Monday, September 28, 2015

Miracle Sunday!! 奇跡の日曜日‼️

Date: 9/28/2015
Place: Nonami
Companion: Elder Mahoney

日付: 2015年9月28日
赴任地: 野並
同僚: マホニー長老

Filipino birthday party! フィリピンの人達のお誕生日会!

Sept 23, 2015
Oh my craziness life has been so busy I haven't even had time to write!! So the sunrise was alright but kinda hazy so we never actually saw the sun.... But I got some good pictures! And then yesterday we had transfers! So we went to Nagoya Eki to pick up Elder Eadie who is SUPER cool and then took him back to Nonami, dropped off his stuff, then rushed over to Meito for Trainor's Training. Elder Mahoney and I got to speak at that, then we took a bunch of Elders back to Nonami. We ate out at Upahar, our favorite Indian Curry restaurant, then split up and went to a couple appointments. Yeah we were busy enough that we had two appointments scheduled for the same time, and since we had five elders it ended up working out! So I went with Elder Day down to the bottom of our area by train and OYMed a ton! We met with a very nice member who gave us food to take home. Elder Day is an extremely good missionary and is amazing at OYM. I learned a lot from him. Then we went back to our apartment and met up with our other guys! So we had Elder Watkins, Day and Eadie stay the night with us and it was fun! Elder Watkins is so funny! He even brought a makeshift Power Ranger pillowcase for the night. Oh and also I was a little bit sick yesterday and it got a bit worse today, which was kinda rough but I think I'm coming out of it. Today we went and visited the Sato family and they are super super nice! Bro Sato took us out to eat at an amazing Indo Curry, then we went to visit a less active. Turns out they had moved away :(. Then we went to teach English Class with Elder Eadie and his new bean, Elder Whited! I met Elder Whited in the MTC and he is part of a very energetic, close circle of friends who call them selves, "The Nag Bros, or the Nagoya Boys." Super fun guys! Elder Whited is way nice. I'm super excited to have him with us! Tonight we had more people show up to English Class then I've ever seen! It was super cool! Also one of our favorite English students gave us DONUTS!! And they were good. 

9月23日 (水曜日)

Other missionaries about the get their bean chans! Wish I had time to name them all.

Sept 24 
To be honest today was pretty hard. I was kinda down. But I read a scripture somewhere in Doctrine and Covenants that explained how to have peace (It pretty much just said pray always and trust the Lord) so I prayed really hard all morning and afternoon and by evening I felt great!

9月24日 (木曜日)

Sept 27
Holy cow where does the time go!? I barely even noticed that I just missed three days of writing haha. First of all, we played basketball with our Filipino friends and there was this Japanese kid practicing there so we invited him into our game and had a great time! He's a really nice guy and our Filipinos are awesome! Haha all four of us missionaries are from Australia and the US and most of us are pretty tall by Japanese standards so they thought we would be really good and dunk the ball and stuff....haha yeah we totally disappointed them! They were so good and none of us missionaries really got into basketball before our missions so we got killed haha :). But we made really good friends and had a great time! 
Today was Eadie and Whited Choro's first Sunday in the branch! We were just sitting down for sacrament meeting when out of the blue, ONE OF OUR INVESTIGATORS RANDOMLY DROPS IN AND SITS DOWN!! It was such a miracle! He's a photographer and so his schedule is really all over the place so we have a hard time making appointments with him. We have taught him a time or two and he has come to church in the past. We hadn't even invited him to church in a long time but he just came!! We were so excited to have him with us! I hung out with him afterwards for just a little bit and we talked about photography stuff. He's such a great guy!

9月27日 (日曜日)
  フィリピン人の友達とバスケをしました。日本人の子が練習していたので、一緒にやらないかと誘ってみんなで楽しくプレーしました。この子もまた凄くいい子なんだけど、フィリピン人達も最高だよ!彼らは私達宣教師4人はオーストラリアやアメリカ出身という事で、日本人と比べると背がみんな高いという事もあって、ダンクとかも出来たりしてかなり上手いんじゃないかと思ってたみたいです。ハハハ それは大間違〜い!彼らは凄く上手で、私達宣教師組の1人とて伝道前にバスケをしてなかったので、私達は大惨敗でした。(笑) でもみんな仲良くなれて、楽しかったよ!

Yummy sushi 美味しい寿司

Then tonight we went to a going-away party for Yamashido kyodai, a YSA in our branch. He is going back to northern Japan for a month or so and then coming back here but the Kishida's wanted to throw him a party anyway! Haha I love the Kishidas! They are a recently married, young couple in our branch and they're really cool. They threw a super fun party at their apartment where we did comedy routines, ate really really good oden, played games and just had a great time in general! I think social events like this are where I get my best Japanese practice. Then we taught a lesson on Charity. It went pretty well I think! I seriously had so much fun and I don't know if I've ever laughed harder in my life! Yoza Kyodai is so funny! 

  今晩は、支部の会員の山城兄弟の送別会に行ってきました。東北地方へ一ヶ月ほど帰り、またすぐ戻ってくるそうなんですが、岸田家族がそれでも送別会をやるという事で、、、。(笑) 岸田家は最近結婚されたばかりの新婚さんで、凄くいい人達で最高です!パーティーはコメディーあり、美味しいおでんあり、ゲームありで楽しかったです。こういうパーティーなんかが、一番日本語の練習に最適です。慈愛についてレッスンをしたんですが、結構上手くいったと思います。こんなに笑ったのは久しぶりでした。与沢兄弟はめっちゃ面白いです。

Our YSAs! Plus branch president with an owl on his head

I JUST FOUND OUT THAT OUR FILIPINO FRIENDS ATTENDED CHURCH IN MEITO!!! We thought they were going to be busy playing basketball but instead they went to church!!! YES!!! Angel sat in on a lesson where the Meito Shimai got a yakusokusha! Also Rose Shimai came to church in Nonami!! SUPER COOL!! Man it's been a day full of miracles!! We had a bunch of people go to church today! It was a great day

OH!! And the other day I got letters!! And not just a letter or two, I GOT A PACKET of letters plus another envelope of letters! I'm so so happy! YES! Ok gotta go 

Ok life is seriously amazing out here! I love being a missionary. I get to help people and teach them about God and help them become happier! I get to make so many friends and feel the spirit all the time! 

Love y'all 

Elder Johnson 




Mamachari Choro ママチャリ長老

Me right now (with Elder Eadie) 今の私 (後ろはイディー長老)

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