Monday, July 4, 2016

Kakamigahara!! (Say that 10X fast) 各務原(早口で十回言ってください)

Date: 7/4/2016
Place: Inuyama City, Aichi Pref. 
Companion: Elder Gubbay

赴任地: 愛知県犬山市
同僚: グベイ長老

This week was awesome!

On Tuesday we went to Kani and taught Sally again. She is doing well but her job makes it pretty much impossible to come to church so she is trying to figure out a way to fix that. She is very faithful and she wants to improve her life. This week's lesson was really good because it was her day off so she wasn't exhausted. 
Then afterward we stopped by Daisuke's but he wasn't home. 

Then we went to the Kimura family's house and shared a message. They are an awesome family and their little daughter is the cutest Japanese baby on the planet! They have been coming to a lot of activities and things lately and have been a great support to the missionaries. I love the Kimura's!




On Wednesday we felt like we should go housing in Kakamigahara so biked up to the top of this mountain to this place where there was a big set of Danchis. We stopped by Fabio's room to see how he was doing and it turns out he was free that day and he offered to come housing with us! So we went housing together with Fabio in the rain and God led us to a Filipino family! Well two families actually but one happened to be over for a visit at the others when we knocked on the door. 

They invited us in for a lesson! 

There are a bunch of kids and then the two moms, Lin and Sheryn. Lin went over to a desk and picked up a really really old Tagalog Book of Mormon and dusted it off.
Apparently she had been housed into by missionaries several years ago and given a Book of Mormon but she just hadn't read it. We taught them a basic Restoration and invited them to church. They both speak perfect Japanese, which facilitated the lesson a lot, and they agreed to come to church. 

Then on Sunday they came with their whole family! Just, they came for the last 20 minutes of relief society. They said that they would come on time next week and that we could visit them this week.

I know that they are the reason why we were supposed to go housing in Kakamigahara with Fabio!

水曜日、各務原に行って伝道したらいいような気がしたので、各務原の山のてっぺんにある大きな団地へ自転車で行きました。ファビオさんの様子を見にアパートによると、その日は偶然空いているので、一緒に戸別訪問に行ってもいいとのこと。雨の中をファビオさんと一緒に戸別訪問し、神様があるフィリピン人家族のところに私たちを導いてくださいました。それも一家族ではなく、二家族だったんですよ! というのは、たまたま私たちが来た時、そこの家に他の友達家族が訪問していたんです。レッスンを聴いてもいいと、中に通してくれました!




Minokamo City (right by Kakamigahara)  美濃加茂市 (各務原の近く)

Thursday we went on a big bike ride up to Kani. We went and visited Bruna's mom (she's so sweet! I LOVE her!), the Kuratomi family, Daisuke (again, still not home) and then took the long way home so we could stop by Xio's house in Sakahogi. On our way, we found a Japanese man who I think might possibly listen to our message. Or he may just ask us for money. Not entirely sure at this point but we'll go see him.


On Friday we had District Training Meeting in Fukutoku! Since it was Elder Faria's last DTM with us we stopped at an Indo curry place and Elder DeSpain introduced me to the wonders of coconut nan. WOW. Also it was Elder Gubbay's first Indo curry in Japan! He liked it :)

The next day I made him eat natto for the first time! He didn't like it quite as much as he liked the curry. Actually, I've never seen someone want to die so badly from a single spoonful! But he stuck it
out and finished the whole bowl! He's awesome :)

金曜日は福徳でディストリクト・トレーニング・ミーティングがありました。ファリア長老が帰還する前の最後のミーティングだったので、みんなでインドカレーを食べに行きました。そこで、デスペイン長老にココナッツ味のナンの素晴らしさを教えてもらいました。ワオ! ちなみにこれは、グベイ長老の日本に来てからの初インドカレーでした! 美味しいと喜んでいました。

そして次の日、グベイ長老に初めて納豆を食べさしてあげました。インドカレーと比べたら、あんまり好きじゃなかったみたいです。まあはっきり言いますと、今まであの最初のひとさじを食べるのに、これを食べるくらいなら死んだほうがマシだ、とあれだけ切実に願った人を今までに見たことがありません! でも頑張って、全部食べきりましたよ。グベイ長老、えらい!

On Saturday we had interpreters class with brother Shiraki, Niwa San and Yasui! It was a lot of fun and taught me a lot of hard church vocabulary. And then Niwa San took some time to show us a slideshow and tell us the stories of his travels. He has been to over 50 countries and has a lot of incredible stories! Check out his work at
He's a cool guy :)

Then we had the French activity! Elder Gubbay taught us how to make Poulet a la Moutarde (Mustard Chicken) and it was GOOD. And he taught us a bunch of words in French! But the best part is that a LOT OF PEOPLE came! We probably had 15 people there! So we started up a ping pong tournament as well and I got schooled by Yasui San. Many of the people who came were native Portuguese speakers so we had a very mixed atmosphere as we chattered in Portuguese, Japanese and English while learning French. Haha I just love the random strangeness of it all!


French activity! フランスの活動!

Sunday we had a group of visitors from BYU's business program! They were doing a sort study abroad program and stopped by Inuyama for church! It was quite a shock for me to see so many Americans! Haha I'm not used to seeing so many tall people and so much blonde hair! It was a very interesting Sunday indeed, especially since our new Philipina investigators called halfway through Sunday school and said that they were coming to church! So we ran to the dollar store and met them
there and guided them to the church. They were able to attend the last 20 minutes of relief society! I'm not sure what they thought of it but they did realize that they had missed the main part of the meetings and assured me that they would be back next week!

After all of the meetings were over, our investigators had to leave and we were free to talk with the BYU folks while we ate food [the church put on a shokujikai (potluck) for them]. It was so cool to get to talk to so many returned missionaries and hear about what it was like to dendo (missionary work) in other parts of the world and hear all of their amazing advice. They were all really nice guys! I'm so excited to go to college!

日曜日はBYUのビジネス科からたくさん訪問者が来てくださいました!ちょうど海外留学のプログラム中ということで来日していて、犬山には教会の集会に行くために寄ったのだそうです。あまりの久しぶりのアメリカ人に、かなりのカルチャーショックでした!ハハハ みんな背が高くて、金髪だらけ! 本当に、すごい日曜日でした。というのも、新しいフィリピン人の求道者が、日曜学校の最中に「今から教会に行きます!」と電話をしてきたんですよ! 急いで近所の百均のお店で待ち合わせをして、教会へ連れていきました。扶助協会の最後の20分だけでしたが、出席することができました。集会についての感想は聞かなかったからわからないですが、集会の大部分をミスしたことはわかったみたいで、来週は最初からくると言ってくれました。


Inuyama Ward with BYU students 犬山ワードとBYUの生徒さん達

The work here in Inuyama is picking up and starting to move a little more! We have a pretty busy week planned and I'm so excited for it!

Life is good, dendo (missionary work) is good, everything is good! We are working hard and loving the people and my companion is amazing and teaches me so much! 

The only problem is that it's SUPER HOT now and still rains all the time but other than that, everything is awesome :)

Aight love you guys! Have a great week!

Elder Johnson



一つ文句を言わせてもらうと、めちゃめちゃ暑い! で、今は梅雨なので、いつも雨ばかりです。ま、それ以外は全部大丈夫です。



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