Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Christmas is coming!! もうすぐクリスマス!!

Ok I so sorry I don't have much time to write because it's 10:16 and I
gotta be in bed at 10:30! Ok so this week was way awesome! We had our
Zone Christmas conference and the Mission President came and so did
all of the Assistants and the Gunnersons from the Honbu (mission home) and everyone
from the whole zone came together in Matsumoto! It was amazing! 

I was
privileged to have an interview with President Ishii and he gave me
some great advice and told me how I can improve and fix the things I'm
struggling with. It was a great boost of confidence and hope for me,
which was very much needed. I love President Ishii so so much! He has
helped me more than I can say. The rest of the conference was amazing! 

Ok so the rest of the week was pretty good but I don't have a ton of
time so I just want to write really quick about the awesomeness that
happened today! We went on companion exchanges with the Zone Leaders!
I got to go with Elder Andrade and it was AWESOME! He's got so so much
dendo fire! We only talked to a few people tonight but we were able to
make an appointment with one and the other is a golden investigator!
We felt like we should house these danchis that we were close to. We
had only housed two houses when we saw a lady walking on the street.
She was walking her dog so I just went to pet her dog with no
intention of talking to her (in this mission we are not allowed to
approach women) but then she started talking to Elder Andrade in
Portuguese! Turns out we just happened to run into the only Brazilian
in the whole set of danchis and she's awesome! She wants to learn
about the Gospel and said that she will come to english class! Wow
what a night of miracles .

Thug elves すまし顔のエルフ

This is my little Christmas tree that I bought for $4! YAY FOR CHRISTMAS!
I'm still looking for a star to put on it
Ok love you all! 
Sorry I'm so short on time this week!

Elder Johnson


Ninja comp 同僚忍者

Iagarashi family 五十嵐家族

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