Monday, March 7, 2016

Transfer week! 転勤ウィーク!

Date: 3/7/2016
Area: Kariya 
Companion: Elder Legault

赴任地: 愛知県刈谷市

I got to meet my grandparents again!! Man it was so cool! They took us
out to a yakiniku place where we cooked up a lot of really good meat.
My favorite part is where they just told us a bunch of stories. This
time I feel like I really got to know them better. It was awesome! I
love my grandparents so much!

With my grandparents おじいちゃんおばあちゃんと

Then we went to Minami Odaka.

The Minami Odaka ÆON mall is a sight to behold. It's easily the
biggest mall I've ever been in and has EVERYTHING that we went looking
for today! There was a Kaldi import food shop, a Krispy Kreme (my
first one in SIX MONTHS) and the infamous Village Vanguard! It was


南大高イオンモールはめっちゃ凄いですよー!今まで見た中で一番大きなモールで、探していたものがそこで全部見つかりました。カルディ インポート食品店、クリスピー クリーム(6ヶ月ぶりでした!)、そしてあのビレッジ バンガード!やり〜!

We got to attend a special Family History event with Elder Packer
(President Packer's son), Elder Rockwood and Elder Yamashita! It was
awesome! I got to meet up with a lot of old friends from around the
mission. We listened to their words and felt the Spirit as they taught
us about the importance of Family History in missionary work.


We had transfer calls on Saturday! I'm staying in Kariya and I'm
getting Elser Bradshaw as my companion! WAAAY STOKED to meet this guy!
People say he's cool. Elder Legault is going to Meito! He's so lucky!
He will get to dendo in one of the biggest wards in the mission, right
alongside the mission home and all of the leaders in it. Super stoked
for him!
We are losing sister Graviet to the Fukuroi area and Sister Romney
will stay here and train a new missionary for her last transfer in
Japan! Super sad to be losing Elder Legault and Sister Graviet.



In Toyota, Elder Jenks will be joined by Elder Dana and Elder Kariya
will be going to my dream area, Inuyama! Super excited for all of


Sorry I'm all outta time for the week!
That's all folks!

Love you all
Don't die

Elder Johnson




Toyota district 豊田ディストリクト

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