Monday, August 8, 2016

Ridiculous Amounts of Rain... And Loving It! 土砂降り

Date: 8/8/2016
Place: Inuyama, Aichi
Companion: Elder Gubbay

日付: 2016年8月8日
赴任地: 愛知県犬山市
同僚: グベイ長老

On Tuesday, we went to the Yoshida family's house and taught a lesson.
They fed us a grand amount of ice creams, puddings with fruit, roll
cakes and cookies and then when we didn't have room to stuff down the
cream puffs they decided to send them home with us. Oh yeah. The
appointment went splendidly and the Spirit was there. 

They are such an incredible couple! Please pray for them. 


After the appointment we stepped outside into
the blazing hot sun and road a little ways off to make some phone
calls. It was a HOT day in Gifu and there were few, if any clouds in
the sky. While we were making calls, suddenly clouds happened. Like A
LOT. Then just as suddenly, rain happened. Like, A LOT MORE. It was
raining extremely hard so we figured it would just be one of those
freak rainstorms and it would end in a couple minutes. So we waited 5
mins and it kept raining. So we waited 10 mins and it kept going. We
couldn't wait to dendo (missionary work) any longer so we just put our Book of Mormons
in plastic bags for protection and headed out into it! We biked up the
mountain to Kakamigahara and the torrential downpour continued to
increase! That is easily the most water I have ever seen fall from the
sky! Every now and then the sky would just shut off and the water
would stop and the asphalt would just start steaming like crazy! Big
clouds of white steam would start to rise off of the road until the
rain came back.
It was way cool to be up in the mountains of Gifu out on a forest
road, getting dumped on by ridiculous amounts of water. The ride back
home was pretty dangerous and my brakes apparently don't really work
when they get wet so that was a mild problem but we had fun and made
it home nonetheless. The deluge continued for the rest of the day, to
the point where it shut down every train coming out of Nagoya. So
pretty much all of Aichi was in chaos and general confusion reigned at
every train station. It was insane! 


We had South America FHE that night so we hopped on a train (our line was still running,
fortunately) and headed up to Imawatari, where Alice picked us up and
took us to the Kuratomi family's house. Alice, Danilo, Bruno, Julia,
Daniele, Cintia and her kids came and my companion taught them an
awesome lesson in Portuguese. Then we ate Greek food (also my
companions idea, IT WAS AWESOME). It was a good, soggy day!


Sorry I don't have a ton of time left to write now but I'll just go
over the highlights of the week!

I GOT A PACKAGE FROM MY FAMILY! It was amazing! They sent me these rad
sushi socks and supplied elder Gubbay with Swedish Fish.


Rockin'em at the castle! I LOVE THESE SOCKS. Thanks Mom and Maile :)

On Saturday we went to Yokkaichi for specialized training. I got to
meet a lot of old friends out there! It was especially good to see
Elder Hansen!


Elder Gubbay, Elder Hansen and me

Then we watched The Mormon Show, which is the touring missionary band
here and MAN THEY'RE GOOD. I miss music so so much.

Then today we went to Inuyama Castle (the locals claim it to be the oldest,
nonreplica castle in Japan).
I love our district :)

Have a great week!
Love y'all!
フォースと共にあれ〜 (May the Force be with you)

Elder Johnson





The District! Inuyama-Ichinomiya-Fukutoku ディストリクトのみんな 犬山、一宮と福徳

The view from the castle (north east)
お城からの眺め (北東)

(South) (南)

Best-looking human alive. Meet Elder Clark Kent!
美男子 クラーク・ケント長老!
Momotaro tribute? (Local folktales character) + disrespectful pigeon droppings

This is a video he sent last month but this will give you idea what it's like to go to Kakamigahara. :)

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