Monday, October 31, 2016

The Swim Team

Date: 10/31/2016
Place: Shizuoka
Companion: Elder Wilson


Well. Existing has been fun lately.
We went on a walk with Brother Kita at about 6am earlier this week. He
really enjoyed the company so we walked all the way to the ocean with
him! It was cool and we took some good pictures with him. I love that

Bro. Kita- love this guy!

We also got to meet with Sasaki Kyoudai this week and help him
with his computer.
The halloween party was this week! We decided the be the Shizuoka
Synchronized swim team and had a great time! We got some swim caps and
goggles at Daiso and put them on. Pretty quickly we realized that we
looked more like thugs than swimmers but oh well. It was fun. 

The crew

All six missionaries and Airi chan

The Halloween party was awesome! Okumura san brought his wife and son! I
want to teach them so bad! I think the trick for them will be working
through their 17 year old son. Some Eikaiwa folks came as well! We
played games and did a trunk or treat (we just passed out candy from
our helmets). Japanese kids are adorable enough normally but they're
SO CUTE when their parents dress them up for Halloween! Haha we tried
playing a game with them but I think the swim caps and the goggles and
the fact that there were four weird looking white dudes over six feet
tall kinda freaked them out a little. (In japan we are scary enough
without the costumes) They didnt cooperate to much haha but it was
fun. The member had a great time as well!

We also spent an entire day inputting all of them member records for
Shizuoka into our maps program. THERE WAS A TON OF THEM. We put in
over 400 records but we got it done!

Our less active map #gottacatch'emall

Also we continue to go on morning adventure runs for our workout time!
Today we went all the way to the top of a mountain nearby and took
pictures in someone's tea field. It was awesome! Good views of Fuji
from up there. 

Mount Fuji on the way out to Brother Kira's place 

Other than that we have been spending our time trying
to convince our investigators to stop being busy and meet with us.

We had an interesting encounter with a kid from Thailand. He just
showed up at the church! Turns out he is a recent convert and is here
on an exchange program of some kind! Way nice kid! So we taught him.

We also finally found Ikeyama san. We taught him twice this week and
he is progressing slowly but surely. Hara san has just been really
busy and cant meet. But we did have an interesting meeting with
Cheryl, our South African less active member. Long story short, we
spent several hours with her at the police station while she was
trying to talk to the detective about some guy that she used to know.
I still have no idea whats going on.

Also we went as a big group of six missionaries down to the main train
station and handed out a ton of fliers for english class! It was way
fun! I got sworn at in english for my first time! Two new people came
to english class this week! One from that and one was an internet

Anyway life is going well out here! Its starting to cool off a bit and
get kinda cold some today we are going to hit up the recycle shops and
look for sweaters for all of us.
Oh! Also we are starting to teach Iwano Shimai's son! He's 17 and has
quite a personality so please pray for us and him as we start teaching

Love you all!

Elder Johnson

Homeless hair + Fuji san 🗻

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