Monday, February 15, 2016

I'm still alive!!!! まだ生きてるよーー!

Date: 2/15/2016
Place: Kariya
Companion: Elder Legault 

赴任地: 愛知県刈谷市
同僚: レゴ長老

Sorry I haven't written anything FOREVER!!
Life has been interesting.
I promise I will start doing better at writing, starting next week!


The view from our apartment. アパートからの眺め
Mission life - I love it 伝道生活 最高です!

Rice field 田んぼ

Feb 9 (Tuesday)

It was awesome! Man I love Zone Conferences! We focused a lot on
Family history and we will soon be using Family History materials in
our proselyting. I'm SO EXCITED! That's going to be awesome! President
Ishii was there and shared his amazingness with us. I love President
Ishii so much! The APs Elder Hardcastle and Nakamoto were both there
are shared some great spiritual thoughts. Our zone leaders are Elder
Klein and Elder Jones, both awesome guys! Elder Yamada and Hunsaker
are in my zoneeeee!!! Haha we had so much fun together in Nagano zone
and then we all came down here together! Also sister Brewer is here,
sister Liljenquist (Douki!) and Elder Kariya (MTC comp!) are all
here!! Haha they pretty much just moved half of the Nagano zone down
to Okazaki and we are now having a huge dendo party! I LOVE OUR ZONE!

I love the Kariya area and the ward here is awesome!

I love you all!

Elder Johnson

2月9日 (火曜日)




Zone conference! Life is grand with these guys.  - Elder Yamada ゾーンカンファレンスにて。この人達と一緒だと人生楽しいよ〜。山田長老と
Elder Kariya 刈谷長老と
Yuichi kun from my last area came to see me this Sunday! 前のエリアで友達だった雄一君が日曜日に会いにきてくれました!

Fancy tamagokake gohan (raw egg on rice) and nescau- bestest, fastest dinner
ちょっと豪華な卵かけごはんとネスカウ- 速攻美味しいごはんの出来上がり
SOLO PARTY! 一人ぼっちパーティー
Kuwagata! It's hibernating. 
Super cool!

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