Monday, November 16, 2015

Korean Investigator!! 韓国人 求道者!!

Date: 11/16/2015
Place: Matsumoto, Nagano
Companion: Elder Hansen


November 12 
We found an investigatorrrrr!!! YES YES YES I'M PUMPED! It was a
miracle! So at first we were going to go to Azumino with the Zone
Leaders but as we were boarding the train we got a phone call from the
Hospital reminding us that we were supposed to teach kids english
class there later that day. So we had to leave the train station and
go to the hospital instead of Azumino. Later we got a phone call from
the Zone Leaders who were dendoing with Manabu Kyodai and they asked
if we wanted to dendo with him later in the day. So after hospital
english class (which was super fun by the way), we went out and housed
a gaijin danchi with Brother Manabu! We housed into a former Eikaiwa
student. She was super duper friendly and we are meeting with her
again! She was way genki (happy and high spirited) and that made us happy. Then we found our
Korean lady. Oh my goodness. She is very very passionate about her
belief in the Bible and is not a fan of the idea of there being
Another Testament of Jesus Christ (The Book of Mormon). But she told
us that she was looking for a religion to join! We talked about God
and Jesus Christ and read a bunch of verses from all over the Bible
together for over 30 minutes! It was awesome! She ended up really
liking us and we really love her (she gave us some kimchi she made
this morning and it was delicious). But she said that she would like
to read the Book of Mormon if we get her a Korean copy!! So we are
meeting with her tomorrow!!! Prayers answerrrred!! I'm way stoked and
so excited that God trusts us with an investigator. 

Azumino! 安曇野!
November 15 
Whew where did this week go!? I think time is broken out here.
Everything seems to be on fast forward. Today was my first day at
normal church in this area! The members here are way super cool. I met
tons of them today and tried to make lots of friends and then we had
shokujikai (a little  potluck get together the members have after church meeting. Missionaries love those.)! I love shokujikai because FOOOOD!! After that we planned
out our week (we should have done it a couple days ago but haven't had
time) and then we went out and visited a couple potential
investigators. We weren't feeling very good and things didn't work out
so well with them. Sad. And we passed up going to an activity with the
single adults in the area so we could visit these potential
investigators. More sad. And my good friend Seiya that I met at the
Japanese ward before my mission happened to be in town and dropped in
at that activity and I didn't get to see him!! EXTRA SAD. I got to see
him once last week at District Conference but only briefly. He's so
cool! I wish I had gotten a picture with him so you could all see his
beautiful face. Really a nice guy.
Anyway I'm super excited for this week because we have a super awesome
schedule and super organized goals and we are gonna kill it this

Long broom えの長いほうき
Oh yeah I forgot to mention! We went to zone conference this last week
and all the missionaries from the zone came! I had so so much fun and
was incredibly uplifted by the Spirit during the meeting. Afterwards
we all went to Sukiya and destroyed our stomachs with greasy Japanese
food!! I got to hang out with Elder Burns, Elder Yamada and Elder
Greydon. All of them are studs. Haha we had so much fun crashing the
Sukiya together and took a bunch of pictures! Check out the blog for
pics! This week has been a very spiritually educating and uplifting week. I
feel like I have grown through the Spirit quite a lot and I'm starting
to see some difference in my housing and OYMs. My testimony has been
strengthened that God really answers prayers and that he prepares
people to hear the truth. Most people we meet don't want to talk to us
but then there are those few who are interested in the Gospel. There
are those few who are ready to hear the truth. I know a lot more
people would be interested in hearing about how to be happy for
eternity if I was better at being a missionary but I'm trying hard and
I know I'm improving. But I know that even little, transfer three
missionaries like me who don't know what they're doing can still be
effective through the Grace of God. For example He gave us Lee san.
She has actually heard us out and listened to us. She has accepted a
Book of Mormon and told us she would read it. I know that if she does
she will get a confirmation of the Spirit if she is truly seeking for
an answer. All she has to do is want it. I know she may use her agency
and reject us but I know that I have done everything that I possibly
could have to help her. 

I'm so happy! 

Hey guys being a missionary is really fun. 

Love y'all !

Stay awesome and have a fantastic week! 

Elder Johnson

I made good fud and now I'm out of money haha 美味しいごちそうをつくったので、もうお金がすっからかんです。ははは

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