Tuesday, March 15, 2016

It Begins 始まり

Transfer 6 転勤6
Date: 3/14/2016 
Area: Kariya, Aichi 
Companion: Elder Cameron Bradshaw 
赴任地: 愛知県刈谷市
同僚: ブラッドシャー長老

On Tuesday I said goodbye to Elder Legault and Sister Graviett and
picked up Elder Bradshaw. 


At the clock I got to meet a lot of old
friends and hear about how everyone is doing! Sounds like the
Matsumoto guys are doing well! Elder Horio is going to Hamamatsu for
his last transfer! Which means that now Elder Nakatsuka is the only
one of the clan still left up in Matsumoto. He's loving it though!
Elder Kariya is leaving Toyota and going to Inuyama! A lot of folks in
my Douki spent their first five transfers in one area. I feel really
lucky to have been all over. 


Elder Legault, me, Sister Romney and Sister Graviett レゴ長老、私、ロムニー姉妹 そしてグラベット姉妹

Lots of big things happened with this
I'm excited to see where it all leads!

Elder Bradshaw is one of my favorite humans! Haha he wants to work SO
HARD and he is down to try everything! I cannot say enough about this
guy, he is so awesome. We spent the first couple days of the transfer
in the apartment, brainstorming new dendo ideas for the transfer and
finishing inputting every scrap of paper record we have into the
digital system. Phase 3 here we come! Kariya is now Facebook worthy! 


On Thursday, we dropped by to see Suzuki Shimai and give her our
"Green Book" papers. She keeps a binder full of fun information about
every missionary who serves here in Kariya (where you're from,
hobbies, siblings, etc). She invited us to dinner for the next night,
right on the spot! Dinner was awesome and we became great friends! 


Saturday, just as we are heading out to hunt down some less actives
and investigators, we got a call from Inaba (Investigator) saying that
he wanted to hang out today. So we went down to the Tokoname ÆON! The
size of that place is mind blowing. It's the biggest mall I've ever
seen. It could fit several Costcos into it (yes I'm measuring things
in Costcos now). We got to see around half of it before Inaba ran out
of batteries and we took him home. We got to just talk and hang out
and become real close. He's a really nice, genuine guy. I just want
him to be happy! We are going to slowly, slowly introduce the Gospel
while working hard to just keep his trust and friendship a priority.
We'll see what God wants us to do with him. I love this kid! He's
great :) 

土曜日、お休み会員を探しに出かける準備をしていたら、求道者の稲葉さんから、「今日一緒にどっか遊びに行かないか?」と電話がかかってきました。という事で、常滑のイオンに行ってきました!すっごいでっかいモールで、今まで見た中で一番大きいかも、、、コストコが軽く何軒か入る大きさでした。(最近はコストコのサイズを基準に建物のサイズを測っています) モールを半分くらい回ったところで、稲葉さんがギブして、うちに帰りました。色んな話をして、結構仲良くなれました。彼はとっても正直で、良い人です!こういう人には、特に幸せになってほしいな、と思いました。信頼と友情を一番大事にしながら、少しづつ福音を紹介できたらと思っています。稲葉さん、本当に良い人で大好きです!

Sunday, we stayed at church from 8:30am until about 3pm, just becoming
friends with everyone! Elder Bradshaw gave his intro talk in Sacrament
Meeting and that's when I got to hear just how good this guy's
Japanese is. He's gonna be a ninja master in no time! 


We got a phone call from an investigator who hasn't met with us in
over a transfer and he wanted to see us all of the sudden! So we
quickly ran home, ate lunch, ran back to the church and got to know
our investigator. His name is Hajime, he speaks beautiful English and
is extremely smart. He wants to come to Eikaiwa and Institute! 


That night I got an email from Braden from back home in Idaho and he
told me that he got his mission call! He's going to the Trinidad Port
of Spain mission in the Caribbean islands! When I read his email, I
was sitting in a quiet train on the way back from a member's house and
I might have shouted a little bit. I don't remember. I was so excited!
I hope the sleepy Japanese people in that late night train car didn't
mind. Hehehe. 


Anyway we have BIG plans for this transfer and we are super excited to
get working!
I feel great!
Ever since Elder Bradshaw came, we have seen a small miracle almost every day!


Love you guys!

Elder Johnson 


Taro!!! Elder Bradshaw's last comp Elder Laumatia says that it's the secret to Hawaiian hugeness. Hawaiian steroids they call it. 

We didn't know how to cook taro...so we just made 2 or 3 liters of curry with it!

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