Saturday, February 11, 2017

"Get in the Van"

Date: 1/22/2017
Place: Shizuoka
Companion: Elder Nakatsuka

Hey all!

Sorry I don't have a ton of time to write a proper weekly mail so I'm
gonna just write stuff down as fast as it comes to my mind!
I apologize in advance for all who read this.

So on Monday we had p day (I'm way conflicted on how I feel about p
days) and then we taught Hara san at the church. It went way well!
He's super prepared but he has work on the 29th so we gotta move his
baptism back a week or two. Then on Tuesday we had a phone conference
with the APs and all the zone leaders in the mission and we talked
about a lot of big changes coming to the mission next transfer (in two
weeks!! Yeet!). A lot of cool stuff will be happening with the
leadership of the mission. I'm excited to see what happens. 

After the phone call a lot of random stuff that I can't remember happened, we
visited a feisty less active with the sisters and then went to
Japanese class. Then we went to Krispy Kreme's (WE HAVE ONE OF THOSE)
with some of the guys from the class. That was cool. I for some reason
thought that paying ¥500 for 3 donuts was a good idea. After I
purchased them I realized that that was NOT good idea. Oh well. We got
to make some friends with the guys at the Japanese class.

Wednesday we had what we called "The Sketchy Ramen Guy." Basically
what happened was we OYMed a guy a week before and then his friend,
whom we've never met, calls us and says that he wants to meet us
instead of his friend (the guy we oymed). What's more, he wanted us to
get in his car and he was going to take us to ramen. We were both way
creeped out and if I wasn't a missionary I definitely would not have
taken this appointment. 

Anyway we agreed to meet him at the church,
put our lives in his hands and get in his car, so that we could go get
ramen. Well on Wednesday we actually met him. His name is Yabuta Shu
and he is not a crazy Nichiren Buddhist priest or a serial killer, as
I had suspected. He didn't even try to kidnap us! Ok but all jokes
aside this kid is legit. He's 21 years old, likes American movies and
ended up taking us to one of the best ramen shops I've ever been to!

On Thursday he came to Eikaiwa, then on Sunday he came to church! He
absorbed everything during the meetings and classes, accepted a Book
of Mormon and even watched Meet the Mormons with us after the meetings
were over! We have a next appointment with him tomorrow. The members
have been doing a Baton Fasting Relay and on the 21st day of the
month, Shizuoka Ward fasted for missionary work. Shu san's random
appearance and absolute willingness to meet and hear the Gospel is
just one of the many incredible miracles that we have been seeing! I
love our members!
They are seriously the best.  

I'm so blessed to be a missionary here in Shizuoka. This is seriously the life.
Thanks for all your prayers and support!

Love y'all!

Elder Johnson

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