Monday, October 5, 2015

Robert's Baptism ロバートのバプテスマ

Date: 10/5/2015
Area: Nagoya City, Nonami
Companion: Elder Mahoney
日付: 2015年10月5日
同僚: マホニー長老

Sept 28, 2015 (Mon)
P DAAAYYYY!!!!! I love P Day!! Because I get to email all of you guys
and hear from my awesome family! I love my family :). So today was a
pretty typical P Day. We got up at normal time, exercised, did
personal study for an hour and then did companionship study for an
hour which kept us busy until 10am. Then we went to the church
(There's good wifi there) and emailed our families! Then we went to
our favorite Indo Curry restaurant, UPAHAR, and then we went to a
bunch of recycle shops looking for a suit for Elder Eadie, and random
junk for the rest of us. Nonami has a bunch of recycle shops! Then we
went to APITA and got our shopping done! Elder Mahoney and I buy a
pineapple every week just because PINEAPPLES ARE AWESOME. Also I'm
making German pancakes sometime this week so we bought a ton of eggs.
Then we came home and cleaned our apartment. Then we made Snowball
cookies and took them to the Mizusaki family! We went to a birthday
party at their house last week and they were so nice and sent us home
with a bunch of food in tupperwares! So tonight we made cookies and
filled the tupperwares with them and took them to the Mizusakis. It
was a miracle that we even found their house since we've only been
there once and don't have their address. But Mahoney Choro is a genius
at finding places and maps and stuff so he found it without a problem!
It was amazing! We didn't teach or anything, we just talked to them
for a sec and gave them the cookies and their tupperwares. It didn't
seem like that big of a deal but just as I left I got this
overwhelming feeling of pure GOODNESS. It was just a simple act of
service but it felt so good! That's what it's all about. Just serving
other people. Hey guys serve people! It's fun 

We buy pineapples every week cause hey, pineapples

 Sept 30, 2015 (Wed)
KOKANS!!! We kokaned with the other Nonami Elders. I went with Elder
Eadie! He's way cool and we had so much fun! He's from Washington and
went to the Air Force Academy! When we got up in the morning, we got
housed by some Jehovah's Witnesses. They were nice and read us stuff
from the Bible. After studies, we went all the way down to the bottom
of our area looking for a former investigator! She wasn't home. Then
we spent the entire rest of the day knocking on every door of this
big, sketchy apartment building! IT WAS SO FUN!! I've never enjoyed
housing so much in my life! Elder Eadie is just so natural at it and
he helped me to become more comfortable knocking on doors. WE FOUND AN
INVESTIGATOR!! It was the coolest thing! I didn't know what to do when
they didn't close the door on us right away but Elder Eadie had it
handled and we became friends with this kid and his mom. They seem
like really nice people and believe in God! Sort of. They believe in
Dragonball Z and Manga kind of god. But they were so nice and they
accepted a pamphlet! This was my first time ever seeing something come
of housing! What really helped was a talk given at the MTC by Elder
Holland that Elder Eadie showed me on DVD. The main message of the
talk is pretty much just this: "If you really love the Lord, feed His
sheep." It completely changed the way I think about missionary work.
You can't just go out and knock on doors until you wear your shoes
out. You have to do it with the right motives. You have to do it
because you love Christ. You have to do it because he wants you to
feed his sheep. Only then will your conviction be strong enough to
still love the people and continue serving after you have had a
hundred doors closed in your face. We knocked on 120 doors today and
were blessed with an investigator and a potential investigator. IT WAS
AWESOME! Elder Eadie and I felt so good afterwards! We celebrated with
icecream :) 


Kokan (exchange) with Elder Eadie and we housed the entire apartment! 120 doors.

10/2/15 (Fri)
Yesterday I kokaned with Elder Schmeil!! I love that guy!! He's one of
the Meito Zone leaders so he came up to Nonami to do Robert's
baptismal interview but we were unable to meet with Robert. A six year
old checked my ring finger to see if I was still single haha :). We
had a little bit of time to OYM after our other appointments. Elder
Schmeil is so good at making friends on the street! Oops out of time
to write for tonight I will try to catch up tomorrow perhaps! 

Kokan (exchange) with Elder Schmeil! シュメール長老と交換!
Two of my favorite peoples! Elder Rufatto and Elder Mihara! 

10/4/15 (Sun) Robert's Baptism 
Elder Schmeil came back to Nonami again yesterday so that he could
interview Robert. He passed! Also lots of other stuff has been
happening that I haven't had time to write about. ROBERT GOT BAPTIZED
TODAY!!! So we got to church and Ito Kyodai came!! Elder Schmeil very
boldly challenged him to come to church when we visited him earlier in
the week. He came! It was awesome! We got into Chapel and were waiting
for Robert. The meeting started and still no Robert. They started
singing and I really started to freak out. I went outside and called
him but Robert didn't answer. I started praying really hard and
freaking out inside my head but just then Bernie showed up on his
bike! I talked to him for a second and we started freaking out
together. We went upstairs and took the sacrament. Part way through
the Sacrament Robert showed up! Haha he left late but had biked all
the way from his apartment on a mamachari in 15 minutes! Rose Shimai
(She's kinda the Filipino mama of the branch) translated for Robert
during the meeting. Whited Choro, even though he's just been in Japan
for a couple weeks, got up and bore his testimony! So much respect for
that guy. He's super brave. After church we went outside and took
pictures (Rose Shimai LOVES pictures haha) and then we went inside for
the baptism! Pretty much the entire branch came and supported Robert!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE OUR BRANCH! Then we went down to the font room. I had
been freaking out about this since the interview last night. I was
freaking out about it so much that I forgot to fast and also forgot to
prepare a lesson for tonight's appointment haha! I had the privilege
of baptizing Robert. There are few times I've felt the Spirit so
strongly. Lucky for me he wanted it done in English :). So we got down
into the water, they opened the little barn-door thingies to the font,
we danced around awkwardly for a minute trying to get situated in the
tiny font, and then Robert was baptized. It felt so good to get to be
part of such a big event in Robert's life. I honestly just love Robert
so much and I just want him to be happy. I know of no greater source
of happiness than following the teachings of Jesus Christ. 
Robert began his journey down the path of Discipleship. Today Robert
became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. 
 Guys I love being a missionary. I know this church is true. I'm
watching it change lives every day. 

Love you all! 
Elder Johnson

 集会の後、外へ出てみんなで写真をとりました。(ローズ姉妹は写真が大好き。ハハハ)その後バプテスマだったんですが、支部のほとんどみんながロバートのために来てくれました。私はこの支部のみんなが大大大好きです!さてバプテスマのフォントへ。私は昨晩の面接の時からかなりパニくっていて、パニくるあまり、今日は断食するのも、今晩のアポのレッスンを準備するのもすっかり忘れてしまいました。ハハハ 私はロバートにバプテスマを施させてもらうことが出来ました。今までの中でこの上なく御霊を強く感じられた経験でした。ラッキーなことに、英語でやってほしいと頼まれました。水の中へ入り、フォントの前の扉を開き、小さなフォントの中でちょっとぎこちなくポジションをとった後、バプテスマが行われました。ロバートのこの一生に一度の大イベントに参加出来て、本当に嬉しいです。心の底からロバートが大好きで、彼には幸せになって欲しいです。イエスキリストの教えに従って生きる事が一番の幸せであると私は知っています。



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