Thursday, August 6, 2015

Don't Eat the Meat!!! ここの肉は食べないように!

Hey guys this is my only P day at the MTC!
I have a local Japanese companion who is pretty stinkin cool. 
His english not bad either. 
The MTC schedule is pretty laid back but just really LOOOOONGG.
I spend most of the day in class. 
We have two teachers, one of which is a Japanese local. 
He is very intense and strict and we are learning a ton from him!
My District is comprised of four elders and two sisters. 
Three of us elders are from the states and the rest of the district is from Japan. 
Our zone is awesome!
My companion and I are rooming with a bunch of Finland-going elders!
They're super cool


The MTC is kind of a rollercoaster of getting depressed and then getting super pumped up at devotionals and stuff. WE HAD A VISIT FROM PRESIDENT RUSSEL M NELSON!!!
I like that guy. 
That seriously made my week. 
We are learning tons of stuff and getting lots of practice.
Speaking English is a luxury I haven't enjoyed much of. 
seriously, if Japanese doesn't kill me then the MTC food will. 
Don't eat the meat. It made me sick haha 


I wish i could send more stuff but my laundry is done!
Gotta go
Love you all 

Johnson Choro 



Lone Peakers 母校ローンピーク高校の同級生達と
Japan Nagoya Mission 日本名古屋伝道部
With his companion Kariya Choro (Elder in Japanese)

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