Sunday, May 22, 2016

The exchange week 交換ウィーク

Place: Inuyama city, Aichi Pref.
Companion: Elder Shepperd 

赴任地: 愛知県犬山市
同僚: シェパード長老

We found a crayfish on the sidewalk 道端でザリガニ発見

Last Monday, we went to Alice Gerivini's for haircuts! She gave us
both really nice haircuts and talked to me in Portuguese the whole
time (haha I definitely didn't understand all of it but I'm getting
there.) Then she got out a therapy bed thingy and I was thinking to
myself, "hmmm I wonder who she is giving a massage to," and then she
told ME to lie down! Haha I soon discovered that I was receiving a
facial treatment. Hahaha I love Alice!

先週の月曜日に、アリス・ジェリビニ姉妹の美容院で、散髪してもらいました!私達、二人の髪を上手に散髪してくださり、ずっと私にポルトガル語で話をしてくれました。(全部は分からなかったけど、だいぶ分かるようになってきました。ははは)その後、姉妹はセラピーの台を持ち出してきたので、(誰にマッサージするんだろう)と思っていると、私に台の上に寝るように言ってきたのです!笑 フェイシャルをやってくれました。ハハハ アリス姉妹、大好きです!

Then the next day we had companion exchanges with Ichinomiya Elders! I
got to be with Elder Miranda and we went and visited far away people.
It was awesome! We also stopped at a Brazilian store to buy stuff for
an investigator. I got to hear a lot of Portuguese! We had one of the
best missionary made meals I've ever had that night. Canned Feijoada,
beef and cabbage on rice. It sounds simple but IT WAS WAY GOOD. I love
the Brazilian foods!


Exchange with Elder Miranda!! It was SOOOO fun! We worked hard and ate well :)

Then we ended the exchange on Wednesday and then had Zone Leader
exchanges on Thursday. I got to be with Elder Farias and we worked so
hard and had so much fun! 

I had been trying to set up some Brazilian
appts for that day and had gotten a couple but as we worked throughout
the day, more stuff just kept falling into our laps! We biked all the
way from Inuyama to Minokamo and met Sister Ferreira, then we went
down to Kani and met Joy (Elder Farias baptized her in Okazaki and then
she moved here!). Koukan miracles are definitely a thing. I have been
trying to find Joy for THIS ENTIRE TRANSFER and she just happened to
be home when we visited with Elder Farias. It was awesome! 



I'm eating a lot better this week - leftover feijoada and salad 

Then we biked BACK to Minokamo and met with Alice Gerevini and while we were
there we got a text from Bruna saying that her mom wanted to meet the
Brazilian missionary so we dashed from Gerevini Shimai's to Bruna's
Mom's house and Elder Farias taught her the Restoration beautifully!
It went so well! And by then it was after 7pm and we had been biking
like mad in between appointments and hadn't had time to eat or drink
anything all day. So then as we were biking down the street, looking
for a store or something we just happened across a Brazilian
restaurant (our Brazilians tell us that they usually aren't open on
weekdays). And it was open! So we went in and had the best Brazilian
food I've ever had and then we biked the 45 minute ride home to
Inuyama and collapsed. It was a bomb day!


Exchange with Elder Farias! The food was incredible and the graviola com leite drink was amazing :)
Then we back to back exchanged and I went with Elder Allred for the
day! I LOVE ELDER ALLRED. We biked to Kani city again and Luana taught us


Elder Allred - one of my favorite humans オールレッド長老と

Dendo-ing(missionary work) with this guy was SOOO fun!オールレッド長老と一緒に伝道できて、すっごく楽しかったです。

On Saturday I finally got to dendo with my own companion! It was
Sister Gerevini's birthday so we went with one of her sons, Bruno, and
bought her a cake from Fujiya and some flowers from APITA. The minute
we walked into Fujiya and I immediately realized that I am an idiot
and cannot function in the cake world. First off, there were only
about 4 cakes to choose from. Second, they were all JAPANESE SIZE
(really really tiny but still expensive). And then when we asked them
for a bigger cake they said you had to pre order that kinda stuff the
day before. Haha yep we're idiots but we bought the biggest one we
could find and took it Sister Gerevini's salon. It was great!


Alice's birthday! #sickmirrorshot アリスさんの誕生日!#鏡ショット

And then Sunday happened. Since Elder Sheppard has been here in his
bean area for six months he's pretty much guaranteed a transfer call.
So he went about making a ton of appointments at church and so now we
have a ton of member appointments. Yay! 


A lovely bike ride home through a valley between Inuyama and Kani. Riding while taking pics is kinda sketchy but we don't have time to stop so....

And then after church our
wonderful Ward Mission leader, Hermano Salas, invited us over for
lunch! So we went with Hermano and Hermana Salas to their apartment
(Fabio came too!) and had a wonderful meal! Haha I finally got to know
our amazing ward mission leader and his wonderful wife! They taught us
a lot of Spanish and we had a lot of fun! They don't speak a ton of
Japanese but they speak some English and Hermana Salas speaks
Portuguese so we were able to communicate ok. :) The Salas family is
seriously one of my favorite families in the mission! They are so


Also this week I got to see my grandparents again! They took us out to
a really good sushi place and it was awesome! I love my grandparents

Ok it's been a SUPER good week! I love you all!
Be awesome

(Elder Johnson)




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