Sunday, March 26, 2017

"So, you just eat them while they're alive?"

Date: 3/12/2017
Place: Ise
Companion: Elder Brown

This week was an interesting one. We still kept our focus on visiting members and we met most of the branch. They gave us lots of food so I think that means they like us. One of them still gets upset and flips a lid when I ask her to speak in Sacrament but other then that we have a great relationship with our active members. 

We went to the disability daycare center as usual and had a good time with the guys there. They are asking us to give them all American names, which is fun! 

On Wednesday we went and taught Toba Hotel staff English. That was fun. Then we had an insane adventure on Thursday. 

One of our Eikaiwa students decided to take us out to go tour Shima! So he took us out to lunch at his brothers sushi restaurant (it's been handed down in the family for about a hundred years) and we had the most legit sushi I've ever had! The best part was the appetizer, which was a small bowl of live 白魚(little squirmy fishies). You just pour a little soy sauce and ponzu in the bowl (and they all start losing their minds and flipping out) and then slurp down the whole wriggling mess! It was actually really good! They also brought out good cuts of tuna, mackerel, barracuda and whatever else is in season. He even reached down into one of the fish tanks and snagged a couple of shrimp for us! We ate the tails while they were still twitching. They barbecued up the heads and we ate those too. It was so good! But then we had to pay for it which was expensive. 

He also took us over to he Toba Kanko hotel which is where they had the G7 Summit last year. We got to go sit in the chairs where President Obama and Prime Minister Abe sat. So that was pretty tight. Then on the way home we checked out Meoto Iwa which is really famous but turned out to be really small and boring. Haha we saw it and just started laughing! Kitamura san (the guy who was driving us around) wasn't a huge fan either. 

We tried talking to him about the Gospel on the way home but he wasn't having it. He said he doesn't like to be told stuff, he just wants to find out for himself. He's read the Book of Mormon and believes it's true but also believes that every church is true so he doesn't have to change anything with his life. Way sad :(. There are many people who think so much that they forget to feel.

The next day we went on an exchange with the guys in Tsu. It was good but honestly it just left me more drained than anything else. The next day I could barely move. We went and played basketball with some new friends that we made. They are AWESOME! We had so much fun and became good friends with them. They are seriously just a nice group of good, honest, clean guys. That was enjoyable. I hope we can get them to come out to some activities. 

Afterwards we had a jam session at a park with Brother Tou. That was fun! Also it was freezing cold. He plays the guitar and solos really well so that was tight. 

Then Sunday happened. Before, church was a rejuvenating experience but lately it just leaves me absolutely exhausted. After church we talked with the guys for a little while, cleaned the whole church and then had Ward Council. Ward Council here consists of the missionaries, the two councilors and the relief society president. Not everyone could make it so we just had four people this week. I was so tired and made Elder Brown announce a couple of the things we have been doing. He did pretty well! His Japanese is coming along. He's a quiet guy but when he speaks up he does very well. I'm still not very good at organizing or running meetings yet. And also I haven't had time to train Elder Brown very well at all so I feel really bad about that. It's a good thing he's mature and can handle a lot on his own. We are so busy that we barely have time to even do our studies in the mornings (not good, DONT SKIP STUDIES). 

After church ended and then all the meetings ended and then everyone finally left, I just kinda collapsed into a coma and couldn't move for a couple hours. After I could finally get myself together we planned out some of our PR strategies for the week and then went home and finally got something to eat. That something else that I have learned on my mission. If you don't take care of your body and take time to feed it stuff, it'll run out of gas and you'll die. 

In life, there are always ups and downs. I spent the last six months in Shizuoka on a spiritual high and now I guess it's my turn to go through some trials and crap. That's ok. Everyone goes through trials and crap but it all gets better in the end. This is the last week of the transfer and I presume that things will get better here in a few more weeks or so. I'm trying hard not to get down on myself. There's a lot weighing me down  and though so it all kinda just mixes together and turns into a giant ball of "meh." But that Meh is a whole lot better than being depressed so I'd say I'm doing ok. 

Yeah I'll be fine. Life is good. Also I still have half a jar of Nutella left on the shelf so I think I'll be able to pull through. 

Life is good. 

Love y'all! 
Have a fantastic week! 
Be good. Be crazy. Eat tacos. 


Elder Johnson 

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