Monday, September 21, 2015


Date: Sept. 21, 2015
Place: Aichi Pref. Nagoya City Tenpaku Ward, Nonami
Companion: Elder Mahoney


Sept 16, 2015

My comp can sneeze and beatbox at the same time. Yep. Found that out today. It's super impressive haha. Anyways we made cookies, vegemite scrolls and Lamingtons today to take to what was supposed to be a big party at eikaiwa where everyone invited friends and brought food. Well Brother Inagi, our awesome ward member friend, brought some awesome treats but other then that we just had our normal group and no one brought anything to share haha. Good thing we made a lot! It was great and we had fun. We always discuss the most random things in eikaiwa. Today we talked about food, ranted on the US measuring system, made fun of Canadians, Australians and Americans and then talked more about food. I love our English students :)


私の同僚はくしゃみをしながらもビートボックスが出来ます。今日、それが判明しました。はい。すごいですよ。笑 今日は英会話で生徒さんたちが友達を呼び合ってお菓子も各自持ちよせして大きなパーティーをしようという予定が入っていたので、クッキーやらベジマイトスクロールやレミントンケーキを焼きました。稲城兄弟が美味しいおやつを持って来てくれた以外は結局誰もおかしを持ってこず、メンバーもいつもの顔ぶれでした。笑 沢山作っておいて助かりました!パーティーはすごく楽しかったよ。いつも英会話では、めちゃくちゃ適当なことをみんなで一緒になって話すんですよ。今日の話題はというと、アメリカの測定システムが分かりにくいという愚痴、カナダ人、オーストラリア人、アメリカ人はここが変だという話、あと食べ物の事。ここの英会話に来てくれてる生徒さん達が大好きです。:)

We try cooking. My cookies don't work and turn into cookie leather. We were trying to take all this cake and stuff to the Eikaiwa (*English class) but my stuff didn't turn out.  Good thing Mahoney Choro's did haha 


Sept 17 2015
SUCH THE FOOOOODS! So today we were supposed to have a kokan with the zone leaders but they both got sick and went to the hospital :(. Please pray for them. Anyways so our wonderful Itakura Kyodai took us out to lunch at a very nice tonkatsu shop and then we drove about visiting people. We visited Tanaka Kyodai, a less active, and shared President Eyring's Mormon Message, Mountain's to Climb (登るべき山). It  brings the Spirit every time and is an incredible tool for testifying so we use it a lot. The feeling of the Spirit in the room was amazing and we both bore our testimonies, then Itakura Brother invited him to rejoin us at church. It was great! I hope he comes someday. I know he enjoys our visits at least. Also we ate takoyaki at his house and drank really good mango juice. Then Itakura Brother drove us over to Rose Shimai's house and we gave her a blessing. She has been very sick lately and has not been able to come to church for a while. She fed us Filipeno food! Also she is very interested in hosting lessons with our Filipeno investigators at her house! She is one of the nicest people on the planet. We have such a great relationship with her and we love her very much. She also gave us a bag of food to take home haha. Then we went to Kid's english class at Kondo Shimai's house and had some new kids come! After class Kondo Shimai and Sasai Kyodai took us out to Shabu Shabu! We were already so full because we had just eaten a huge lunch of tonkatsu, then takoyaki, then Filipeno pasta and we felt like we were gonna die if we ate any more. So then we went to all you can eat shabu shabu and sushi and I ate a ton of delicious shabu shabu and probably a dozen rolls of the best sushi I've ever had! And then we had icecream. Mahoney Choro and I were so full we could barely move!
So we spent the whole day with members, teaching and visiting non-members and less actives, feeling the Spirit and eating tons of great food all the while! Seriously today was amazing :)


Hey guess what?I saw Grumpy Cat this week! Or at least it looked like grumpy cat. 
It looked a lot more like grumpy cat in real life than it does in the picture but oh well. 

Sept 20
Holy craziness I haven't even had time to write stuff! So currently about all I can remember is yesterday because it was awesome! We started off by going all the way down to the Garcia's house for a meal/lesson. Brother Garcia is Brazilian and speaks only Portuguese, Sister Garcia is Peruvian and speaks Spanish, Portuguese, pretty good Japanese and few phrases in English and then their daughter Andrea speaks Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish and a few phrases in English. That's a lot of languages in one house! So we went there and they fed us amazing Peruvian and Brazilian food and we came prepared with all of our lesson materials in Spanish (Probably should have done Portuguese though) and we just hung out and had a great time! They are one of the funnest families ever! Brother and Sister Garcia I think receive the Cutest Couple award. Haha they are always playfully arguing about one thing or another and Sister Garcia slapped him across the face for something he said at least a couple times while we were there and we all died laughing. Seriously though, super fun, high-energy family and they are very passionate about missionary work. Hopefully we can find a way to work together to find people. 
Then we went and taught Ito Kyodai! As usual he filled us in on world news and gave us something to drink. We is a very special less active. We taught him the Restoration again and showed him the video. He loved it!
Then we went to Robert's apartment. Bernie came as a tachiai and ANGEL CAME TOO!!! So we taught the Plan of Salvation for Angel plus a few elements from Lesson 5 for Robert. We all talked about our families and how much we love and miss them and Robert even shared some of his family's favorite Christmas traditions. But due to some things happening, those family gatherings have just not been the same. We taught him that because of the Plan of Salvation, he can once again be with his deceased loved ones and have those joyous family gatherings again. We also taught him about Temples and how he can do work for his mother in the Temple so that he can be with her again. This seemed to bring him great hope. 
Angel received the message very well also and we taught him about baptism and challenged him to be baptized. He said he doesn't want to make a decision just yet but wants to learn more first. I'm really glad he is taking it so seriously! 
Bernie (Our member tachiai) is a huge help in all of these lessons. Sometimes they have questions that we explain in English but it doesn't make sense. Then he spits it out in Tagalog and everything is ok again! 
Our Filipino friends LOVE basketball. So we might get to go play some ball Thursday night! Haha they think we will be good because we are tall but neither Mahoney Choro nor I know the first thing about basketball! But hopefully everything will work out and we will be able to teach some of their friends. 
We have become such close friends with Robert, Bernie and Angel now it's amazing! We took a bunch of picture together :)

  うわぁ、忙しくて全然書いてませんでした!現時点でこの間何があったか思い起こせる事と言えば、昨日の事だけです。凄い日だったからね!昨日はしょっぱなからはるばるとガルシア家に食事とレッスンのアポがあったので行きました。ガルシア兄弟はブラジル人でポルトガル語しか話せません。ガルシア姉妹はペルー出身で、スペイン語、ポルトガル語、日本語が話せ、英語も片言話せます。娘さんのアンドレアは日本語、ポルトガル語、スペイン語を流暢に話し、英語も片言話せます。一つの家庭にこれだけ言語が飛び交っているっていうのは凄いですね。凄く美味しいペルー、ブラジル料理を頂き、スペイン語でレッスンを準備して来たものを見せて、(本当はポルトガル語にすべきでしたね)楽しくおしゃべりしました。凄く楽しい家族で、ガルシア兄弟姉妹は「可愛いカップル賞」をあげたいくらいです。笑 2人はいつも茶目っ気一杯にじゃれ合っていて、私達の訪問中にもガルシア姉妹は兄弟におちょくられるとふざけてビンタをかまして、みんなで大ウケしました。テンションが高くて、凄く面白い家族で、伝道に関してもとても熱心です。一緒に求道者を探せるようにと願っています。
  フィリピン人の友達はみんなバスケが大好きで、今度の木曜日に一緒にやるかもしれません。マホニー長老と私は背が高いのできっと凄く上手だろうと思っているみたいですが、私達は実のところバスケに関しては全く何も知りません。笑 この3人とはとても仲良くなり、一杯写真も撮っちゃいました。

GUYS IM A WHOLE TRANSFER OLDDDD!!! I've been in Japan for 6 weeks now! Mission time is so weird! There are days were I will suddenly look up and realize that a week has gone by since I last went to English class or did Weekly Planning or ate at Indo Curry and then I'll freak out and wonder where all the time has gone! I seriously feel like I got off the plane and met my trainer maybe two weeks ago. I feel like I last saw my family just a week before that! AAAAAAH MISSION TIME IS CRAZY!! Anyways so I didn't get transferred and I'm still with my amazing trainer and HE JUST WENT DISTRICT LEADER! ALSO WE'RE GETTING TWO MORE ELDERS IN NONAMI ON TUESDAY!!!! Elder Idi and a bean chan (The MTC is sending us a whopping 21 missionaries this transfer!). So lots of people are training. In fact I think nearly every sister missionary in the mission is training. BUT WE GET MORE MISSIONARIES IN NONAMIIII!!!! It's gonna be so fun and we're gonna work so hard and be in more places at a time and help so many people and do so much good and probably eat all of our members' food!!
Seriously though this week we are so booked that we don't really have any time to go far away and proselyte like we have been wanting to. This week we will be working with members like crazy, visiting a less active nearly every day and working with our Filipenos quite a bit as well! Haha last week was so busy we didn't even get to do weekly planning until today (usually it's Thursday)! Life as a missionary is the bomb. 

Also we're gonna wake up at 5am tomorrow to watch the sunrise from the top of our apartment building. Also we have an appointment in the middle of the day so our P Day has been reduced to about 4 hours long haha! 

日本に来てからもう6週間も経ってしまいました!(転勤は毎6週おきにあります) 伝道の時期って月日が経つのがめちゃくちゃ早くて、変な感じですね。ふと立ち止まって気付くと、先週の英会話クラスのあれからもう一週間、この前やった一週間の計画ミーティングからすでに一週間、最後にインドカレーに行ってから一週間とたち、「時間はどこへ行っちゃったんだろう!?」と焦ってしまいます。実の話、飛行機から降りてトレーナー(マホニー長老の事)に初めて会ったのが2週間位前で、その1週間くらい前に家族と最後のさよならをしたような感覚です。あ〜〜すっごく不思議な感じ!それはともかく、今回は転勤はなしという事で、また素晴らしいトレーナーと一緒で、今回彼はディストリクト リーダーになりました!(野並の付近で働いている宣教師達のリーダー) 火曜日にはもう2人宣教師が野並に来るんですよ!!イディ長老と宣教師訓練センターからくる新米宣教師です。(今回センターから21人の新米宣教師が来るんだそうです) という事で沢山の宣教師が新米宣教師のトレーニングにまわるようです。野並に宣教師が増える〜〜!きっとすっごく楽しくて、一生懸命効率よく一杯働いて、いろいろ地域の人々にも貢献して、きっと教会員の食料も全部食べちゃいますよー!
  真面目な話、今週は予定がぎっしり詰まっていて、遠出をして伝道をしようと言ってたんですが、そんな時間も全く無くなってしまいました。今週は教会員の方達と一緒に、毎日のようにお休み会員の方達を訪問したり、フィリピン人の友達とも約束しています。本当は一週間の計画ミーティングを木曜日に毎週やるはずなんですが、忙し過ぎて、今日やっとやりました。笑 宣教師の生活って最高です!

ALSO ELDER MAHONEY INTRODUCED ME TO LIGHTSABER CHOPSTICKSSS!!!! They are my most prized posession now. They even light up!

I love you all and hope all is well with you!
I bear my testimony that Jesus Christ can help anyone, anywhere with any problem. I have seen him change lives. I see it everyday. 
The Church is true

Elder Kai Johnson 



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