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I'm Going to Inuyama - Transfer Call of Destiny

Date: 4/18/2016
Area: Kariya city
Companion: Elder Bradshaw

日付: 2016年4月18日
赴任地: 愛知県刈谷市
同僚: ブラッドシャー長老

This week started off with me getting sick. Yay my favorite! Then the
next day we had an exchange! Elder Jenks came here to Kariya and we
hit the train station, focused on just handing out English class
fliers. We handed out a ton and had great success! Haha the funny
thing is, we do this about once a week and so far we have seen no
direct success through it, BUT the Lord has blessed us through our
efforts and random people keep randomly finding their way to our
English class! It's exploding! We have seen, on average, about 2 new
students every week for the past month! Not all of them keep coming
back but at this rate we will still double our English class
attendance in no time.  And all we do is go to the train station and
hand out fliers once a week for an hour. God is blessing us through
our English class LIKE CRAZY!
It's awesome! I love our English students.

今週はしょっぱなから、いきなり風邪をひいてしまいました。あ〜あ!そしてその次の日は、同僚交換の日でした!ジェンクス長老が刈谷にきてくれて、駅で英会話のパンフレット配りに集中しました。沢山配る事が出来て、大成功!ちょっと余談ですが、このパンフレット配り、大抵 週一の割合でやるんですが、今の所、このパンフレットをもらったからと言って英会話に来てくれた人は、ひとっこ1人もおらずなんですが、神様は私達の努力をちゃんと報いてくださっていて、たまたま見つけたという人達を毎週、送ってくださるんですよ!英会話のクラスは、ズンズン大きくなってるんですよ!この1カ月で、平均して毎週2人ずつくらい新しい人が来てくださっています。みんながみんな、ずっと続けてくるわけではありませんが、この調子でいくとそのうちすぐクラスの大きさが二倍に膨れ上がるんじゃないかなー。毎週 1時間きっちり駅で英会話のチラシを配るだけで、これだけの祝福がいたただけるんですよ!嬉しいな〜!英会話の生徒さん達も、最高です。

English class food party 英会話のパーティー

Then we went back to the apartment and Elder Jenks unfolded the secret
to unlimited missionary power to me. It is something that both of us
have been studying for a long time, trying to figure it out. I had
always wondered what had fueled legendary status missionaries like our
zone leaders and some other great missionaries that I knew back in
Nagano. We used the same techniques, at the same places, talking to
the same people but they always had dramatically different results.
The people actually wanted to talk to them and they could find solid
investigators all the time, no matter what form of missionary work
they were doing. Even when people would turn them down, they would
still have a really good conversation and people would ACTUALLY TALK


When I came to Okazaki Zone, Elder Jenks and I discussed this
together on our exchanges and he got me thinking. We have both been
studying to try to figure out what made them so successful. This week
he cracked the secret. Or at least part of the secret (I believe there
are many sides to this secret).
The secret is attitude and motive.
Legendary missionaries couldn't wait to leave the apartment every day
because they wanted nothing more than to talk to anyone and everyone
they saw about Jesus Christ. They don't go housing or open their
mouths to 100% of the people they meet on the street out of
obligation. They don't do it because the mission president asked us
to, not because they need to report it in their stats, not because
people back home expect them to work hard, they do it because THERE IS
NOTHING THEY WOULD RATHER BE DOING. They serve the Lord with all
their, "...heart, might, mind and strength..." I now realize that
giving your heart to God doesn't mean just giving up what you want but
actually WANTING WHAT GOD WANTS. Just serving God isn't enough. It's
about serving God for the right reasons. It's about serving God
because there is nothing else you would rather do. I'm six transfers
old and understood this concept for the first time. There are still
many facets of the secret to unlimited missionary power but this is
the big part that I needed to hear. I'm forever grateful to Elder
Jenks for teaching me.


Goodbye to Hanai family 花井家族とさよなら

So then we set out from the apartment and hopped on a train to go to
Nagoya Institute. I LOVE THE INSTITUTE. On our way there, we were
anxious to try out this new attitude thing so we prayed for the desire
to serve God for the right reasons. At the station, I tried talking to
this kid but he didn't even turn to look at me so I turned around
started talking to the guy behind me. Turns out he spoke perfect
English! He was from Mexico and was super cool! We talked all the way
to Nagoya and became friends!
On our way into the institute building we bumped into an old friend
from my bean area, Andrea Shimai! She seems to be doing well and it
was so good to see her again. Then we went to institute with Kan
Kyodai and Kailin Shimai. They're super cool and institute was so fun!
There are few times I have laughed so hard in my life! There were some
new folks there (less active and non member I think) that we got to
chat with a little bit. The Spirit is always very strong there.
Institute is the highlight of my week!


Goodbye to Mizuta family and Brother Nomura 水田家族と野村兄弟とさよなら

We talked to people on the train all the way home and nearly handed
out a Book of Mormon! Once we got off the train, it was around, about,
close to, exactly 8:47 and normally we would have just walked home but
elder Jenks turned to me and said, "if we start teaching a lesson
right here on the street we can keep working until 9:30!" So we
started talking to EVERYONE at the station and came very close to
handing out another Book of Mormon! Unfortunately we didn't quite find
someone to teach in short time that we had so we had to go home at
9pm. But we had SO MUCH FUN! Attitude is everything.


Peace out Kariya - Korean style? 刈谷よ、さらば - 韓国スタイル?

As I'm sitting down to write this, I don't even know what to say. We
were not expecting a transfer call. But it came. I'M GOING TO INUYAMA.
I'm going to my mother's hometown. I'm going where my family lives.
It's incredible to me to think back to when I opened my mission call,
and got called to the mission where my Japanese family is, and now
here I am on my way to the very place. Since coming to Japan, I had
always kinda hoped and guessed that I would probably get sent there
eventually but now the moment is here. Out of the hundreds of missions
and billions of other people I could be called to serve, I am called
to serve my very own family.
In the missionary application form, it specifically asks where your
relatives live so that they know to NOT send you there. I believe that
by revelation the Prophet has called me here with the intent that I
might have the chance to serve my family. I love them a lot and I want
just want them to be happy, as I am happy. I want them to experience
peace, as I have experienced peace.
I wish I were a missionary of power right now. I wish I knew how to
masterfully teach lessons and make the room burn with the Spirit. I
wish God had sent in one of the legendary missionaries, someone who
was good at being a missionary and who knew the scriptures better.
Someone who could masterfully and lovingly serve my family.

But instead he sends plain old me.

I feel the burden of responsibility and it scares me to death. I'm not
ready. I'm not a good teacher or even a good missionary yet. I don't
know what I'm doing yet. I feel extremely inadequate and unprepared.
But God thinks it's time.
If God believes that it's time, then He will prepare a way. He always does.
I will trust in the fact that God does not call the qualified but
qualifies the called.
To all those reading this, I bear testimony that God is very real and
that He takes a very real and personal interest in each of our lives.
He knows each one of His children by name and wants us to come home.
He WANTS us to be happy. He does not value one of us above the others
but gives us all our fair chance to accept Him as our Father and Jesus
Christ as our Savior.
As I leave for the adventure ahead, I take comfort in the fact that
God has a plan for the events that are about to unfold. My job is just
to teach so the Spirit can bring the message unto their hearts.
Whether or not they take it in is still their choice.

Alright love y'all!
Have a great week!

Elder Johnson







I made Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki - A LOT OF IT 広島風お好み焼きをいっぱい作りました

Random stuff that happened this week: 
I crashed Elder Jenk's bike in Toyota. Yeah :) 
We had a great food party with our English class students! 
Romney Shimai finished her mission! She's gone now. 

豊田でジェンクス長老の自転車でこけた事。ハハハ  マジです。

Aight here's what I know about transfers: 
Kariya Elders: Elder Nakamoto, Elder Bradshaw
Kariya Sisters: Sister Durant, Sister Sergeant
Toyota Elders: Elder Nakatsuka (HE WENT DISTRICT LEADER YEAH!), Elder Dana
Toyota 2 Elders: Elder Decker, Elder Miyaki 
Okazaki: Elder Tsuru, Elder Klein, Elder Yamada (2 Zone Leaders and a District Leader in a 3人? Woah) 
Toyohashi: Elder Hunsaker and Bean Chan (HE WENT TRAINER YEAH!)

Inuyama: Me and Elder Sheppard (way stoked to meet this kid) - apparently they are closing down Inuyama Sisters this transfer :( 

刈谷の長老  中本長老とブラッドシャー長老
刈谷の姉妹  デュラント姉妹とサージェント姉妹
豊田の長老  中塚長老 (彼はディストリクトリーダー昇進  やったね!) とデイナ長老
豊田2の長老  デッカー長老と宮木長老
岡崎  鶴長老とクライン長老と山田長老
豊橋  ハンセーカー長老 と新米宣教師

犬山  私とシェパード長老

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