)(the largest eki in Japan apparently)! So we got some pictures (with the cool, twisty MODE academy in the back!) and also went to the 42 floor of this really tall tower! Also we met a ton of missionaries from the area and it was AWESOME! Elder Burns is pretty awesome. I'll send some pics and you'll understand why. Also I met Akahori Choro(*elder)! His sister was in my Douki(*MTC group)! She went to Fukuoka. 
Then we went home and worked on Area Book Planner input while the sky dumped water. THEN WE MADE ANOTHER TWENTY SERVINGS OF CURRRYYYYY!!!!! :D

Elder Burns - blue tie guy, that's him 青いネクタイの人がバーンズ長老

Kitaka and Thompson shimai (*sister) Then Mahoney/Keitai  Choro (*Elder Cellphone) and me
oh and the MODE tower and my head is blocking the twisty spiral thingy in front of the Eki(*station)
SUPER FUN PEOPLES YAY! also Thompson Shimai was in my Douki (*MTC group)
Riding to the 42nd floor! 42階まで上がってるところ!

Oh I didn't write yesterday! We went to a really cool bamboo forest and got eaten by mosquitoes! Seriously very cool place but we didn't have any bug spray so we pretty much had to flee for our lives. Next time we will come prepared and spend more time there! Also we randomly dropped in on a former investigator and he just happened to be there! He was super nice and really fun! We talked about fishing and cameras (he's a photographer!). 
Also yesterday, since it was pday, I got to play Inagi Kyodai's (*Brother) violin for about 30 mins. It felt so good to get to play an instrument! Seriously made my week. 
Me enjoying nature 自然を満喫してるところ

September 2-2015 (Wednesday)
Saw the sky today for a second today. RAAAAIIIINN 

Sept 4 (Friday)
Kokans(*exchange) with elder Andrade!! So much fun!! (Pronounced Andraj) Elder Andrade is from São Paulo and is a crazy good missionary. We had such an incredibly busy day and met so many people. We had a lesson with a recently baptized member (Yoshida Kyodai)(*Brother Yoshida) and then we waited at the church for a little because we were supposed to play ping pong and have a lesson with someone but he didn't show up this time (bad weather). So we played ping pong while waiting for him (Andrade Choro is super good!). Then Bro Yoshida went out and dendoed with us for a few hours and we talked to quite a few people out on the streets. We made a few appointments just talking to people on the streets! We had this one incredible experience where Andrade Choro and I talked to this guy on the sidewalk. We got to know him and told him who we were and what we had to offer. He accepted a Book of Mormon! We weren't able to set a next teaching event with him because he doesn't have any days off for an entire month but we did pray with him right there on the sidewalk. The Spirit was incredible! I felt it, Elder Andrade felt it and we hope that our new friend felt it as well. It was such an amazing experience. He was so interested in the Gospel too. God was definitely preparing him so he could understand. Then we went to a Brazilian investigators place. Elder Andrade spoke with them in Portuguese and helped them resolve some issues and I kind of sat back for a minute. Then I got swarmed by their little children (Brazilian kids are ADORABLE) and played with them the entire time! They actually spoke perfect Japanese so we were able to communicate just fine and have a lot of fun. Haha they didn't want us to leave! 
On the way home from kokans(*exchange) we talked to a ton of people on the train. Then I realized that I forgot my backpack in Meito so we rode back to get it and talked to people all the way there and back! All in all we ended up taking to about 12 people and probably half of them accepted stuff we gave them! 

9月4日 (金曜日)
アンドラージ長老と交換。(宣教師達がたまに近くの地域で働いている他の宣教師達のコンビと同僚を交換して働くこと) すっごく楽しかった! アンドラージ長老はブラジルのサオパウロ出身で、めちゃめちゃイイ宣教師です。沢山の人に会って、本当に忙しい一日でした。最近改宗した教会員(吉田兄弟)とのレッスンの後、別の人と卓球をして、レッスンもする予定だったんだけど、悪天気のためキャンセル。待ってる間、ちょっと卓球(アンドラージ長老は卓球がすごく上手!)。その後吉田兄弟も連れて数時間伝道したんだけれど、結構沢山の人達と道端で話が出来て、アポも幾つか取れました。アンドラージ長老と私がある人と道端で話していた時に、凄くいい経験をしました!今月一杯は休みはないということで、アポこそは取れませんでしたが、モルモン書を受け取ってくれ、一緒にお祈りした時に、ものすごく強く御霊を感じました。私は確実に御霊を感じました。アンドラージ長老も感じたと言っていました。この新しい友達も感じてくれたらいいなと思いました。とても素晴らしい経験でした。彼は福音にとても関心を示してくれて、神様がこの人が福音を受け入れられる様に準備してくださっているんだなぁと感じました。その後はブラジル人の求道者のところへ。。。アンドラージ長老がポルトガル語で求道者のひとたちと話しをしている間、(私はポルトガル語がしゃべれないので)座っていると、いきなり子供たちがたかってきたので(ブラジル人の子供たちはめちゃくちゃ可愛い!)ずっと一緒に遊んでいました。子供たちはすごく上手な日本語をしゃべるので、意思疎通には全然不便がなく、最後には「帰らないでー。」といわれるほどになついてしまいました。笑
Yoshida Andrade and Me!! 吉田さん、アンドラージ長老と私

It was elder Andrades birthday! So some members brought him Brazilian chicken

We celebrated Andrades and Miharas birthdays at seminary (Mihara was kokaning(*exchanging) with Mahoney in Nonami so I ate his cake :)

When the lighting is right, sometimes you have to just take a break and use it

DINNER WITH JICHAN AND BACHAN!!! (*Grandpa and Grandma)
I got permission to meet them once this week and then whenever so long as it's on a pday!! We met them at Nonami eki(*station) and it was so good to see them! They took us to a really fancy yakiniku(*Japanese BBQ) restaurant. IT WAS SOOOO GOOD. We had such a fun time hanging out and talking about missionary work and how things have been going! They gave me gifts and even told Elder Mahoney they would come and see him off when he leaves! Haha wow I love my grandparents. NAGOYANS(*Famous Nagoya treats. Our family favorite!) FOR DAYZZZZZ!!

祖父母に今週中に一回、その後はP-DAY(準備の日:毎週月曜日に名古屋伝道部の宣教師たちに与えられる休みの日のこと)であれば、いつでもあってもいいという許可が出ました!高級な焼肉屋さんに連れて行ってもらいました。すっごく美味しかったです。伝道のことや身の上話などして、すっごく楽しかった!お土産までもらって、しまいには同僚のマホニー長老が帰る時には見送りまできてくれるといっていました。笑 そんなじいちゃん、ばあちゃんが大好きです。これからしばらくは毎日なごやんーーー!!
Gyukaku Yakiniku(*name of the restaurant) with grandparents!!
(*Nagoyan - for your viewing pleasure - Keiko :) なごやん:目の保養用に

Sept 9 (Sunday)
Our investigator, Robert, came to church!! In our lesson last night he told us he probably wouldn't go because he was so busy but later in the lesson when we told him it was a commandment, he changed his mind right away! We translated sacrament meeting for him and Bernie (awesome Phillipeno member). Translating is HARD. Then they taught Sunday school in English for them. Then both of them had to leave before priesthood but it was so good to have them there with us for sacrament and Sunday school! Then after church Elder Mahoney and I hung out around the piano with a couple of YSA's and talked about our favorite bands and music and got to know some of our younger branch members better. then we went over to the Branch Presidents house with a bunch of YSAs and some members and had a Gyoza party! That pretty much took the whole day and it was so fun!! I love our young adults!
Also we drank Durian fruit juice, which smells like crap and tastes like gasoline mixed with sugar (it was brought to the party as a consequence for the losing team in a game we played but everyone was curious so we all drank it). Also we went to visit someone and got caught in a rainstorm on the way back and got SUPER SOAKED. It was such a good day!! I love biking in the rain! 

Anyways I love you all and hope all is well at home! Also we may get hit by a typhoon on Friday!! Super excited to see what that's like. 
I CANT BELIEVE I'VE BEEN HERE FOR A MONTH ALREADY!! Wow mission time is really weird. I feel like I've been here for a week. Ok have a great week! 

Elder Johnson ジョンソン長老

Rainstorm! This was just before we walked into our apartment 土砂降り!アパートに入る直前に
Later that night.... WE HAVE NASHI (*Asian pear) FOR DAYS BECAUSE OUR BRANCH MEMBERS ARE AWESOME! We don't even bother cutting them up we have so many
From our apartment on the third floor 3階にあるアパートからの眺め

Toyota Motor Corporation トヨタ自動車自動車株式会社

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