Monday, October 12, 2015

Meito Zone 名東ゾーン

Date: 10/12/2015
Area: Nonami
Companion: Elder Mahoney

October 6, 2015
Yesterday I bought a waffle maker for ten bucks!!! I love P days haha.
Eadie Choro bought a pikachu onesie and Mahoney Choro bought a kumamon(*some cute Japanese character) onesie. Today Elder Mahoney was not feeling well so we stayed in the
apartment all day and did data input for the Area Book Planner app. WE
FINISHED!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!! Which means we are now ready for
Facebook! What we were told is that as soon as the entire mission
finished iPad safety training, we could use the Area Book Planner app.
We did that. Now the next phase is that the entire mission finishes
putting every scrap of paper record into the digital system. And today
Mahoney Choro and I finished that!! So now we just have to wait for
the rest of the mission to finish theirs and apparently we will get
access to Facebook! Then we can share the Gospel online!
So tonight, Mahoney Choro had a great idea. WE MADE OKONOMIYAKI(*Japanese cabbage pancakes) WAFFLES!! Haha they were actually pretty good!! I like the

Tonight after we had finished all of our planning and stuff, I felt
the need to be a little kid again. Tonight is the night I sleep in a
fort!!! So I built a fort out of mafura blankets, chairs and futon
clips. Complete with a flag and everything. I'm so happy!! I'm pretty
sure my companion thinks I'm insane. Perhaps I am BUT IT'S FUN! Hmmm.
I wonder what normal missionaries do at night.

  昨日、ワッフルメーカーを10ドルで購入しました!休みの日っていいねー。ハハハ イディー長老はピカチュー、マホニー長老はくまモンのワンピーススーツパジャマを買いました。今日はマホニー長老があまり調子が良くなかったので、アパートでエリアブックアプリのデータ記入をしました。全部終わりましたーー!という事は、次はフェイスブックです。どういう事かというと、伝道部全部がiPadのトレーニング後、エリアブックアプリが使用出来る様になり、全ての宣教師が全てのデータをアプリに記入しなければいけないと指導を受けています。そして今日、マホニー長老と私はそれが終わりました!後は残りの全ての名古屋伝道部の宣教師が終るのを待つだけです。みんなが終わったら、フェイスブックにアクセスが許可されるらしいです。そうしたらオンラインで伝道出来る様になります。

October 9, 2015
Ok I have no idea where this week has gone! So I think two days ago,
Elder Mahoney was still sick so I spent the day in the apartment
eating everything in sight. I didn't gain a single kilogram :(. Lame.
And then the next day we had a fantastic zone conference! I learned a
ton of stuff about faith. Also we got some great pictures :). Those
will be up on the blog. Elder Rufatto is one of my favorite humans!
Ever since Elder Whiting came and spoke to us, every meeting has been
about faith. I have been learning so so much! I need it so this has
been great! Today we had District Meeting. It was Elder Mahoney's
first one as District Leader so he was pretty stressed out but he did
a great job! Then we came home, bought a TON of icecream and sembe
crackers and ate them while doing weekly planning. It was glorious. Ok
so let me explain our district!! So in our District we have two areas:
Nonami and Meito. In Nonami we have Elder Mahoney and I, then Elder
Eadie and Elder Whiting. Then in Meito we have the Zone Leaders, Elder
Mihara and Schmeil. We have the Meito Sisters  who are Sister Carey
and Bascom. Then we also have the Gunnersons who are our lovely Couple
Missionaries from Utah. So our district consists of Elder Mahoney, me,
Eadie, Whited, Mihara and Schmeil for the Elders and Bascom and Carey
for the Sisters. And then the Gunnersons. I  love our District so
They are so much fun and we have such good missionaries! I wish I had
time to write about all of them because I love them all so much!!
Perhaps I will later. Also I forgot to take pictures with them. Oops.
Anyway we planned a great week and I'M SO EXCITED to dendo(*missionary work) so hard and
talk to lots of people and work like crazy!!! Being a missionary is so
fun. Except in the mornings. Mornings are hard haha.


With English class kids. 子供英会話の生徒達と。

October 10,2015
CONFERENCE!!!! Haha wow we literally have done almost no dendo this
week because we spent the entire week in meetings. But that's ok
because I'm learning a ton of great stuff! So today's conference I
went in with some questions but I didn't get a direct answer. What I
did get was instruction on how to get my answer. Sometimes the Lord
makes us work a little bit before He gives us solutions to our
problems. That way it means so much more and we learn a heap in the
So we ate tons of stuff while watching Conference. I ate a nashi pear
that was nearly the size of my head! Then we went to dinner at our
favorite Indo Curry place with Yoza Kyodai(brother)!
I can't wait for conference tomorrow!


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