Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Hit by a typhoon and We eat more CURRY!!!!

Date: Sept. 14, 2015
Place: Aichi Pref. Nagoya City Tenpaku Ward, Nonami
Companion: Elder Mahoney


Sept 7 
It's the day I get to hear from all the peoples!!
I love it when you guys send me emails and pictures!!
Haha thanks for everything

So today for Pday we went to Aeon Mall and ate food and got our shopping done. While we were there this random grandma came and addressed us in English. We talked to her for a bit and she was super nice! She gave us some hard candy and we invited her to English Class. Hopefully she will come! We now refer to her as Candy Lady. 
Then we had about an hour to talk to people around Nonami Eki. It's the closest place to OYM (Open Your Mouth) but has been heavily dendoed by previous missionaries since it is the only station close to the apartment. I received an email from my Mom earlier this week about another elder in our mission who had prayed in faith that they could have an investigator that day. They worked hard and OYMed like crazy and got five investigators in a day! I was really inspired and I told Elder Mahoney about it and he got all excited too so before we went out we paused to pray specifically that we could find someone tonight before our other appointments. So we parked our bikes near the Eki and started talking to people. Nobody wanted to talk to us though. Everyone was busy and wouldn't give us the time of day. I was starting to wonder if we had done something wrong. But then there was this older lady sitting by the eki just watching us talk to people the whole time. Eventually when we were about ready to give up and go to our next appointment, she called us over and started to talk to us! She spoke pretty good English and was really excited to have the chance to talk to a Gaijin in English. She was way nice and we became friends! We gave her an English class flyer and she sounded very interested in coming so she could practice her English. I believe that she can become the investigator that we prayed for. Whether or not that happens will depend on her faith as well as ours but the fact that we found someone interested in us  is a miracle in itself. I am truly humbled and grateful for this experience. God answers prayers people. It's awesome.

Then we visited the Ichihashis!! I love them so much! They are an older couple in our branch and are the nicest people on the planet. They fed us good food and we talked about their awesome, American Blendtec blender. They made us a really really good green smoothie (I'VE BEEN CRAVING GREEN SMOOTHIE) and then we taught them a lesson and showed a mormon message on our ipads. The Spirit was strong and it was awesome! We might even get to do some service with them next week it sounds like!

Also theres a typhoon coming!! YAAY!! I've always wanted to see one. It will probably hit us Wednesday which is perfect because we'll be in meetings so I'll get to see a typhoon but it probably won't cut into dendo time too much.

Also today during Pday I restrung Inagi Kyodai's violin and learned how to play My Lighthouse by Rend Collective (good Christian vibes) and it was super fun. Mahoney Choro and I jammed out and probably annoyed the neighbors. It was a good day!

 今日の休みの時間中に(休みの日は一日中やすみというわけではなく、午前10時から午後の6時まで休みとされます。)稲城兄弟のバイオリンの弦をはりなおして、レンド コレクションというクリスチャンバンドの灯台という曲を学びました。モハニー長老とのりにのって弾いていたので、近所迷惑になったかもね。今日はいい一日でした。

Sept 9
Ok it's  been a crazy couple of days!!
So yesterday we had Trainors training in Meito so we had a little bit of time on the train to train OYM! And then we went to the Meito Chapel and got trained (it was awesome). Then train OYMed all the way back. Elder Kariya came and stayed the night with us! With his companion, Elder Lehman who is also super cool. Then the Fujieda Elders came and crashed with us too because there was a big mission tour happening the next day. WE HAD 8 MISSIONARIES IN OUR APARTMENT. I didn't end up with a blanket and the AC was on full blast so I didn't sleep hardly at all haha. So I got up and made breakfast for everyone on an hour or two of sleep and then we all went to Meito in a typhoon! But it wasn't nearly as intense as I had hoped. Once in Meito we had a devotional with Elder Whiting, the Asia North Area President. It was one of the most incredible devotionals of my entire life. It completely changed my outlook on missionary work. Also the night before we ate at our favorite Indian curry restaurant with all eight elders and had a blast. Our Nepali friends extra extra love us now! I started talking to them about going to see Meet the Mormons together and they really want to! We just need to find a time that works for them that isn't 3AM. Wow I feel great and I'm running on almost no sleep and I haven't had time to eat much and English class was awesome and we had a great religious discussion with a slightly drunk guy on our way home and I've been feeling th e Spirit almost nonstop all day and I'm just really happy. Being a missionary is seriously the life. Also Fujieda guys were so fun!!

昨日は名東でトレーニングのミーティングがあったので、電車での道中OYM(口を開いて、色々な人達にはなしかけしかけること)をしました。名東の教会で行われたミーティングの後、(ミーティングは凄く良かったです)帰りの電車でもOYMをしながら帰りました。宣教師訓練センターで同僚だった刈谷長老と同僚のリーマン長老(またこの人も凄くいい人)がきて、一泊泊まっていきました。次の日にミッションツアーというイベントがあったので、静岡県の藤枝で伝道している長老達も泊まりに来ました。アパートに長老達8人ですよ!一晩中クーラーはつけっ放しだし布団もなしだったので、よく眠れませんでした。笑  結局1-2時間くらいしか眠れませんでしたが、朝起きてみんなに朝ごはんを作ってあげました。名東には台風の中行きましたが、期待していたほど全然ひどくありませんでした。
 その前の晩、8人の長老達とインドカレーのお店へ行き、凄く楽しかったです。そこのネパール人の店員さんとも友達になっていたく気に入ってもらえたしね。「Meet the Mormon」という色んなモルモンの人を紹介するビデオを一緒に見ないかと誘ったら、きたがってくれたんですが問題は朝の3時以外でみんなのスケジュールが合う時間を見つけるということです。ほとんど寝てないし、食べてないのに何故かすっごく元気です!英会話のクラスは良かったし、ちょっと酔っ払ってる人との宗教についての会話も良かったし、今日は一日中御霊に満たされて、とっても幸せな気持ちです。宣教師っていうのは良いものですね。藤枝から来た長老達は本当におもしろいです!

Starting on the front left: Elders Miranda, Shuh, Mahoney, Despain
then from the back right to the front: Elders Lehman, Kariya, Me, Williams

At Indo curry! So these guys are all from Fujiera except for Kariya and Lehman who
are from Toyota.
右奥から: リーマン長老、刈谷長老、私、ウィリアムス長老

Me, Other Elder Johnson and Elder Mueller!

Sept 11 
For some reason they don't memorialize 9/11 here... Anyway big things happened today! Our focus was to find in faith today. We had a big goal of 8 investigators found today. We talked to people like crazy and rode trains all over the place and hit the streets in front of a couple of big malls trying to find anyone who would listen. I'm finding that train dendo is one of my favorites because you're pretty much stuck in a box with that person for a while and they can't blow you off and walk away! Most of my best OYM experiences come from train dendo. Anyway so we talked to a ton of people and I had a goal of giving out 4 Book of Mormi today (Plural for Book of Mormon - Shoutout to Austin Rasmusson) and somehow actually fit four of them in my shoulder bag. We gave out two today! I was super happy about that. We also got a PI today! He's studying music in college and has a band that he plays with and he wants to come to the Jam Sessions! 
Then we went to go visit a bunch of less actives but they had moved away or their address was weird and we couldn't find their house. And so we OYMed some people on the street on our way home. THEN WE MADE MORE CURRY!!! YAAAAA!! So today was one of the first days were I came home so beat and tired but felt so so successful! We didn't find any investigators today so we are 0/8. I guess I just gotta work on the finding with faith part of things. But today was one of the most successful days I've had so far and we worked really really hard so I feel great! I know with more hard work, faith will come and then miracles will come and then Nonami will become a baptizing area. We're gonna hit it hard again tomorrow! But right now I'm gonna go collapse. 
Oh and the sky was clear tonight and I SAW 23 STARS!! (A couple of them might have been airplanes) I really miss the sky. The Big Dipper looks a little different here. Also I miss fresh air and nature and open space but I mostly just miss the sky.

  あっ、今晩は空が晴れてて星が23個見えました!(そのうちの2〜3個は飛行機だったかも) 空が恋しいです。大熊座はここで見るとちょっと違って見えます。新鮮な空気と自然と大きなスペースが恋しくなりますが、一番恋しいのは空かな。

My bag fits four Book of Mormi!! I was able to place two of them. 

Here in the digital age of missionary work, THIS IS HOW WE DO WEEKLY PLANNING. YEAAHH!!

Sept 13
We haven't seen him at our lessons with Robert in a while but today Robert brought him to church!! Today was Robert's third time. So we translated for them during sacrament and held a special Sunday School for them and taught about Prophets. They are such awesome guys! 
Then we went out and visited some less actives and a former investigator and we actually somehow got to meet most of them! It was awesome. Our former investigator we will hopefully be able to pick back up! 
Today Elder Mahoney invented a food we call Gyomu's Surprise or Mush. IT TASTES SO GOOD. It's the only way to make Gyomu's frozen potatoes taste good so when we are running low on money we will probably be eating that more often. Or just eating it whenever cause it's good. 
Also I just found out that Paul Cardall does a version of Book of Mormon Stories that's EPIC. We listen to it kindof a lot haha. I love it. 
And then we will be visiting a bunch of folks after P Day.
Also yesterday we cleaned at an old folks' care center. It was great!

Anyways I love you all and hope you all have a great week!
If you want to see pictures go check out my blog! 

Elder Johnson 




First time at Mr Donuts. Did I get the right one, Mom? 

elevator selfie エレベーターで自撮り

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