Sunday, August 16, 2015

Japanese Children have SO MUCH ENERGY! 日本の子ども達はめっちゃ元気!

First off, Japanese children have SO MUCH ENERGY


Japan is awesome!
 It's extremely humid here and I'm dying of heat. My companion is a 6'
 4" Australian and he is super cool! His name is elder Mahoney.
 He convinced me to try Vegemite and I almost died. DONT VEGEMITE. It
 tastes like salt


I haven't seen much of our district yet because we are so spread out
 and I just got here. It's just me and Mahoney Choro talking to people
 and knocking on doors. Pretty everyone out here knows about us or
 Jesus Christ and don't want anything to do with either. That's cool.
 We'll just keep looking and we'll find someone eventually. 

We are
 teaching this Philipino guy in English (we bring materials and Book of
 Mormon in Tagalog) and he is super cool! He's progressing very well
 and we love him.
 I went to church yesterday and gave a quick message in Japanese. Then
 we knocked doors under a shinkansen track (Japanese bullet train). We
 saw so many!
 That was cool.

Anyway I kinda miss sleeping in a bed but the food here is AWESOME!
 The members are great and they feed us quite often.
 I'm running out of email time.

I love you all!


Johnson Choro

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My district minus my companion 私のディストリクト(同僚以外)

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Mohoney Choro! He is way taller in real life!

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Monakas (Chocolate Monaka - Japanese ice cream) are better here! They have a chocolate layer inside that's way good

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A view from my apartment

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Took a long ride through the inaka (country side) part of our area to go see a less active

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